How Can I Prevent Scarlet Fever?

Homeopathic Remedies as a Natural Preventative of Scarlet Fever

There is ONE truly great prophylactic Homeopathic Remedy which has been well proven as a preventative of Scarlet Fever.  A ‘Prophylactic’ is the medical term for ‘preventative’.

This prophylactic for Scarlet fever is a well-tried  homeopathic remedy called Belladonna.  Homeopathic Belladonna was proven by Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathic medicine.  He found Belladonna to be a good and effective  homeopathic preventative for Scarlet Fever.  It is a perfectly safe and natural remedy to use as a preventative for this disease.

Important Note:  Belladonna in its natural organic state is extremely toxic.  The plant Belladonna should never be used to create a medicine.  In Homeopathic Remedies, only a trace of the original plant or mineral is used in solution.  Then, this dilution is further diluted.  And then diluted again, and so on.  The plant material, or other mineral or compound used, cannot be detected in the  finished product, yet there is a powerful vibrational force within the potion, which corresponds to the original plant.   It is this force which inspires the immune system of the body to get into gear and throw off the disease, which the chosen remedy has targeted.

W.A. Dewey says that “Hahnemann’s discovery that Belladonna is a prophylactic in scarlet fever has been abundantly verified in practice”, which sounds like an excellent recommendation.  The effectiveness of Homeopathic Belladonna would seem to deem vaccination unnecessary:  Belladonna will not harm a person’s immune system, whereas vaccinations have the potential to upset the immune system. This quote from W.A. Dewey above,  comes from page 322 of his book entitled:  “Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics”. This book is published by B Jain Publishers, PVT, New Delhi- 110 055.

Using Homeopathic Belladonna as soon as an outbreak of Scarlet Fever occurs may save your child from getting the disease.  At least, the remedy should help to minimize the effects of the disease, and to shorten the duration of the illness.

We should allow that the new strain of Scarlet Fever which has developed in Hong Kong, may not respond as well to Belladonna treatment as the old, common variety of Scarlet Fever did.  However, it is very likely that the characteristics of the disease remain the same, and so Belladonna should still act the same way – as a preventative, or  prophylactic to use the medical term, on this new strain.

Vitamin C As Natural Treatment For Scarlet Fever

Mega doses of Vitamin C have been proved to inhibit bacteria and virus growth. This fact makes Vitamin C extremely potent as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent, thus making it effect as a Prophylactic for Scarlet Fever and other infections.  Vitamin C therapy has been closely researched by many top research doctors, one of them being Dr Goodhope, who comes from Melbourne, Australia.   He has used Vitamin C therapy successfully in the treatment of Swine Flu, which is a particularly voracious disease to cure.  From his studies, and from my own experience with Vitamin C, I would guess that Vitamin C taken in large doses several times a day would combat Scarlet Fever.

Taking a good amount of Vitamin C on a Daily Basis could work as a prophylactic, so that the Scarlet Fever was avoided completely, or lessened in its effect.  For an adult of average weight, I would use 1000mg of Calcium Ascorbate three times a day, while any  epidemic was rampant.  I would halve this dose for a young teenager who might be at risk of getting Scarlet Fever.   For a child between three and five years, I would give two doses of 500mg per day, just while the infection was around.  Then, after several days, I would reduce the amount to one dose of 500mg per day.  If the motions become too loose, then you reduce the dose, or stop for a day.

Since children between three and five years of age are most susceptible to the Scarlet Fever infection, I would also give the child a low-potency Halibut Oil capsule daily, for three days.  This will also help as a Prophylactic for Scarlet Fever.  Do not use the especially high potency, but the average low-strength capsules.

When my children had infections of any kind, I found that giving an extra amount of Halibut Liver oil capsules helped to bring the infection down very quickly.  If they were sick, then I doubled the dose just for around 24 hours.

Colour Therapy:  Blue Lighting For Scarlet Fever and other Infections

Although I have not tried this, since my children never had Scarlet Fever, I am confident that using Blue lighting will help children who already have succumbed to this disease.  Blue Light helps to reduce red inflammation, which there obviously is quite a bit of in Scarlet Fever, as the name signifies.

Using colour therapy to treat Scarlet Fever, or any other fever, is quite straight-forward.  All you do is to buy a low-wattage blue bulb, and put it into the light socket in your child’s room.  If the infection is severe, you can leave the light going for most of the night.  But, as the fever comes down, you need less of the blue lighting.  So keep a watch – when there is an improvement, you reduce the exposure to the blue light.  Turn it off for a few hours.  Turn it on again only if the fever is still there and the child is restless.

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