Ayurvedic Gall Stone Treatment

Ayurvedic Gall Stone Treatment

How to Use the Olive Oil Flush For Gall Stones

See your doctor if you think you may have gall stones. If you are experiencing pain in the stomach, then you certainly should see your doctor, because an emergency measure such as an operation might be needed.

However, we must remind ourselves that ‘ prevention is better than cure’. If your diet is a good one, then you should not develop gall stones or kedney stones. If you do a cleanse on a regular basis, then any stones which might develop will be eliminated before they get to be a problem.

Keep The Diet Alkaline:  The best diet for good health is one which has plenty of fiber, plenty of alkaline greens, both raw and cooked, and preferably rice and other gluten free grains instead of wheat. Meat is best taken in moderation, and always with raw food.

Best Foods To Avoid:  Dairy products, except for butter, are best taken only occasionally if at all. Also try to avoid wheat and sugar. Dairy products, wheat and sugar are best eliminated from the diet completely if you are trying to recover from serious degenerative disease, and also during the period of treatment if you were to treat gall stones naturally, under the guidance of a health practitioner.

Here is a recipe for a gall stone treatment. It serves as a liver flush and will help to wash out stones from the gall bladder. This treatment comes from an Ayurvedic manual.

Castor Oil assists the elimination of gall stones:  Use a Castor Oil pack to begin with, as this will help to loosen the gall stones. Preferably, leave the castor oil pack  on overnight, for three consecutive nights.  At the very  least, use the castor oil pack for several hours each day, on three consecutive days before the treatment.

How To Detox with Olive Oil:

The Olive Oil Treatment:

Mix 8 oz olive oil, 4 oz lemon juice, 1 chopped clove of garlic, and ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper.

Whisk all together and drink the whole lot at 6 am.

Do not eat any food until midday, however, if you wish to take something, then unsweetened lemon drinks can be taken until noon.

Yoga exercise assists in the elimination of stones:  Ayurvedic treatment suggests that you do yoga exercise to help release those gall stones: The bow pose, peacock, spinal twist all help to empty out the gall bladder and help elimination through the intestines.  Obviously, then, if you practice these postures on a regular basis, even without the olive treatment, you will be helping to prevent large stones from forming:  Yoga helps to prevent gall stones.

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  1. Do you have a reference of which Ayurvedic manual the olive oil gallstone remedy comes from? Was the original recipe with a different oil?

  2. Hi John. Sorry, I can’t remember the author of the Ayurvedic book which recommended this treatment, but I will see if I can find it in the library again. This author used olive oil. There are numerous other healers who have written about the olive oil gallstone remedy.
    Will let you know some books which suggest this. Give me a few days.

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