Pesticides Cause Cancer

Causes Of Cancer
Most pesticides are carcenogenic, which means that they cause cancer.   These chemicals damage the environment and other animals as well as ourselves.   They are damaging to plant life and the health of the ocean.

Look for an alternative to using these harmful chemicals.Unless your product is a natural organic one such as Weleda put out, then chances are that it will contain very  harmful carcenogenic chemicals.

Most pesticides are fat soluble, which means that they can be stored easily in fatty tissues in the body, such as the breasts.  Many pesticides are known to be carcenogenic.  They are also known to interfere with the balance of  hormones and their production.
The plain old fly spray which people spray around the house is damaging to the health.  These sprays  contain poisons which are generally cumulative.  This means that they will build up in your liver and fatty tissues. As they build up in your body, the danger of getting cancer becomes more likely.
Get Rid Of Toxic Household Products: No pesticides  should be used at any time.  There are homeopathic and organic products which will help deter insects.  It is really far better to put up with the insects than risk your health and that of your family by using chemical poisons.
Chemical Scarves Used On Field Workers:  I was alarmed to see on BBC news several weeks ago- late October, 2010 if you want to search BBC news for it –  that a new  chemical, and a new method for deterring mosquitoes has been discovered.  This new method is being trialled in– was it Sri Lanka or Africa –, where the poor field workers are the subjects of the experiment.  Scarves have been soaked in a chemical which will kill mosquitoes and help to repel them.  These scarves are being worn by these poor field workers, who are happy that they will be spared the diseases which are carried by mosquitoes. Unfortunately,  this experiment will most surely result in these poor people succumbing to disease such as cancer, multiple sclerosis and other degenerative disease.

WHO is Sponsoring These Pesticide Scarves: It is an outrage that WHO – World Health Organization – is sponsoring the use of these chemical scarves.  Some chemical company somewhere, who is  ALREADY AWARE  about the toxic side effects of wearing such a toxic scarf,, will be benefitting financially from the sale of these chemical scarves to  WHO.
Harmful chemicals  which can cause cancer and other disease are also found in air fresheners, oven cleaners, and many cosmetics.  Even baby products, such as talcum powder, has added chemicals which can potentially cause cancer.
Read:  Darbre ‘Concentrations of parabens in humen breast tumours.  Journal of Applied Toxicology, 2004;  Vol 24 (1): pp. 5-13

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