Overload Of Microwave and Electricity Radiation In Your Body?

How You Can Help Reduce Electromagnetic Energy in the Body.
Much ill health is caused when people accumulate too much electrical energy in their bodies – electricity or radiation which comes from some external source.
All living things have an electrical system of their own, which has developed over time into something very finely tuned. This finely tuned electrical circuit of the body can be disrupted very easily, causing ill health, when it is zapped by external electro-magnetic sources.
These days the air is highly congested with dangerous, yet unseen, microwaves. This radiation has increased 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times within the last 10 years, so the scientists say. No wonder so many people are now succumbing to cancer, arthritis, depression, alcoholism, obesity, dementia, and nervous system diseases.
And it is no wonder that bees are declining, as are the numbers of all pollinating insects. All creatures are susceptible to the damaging and heating micro-waves which now fill the air.
Symptoms of electro-magnetic energy overload can be: dizziness, poor memory, depression, poor eyesight, heart palpitations, breathlessness, high or low blood pressure, headaches, aches in the ears due to eustachian tube dysfunction, ringing in the ears, sinus trouble or asthma like coughing, aches in the bones or joints as if you have arthritis, pins and needles down the arms and/or over the scalp, nerve pain down the limbs as if you are getting multiple sclerosis, over-heating of the body, or feverish- hot and cold again, icy cold on soles of feet, trembling hands, shingles, bad skin.

You can be fairly sure that electro-magnetic radiation is the cause of any of these above symptoms when you do not experience them whilst away on holiday in a healthy, low radiation environment, such as at the beach, but you then experience them again after a week or two of being back home. Note: Toxic chemicals such as RoundUp-glyphosate, or other weedkillers, insecticides or pesticides, also have a similar weakening effect on the body’s immune system and normal functioning – make sure you are not exposing yourself or your family to these chemical hazards before tackling the radiation issue.

Things to eliminate this radiation:
Move away from extreme sources of radiation, such as electrical sub-stations, high tension electricity wires, transformers or street units which distribute power, TV aerials or dishes, and cell-phone towers or transmitters of any kind.
Make sure your bed is well away from electricity meter boxes or hidden wiring. Check the room next door too, to make sure no major wiring circuits exist there near where your bed is on the other side of the wall.
Place the bed well away from TV aerials. They should not be sitting on the roof above your bed and ideally should be 5-10 metres away from where you sleep or work.
If you have a large-screen TV, be careful not to sit too close or for too long. This large screen means that outside radiation can be magnified. Make sure the TV is not bouncing back radiation to you from outside sources, such as any of the above mentioned ones. Cover your television when not in use, and turn off and unplug at the wall. You will still have alternating current running through from the wall to the TV if you leave it plugged in and switched on at the wall, even if the TV is not in use, which means more electro-magnetic energy is being emitted into your environment. So unplug at the wall.
Do not go to sleep in front of the TV when it is going – the radiation from the TV is easily absorbed by the body when you are sleeping.
Do not sit for long periods with your radiation heater facing you. This radiation is also absorbed easily into the body, and accumulates over time. This will affect you if you are already over-loaded with electromagnetic energy. Best to face the heater away from you.
Beware of large mirrors, which could be magnifying and reflecting outside sources of radiaion onto you whilst you sleep or work.
Get rid of the smart-meter microchip from the electricity meter. These things are bad, as they work on microwaves which are very bad for your health and nervous system. Contact Energy in NZ will remove the chip for you. All it means is that someone comes to read the meter, instead of information going directly via the airwaves to the electricity company.
Get rid of wire-less internet and go for hard wiring on your telephone line instead.
Get rid of the cell-phone if at all possible. If you cannot do this, then try leaving the phone at home when you go out.
Never leave the cell-phone by the bed. Put it away elsewhere, in the lounge or kitchen overnight.
Don’t carry a cell-phone on your body. A close friend of mine insisted on carrying his cell-phone in his breast pocket, ignoring my advice. After about five years of this practice, he developed a large tumour, directly where he kept the cell-phone on the left side of his body. He had to undergo heart surgery to get the growth removed.
Try turning off the power at the meter box at night if you are experiencing major disturbances with your health.

Plant more trees in the garden if you have the space. Trees help to filter out electromagnetic energy of any description.
Beware of the new 5G system which is being installed virtually all over the world. When installation begins in your street, you could ask the 5G people to get the transmitter taken away from near your house.
Plant many more trees near the gate if you can, to counteract the damaging energy coming from 5G installations. Recently in London, protests have been going on by people objecting to large street trees being cut down, a move which the 5G people have instigated because the 5G microwaves do not penetrate trees easily. In fact, microwaves of all kinds are helping heat up the planet, and are destroying bees and other insects and fish life. There are many good reasons why we should not support 5G.
Cutting down trees also contributes to the heating up of the planet – global warming. So compensate if you can, by planting trees anywhere you think they might grow, and for your own health, plant them in the pathway to the house of the 5G installations on the street.
Drink lots of water to help eliminate the radiation.
Take more Vitamin C daily. This helps reduce blood-levels of metals such as mercury. Excess metals and other toxins in the blood can make radiation troubles worse.
Take more Magnesium. More green vegetables.
Take garlic each day to help combat candida: Candida overgrowth is often a symptom of excess radiation.
Showers and baths help dissipate accumulated radiation.
Take regular daily exercise. Walking is wonderful, along leafy streets, through forests, and barefoot along the beach.
Walk barefeet on sweet, damp, green grass each day. This earths the body and helps to draw the excess electrical energy down from the body and into the ground.

Electricity Transformers, Cell-Phones and People

Auric Body Affected By Electricity and Microwaves:  I have always been sensitive to electricity, however, excessive wine-drinking had severly undermined my health in the three year period prior to 1998, so I guess at this time I was  very fragile, more vulnerable to bad influences, and that my judgement was impaired.

I bought not one, but a second house in a gold-mining town. This did my health no good at all because of the high electro-magnetic energies at this location.

Even when I had stopped drinking, whilst living in this town, my health contined to deteriorate rapidly. This deterioration was noticeable after living with a friend who had a transformer in the front of her house: I stayed there for three months, after which time I was so ill with bone pain, depression, blurred vision and all the classic symptoms of radiation sickness from an electrical transformer, that I was forced to move away. Three months of living in Hawkes Bay at the beach cured me, after which time I returned, unwisely, to the gold-mining town, to the second house I had bought there.

This house was a disaster – I hardly got to live in it at all, because the transformer which I had judged to be a sufficient distance away, was not far enough away for me, and because two cell-phone towers which I had not taken into account when I bought the house, were placed on the hills nearby.

The section was large and beautiful, with many fruiting and exotic trees. Iat was possible for me to move well away from the force-field of the electrical transformer by pitching a tent down the back of my garden and live with nature. One would have expected good results for curing electricity sensitivity with this approach: the more you “earth” yourself, the better; the fewer electrical disturbances about you, the better. But, while being outside in the garden drew me away from the transformer, I could do nothing about the cell-phone towers and their harmful energies, nor the energy below me which seemed to suck out my life force: this second house was on the opposite side of the mine to the first house, and was very much worse than the first, being closer to the perimeter of the mine.

My health continued to deteriorate. My hair was falling out by the handful. Sharp, stabbing pains in the skull accompanied by an intense burning sensation over the skull, dizziness,  “white-outs” in the brain, which affected my ears by simply shutting down the hearing facility for seconds at a time, and heart palpitations, all became more regular. This continued all the while I remained at this location.

I would escape by getting further into the country and spending a couple of nights in the car. Miraculously, all symptoms would disapear and I would feel great. Then I would return to the house in the town by the gold-mine only to have these troubles start all over again.

Consequently, I never stayed longer than a week or two at this house, with most of the nights spent sleeping in the car.

There were two other reasons which I suspect heightened my electricity and cell-phone sensitivity, apart from the fact that I was being zapped by excessive amounts of both:

Any gold-field has a high aura of energy about it because of the magnetic quality of quartz crystals and other minerals which accompanies gold in its natural state.

These energies, I believe, can be healing in small doses. Many people from the city go to a town such as this one, to heal themselves or undergo some sort of personal transformation. I needed both. However, in my experience, it was imperative that, once the healing had occurred (i.e. quitting alcohol, thanks to the many friends who had helped me there), that I should move on. By staying, I was continuing to expose myself to natural energies that were of such a high frequency and dynamic force as to be damaging in the long term.

The second suspected reason for chronic electricity and cell-phone sensitivity developing whilst living in a gold-mining town was this: A relatively new “technology” had been developed to make mining gold more economical, in terms of expenditure of money and time, over finding the gold lines underneath the ground. This technique was being used in this town at the time, and was written about in the local paper. It involved the electrifying of the underground to trace the gold. Huge bolts of electricity were sent along underground, their paths would track the gold, and so the mining company had half of their work done. Too bad that houses were built right around the perimeter of the gold-field and the area which was being considered for mining. Incidentally, some of these houses, about the same time, actually collapsed because the earth under them caved in, and one whole street next to the mine was vacated permanently and bought up by the mining company.

Had any consideration been shown as to the effect these massive bolts of electricity might have on the people living above the gold? Was a resource consent used? Were people warned when this might be done?

I suspect “NO” to all of these.

(Another downside to living in this mining town was the cyanide pond not too far away)

I finally abandoned this house – nobody else seemed to want to live there either, and so it was difficult to rent or sell it. I figured the Angels had something else in mind for me, and so I quit the house at a loss, with not a bit of regret. One’s health is more important than property ownership, and if you must abandon your possessions for health’s sake, or peace of mind, or for the further development of mind and soul, then you’d best get on and do it, I thought.

N.B. see article “Ridding the Body of Electro-magnetic Energies” and other related articles on this web-site for more information.