Orange Olive Oil Drink For Gall Bladder Bowel Cleanse

This is a  great natural remedy to cure a bout of  constipation and for clearing toxins from the digestive system.  It is a variation on the lemon juice and olive oil therapy, which also  helps to  dissolve  small gall stones, and to prevent them from forming.  The standard lemon cure is more acidic and less sweet than using orange, which might make it  more powerful in its cleansing effect.  However, this milder variation which uses orange juice instead, is still a good alternative.  If you are a normal healthy person, and you are not on any medication, then the orange olive oil drink could be safely taken once or twice a week.

Note:  If you think you have gall stones and are experiencing pain, then you should visit your doctor or naturopath for advice before trying this remedy.  This is a safe treatment for constipation, but self treatment for gall stones is not recommended unless you have had professional advice on the matter.  People with chronic candida should also seek professional advice before trying out the orange olive oil drink.

The action of the orange olive oil drink is, like the lemon treatment, similar to the effect of castor oil in its cleansing properties.  It helps to release toxins and to eliminate candida yeasts from the digestive tract, as well as helping to break down and expell small gall stones.  Unlike taking castor oil, the  orange olive oil mixture is actually quite pleasant to take.

For best results, it is bet to take the orange and olive oil drink as soon as you get up in the morning. It is also best to drink only fluids such as the fermented wheat drink or fruit or vegetable juice at least  for the morning.  The recipe for the  home made fermented wheat lactobacilli drink is a post or two before this post.  Drink a glass of either the wheat drink or fruit juice, or eat a piece of fruit, on the hour every hour  through the day until you eat a light meal in the evening. If you feel up to it, doing the whole day on just the raw food and drinks is beneficial.

The recipe for the orange olive oil drink is this:

Take a large cup.  In it put 4  full tablespoons of virgin olive oil. Squeeze out the juice of one juicy orange and pour thison the top of the olive oil.  You need an equivalent amount of orange juice as the olive oil.  Whip the two together.  Top up with near boiling water and whisk this into the mixture.  Drink the lot immediately in one dose.

Lightly massage the stomach area around the solar plexus with a gentle circular motion.  This is good to do several times in the day after taking the orange and olive oil, as it helps the gall bladder to release toxins and stale bile.

Using an enema on the days when you take the orange and olive oil is helpful in cleansing the intestines.  You can also use a castor oil pack over the solar plexus area, and leave it on for at least three hours.  Using the pack does not need to stop you going about your normal daily activities.  Just soak a piece of flannel or linen about 6 inches by 12 inches in about three tablespoons of castor oil.  Fold the flannel into two, making a square, and put this directly onto the stomach, over the solar plexus area.  Put a piece of clear plastic over this, and then either a bandage or some firm clothing which will hold the pack in place.  If you have the time, you can increase the healing detox effect of the olive oil treatment and the castor oil pack by lying down for half an hour with a hot water bottle placed over the pack.

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Home Made Lactobacillus Drink Helps Treat And Prevent Cancer and Arthritis

Natural Enzyme Rich Remedy For Constipation – This is a  fermented wheat drink recipe which Dr Ann Wigmore used in her  famous alternative treatment for cancer. When the bowels retain toxins, these toxins are absorbed into the blood stream, and eventually build up in parts of the body, causing cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.

Remember, though, that this drink is made with wheat, and is not gluten free – So this will be no good for gluten sensitive people. It is no good for yeast-sensitive people either.   If you are border-line, gluten sensitive  and can tolerate oats, then you might find that this lacto drink may be OK to use once in a while.  I am yeast senstive, and wheat sensitve.  I can use this fermented drink  for around three days in a row, but then the trouble starts.  After the first day, taking this drink did enhance my health, but then I became yeast sensitive again and had to stop taking the drink. The yeasts were making me feel drunk and quite disconnected with the world after three days.

Many famous holistic healers have used similar  fermented foods and drinks to help reverse diseases such as cancer and arthritis, and to help prevent disease occuring.  All disease stems from the intestines, as the saying goes. To facilitate  healing, it is essential that the intestines are cleaned out of toxic matter.  Clean intestines means better absorption of essential food components. This  home made Lactobacillus wheat drink helps detoxify the intestines, and is rich in the healthy organisms and enzymes, as well as B vitamins, which are all needed for good bowel function and absorption.  It  is a great drink for promoting good health.

The yeasts which thrive in this fermented wheat drink are similar to Brewer’s yeast, which is rich in B vitamins, iron and enzymes.  Properly fermented beer has all these qualities too,  but the home made lactobacillus wheat drink has the advantage of being non-alcoholic.

Eydie Mae wrote a book with Chris Loeffler called ‘How I Conquered Cancer Naturally’.  Eydie recovered from cancer using the Lactobacillus drink she calls ‘Rejuvelac’ – a name coined, I think, by Dr Ann Wigmore, who also treated her own cancer naturally and successfully with wheat grass juice, raw foods, enemas and the Lactobacillus ‘Rejuvelac’ drink.  Eydie is a real fan of the Lactobacillus wheat drink which is filled with life-giving enzymes.  She says that the German researcher Dr Kuhl, who worked on occasion with Dr AnnWigmore, said that “The natural lactic acid and fermentive enzymes which are produced during the fermentation process have a beneficial effect on the metabolism and a curative effect on disease.”

Another doctor whom she quotes is Chemical Engineer Dr Harvey C. Lisle, an American graduate from the University of Ohio.  He ran tests on the fermented wheat drink according to the instructions given below, and found it to be ‘undoubtedly rich in p[roteins, saccharines, phosphates, lactobacilli, saccharomyces and aspergillus oryzae’.  The aspergillus oryzae have an important function in that they form Amylases in the bowel, which are important for the break down of glucose, starch and glycogens, which is why this drink is so good for digestion.

Recipe For Home Made Lactobacillus Drink:  Eydie Mae recommends that one litre, or one quart, should be drunk each day if you are treating serious disease such as cancer. This recipe will make one litre of lactobacillus drink.The same  wheat is re-used for up to a week.  The lactobacterium content in the drink is increased when the wheat is re-used.  It is most potent around the third to fourth day of using the same wheat. After a week, the wheat should be discarded and new wheat used.  You can take a cupful of the older drink from the fridge to help start the fermentation off in the new lot of wheat.

Take 2 cups of organic unprocessed wheat.  Soak overnight in 6 to 8 cups of spring water.  Next morning,  drain off the liquid into a jug.  You can start drinking this right away.  Try to use the whole of the drink in the day, taking it in several doses a cup at a time.

Now put 6 to 8 more cups of water onto the wheat and leave to soak for 24 hours.  During the day, try to remember to stir the soaking wheat a couple of times. Next day, do the same again – Drain off and reserve the liquid.  Put 6 more cups of water onto the wheat. Repeat the process, leaving for 24 hours, stirring a couple of times a day, and draining the next morning.  Continue this process for 6 to 7 days.  Then start with fresh new wheat.

Once you get into the routine, making your own lactobacillus drink is very easy to do.

Eydie Mae alternated fruit juice drink, or vegetable juice, with the lactobacillus fermented wheat drink.   That would be about six cups of fruit or vegetable juice per day, as well as  6 to 8 cups of fermented lacto drink.  She did not drink any water at all.  Just juices and the fermented lactobacillus.

Restorative Lactobacilli Enema For Cancer and other Disease:  Half a cup of the lactobacilli  drink, as made above, can be put into a cup and a half of warm water and used as an enema.  This puts the lactobacilli straight into the bowel, where it has an immediate effect in cleansing toxins and in restoring the balance of lactobacilli.  This is a very helpful therapy in cases of degenerative conditions which need to be reversed quickly, such as cancer.