Candida Outbreak NZ May Relate Fukushima Nuclear Contamination

Cancica Albicans can be caused by Chemicals, Radiation, and Electromagnetic forces.

I have had several interesting letters of late to do with radiation from Fukushima and how it might be affecting health here in New Zealand.  You can read these letters in the COMMENTS under  my post entitled  ‘What foods can I eat to avoid radiation’.  Ange has submitted several letters worth reading, as they contain good information.

Funnily enough, this week I have had a sudden attack of Candida, which manifests itself in my stomach.  Stomach aches and cramps and skin problems are the early signs of Candida for me.  I haven’t had this for quite a while.  I usually get it when the neighbours spray poisonous chemicals around the garden, to kill weeds and insects.  It usually lasts for a couple of weeks, until I have cleansed the toxins out of my system, then my health returns to normal.

Insecticide, fungicide as well as herbicide were actually sprayed around my house environment several weeks ago, which made me very sick.  The stuff was close to my door where the gardeners had washed out their spraying gear,  and I could not escape the fumes at night.  I was very ill for around a week, and felt on the verge of collapse. So the current candida could be an aftermath of this.

I also have bought plastic containers to store household gear including books.  Plastics really disagree with me, and I find that having these, or cardboard boxes, in the room where I am sleeping causes candida  and restless sleep quite soon after they are introduced.  The plastic containers are actually in my storeroom, but this is still a bit close for my comfort, and I plan to put these into a garage soon.

However, a friend of mine has also suddenly ”come down’ with chronic candida.   She went to a naturopath to get diagnosed on a machine, which gave her a definite result of candida.  The naturopath said that it was a common problem right at the moment, and that many people had come to her recently with candida problems.  In my friend’s case, she is also suffering the aftereffects of Brodifacoum poisoning which the council did on Shakespear Park on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula last year.  30 tonnes of Brodifacoum were reported to have been aerially dropped on the Peninsula, in three divided spreadings of 10 tonne each.  After the event of Brodifacoum poisoning at Shakespear Park, 10,000 native sea gulls were reported dead along the nearby coast, and at Maraetai, which is not very far away as the ‘crow flies’.  These deaths were said to be a result of storms at sea, but I feel sure they had something to do with the Brodifacoum pellets which were dropped by air all around the park. Anyway – the point is that this Brodifacoum is a very potent poison which is used to kill rats and other rodents, and which is banned in many countries.  This stuff alone would be enough to affect your health and give you candida for a start, along with other illnesses, if you live within a few kilometres of where the poison was dropped.

Interesting that the council assured us that the poison would only be dropped on the park side of the fence, and not on the beach side of the fence, yet they organized for workers to walk along the beach to pick up any stray bits of Brodifacoum bait after the aerially drop had been done.  If the stuff had fallen on the beach at all, there was a chance it could be picked up so that sea gulls did not eat it – but if the stuff fell a few more metres away and into the sea, it could not be recovered by people at all.  Which would mean that sea-gulls would possibly eat it.

I believe that radioactive fallout could have also contributed to this recent outbreak of candida albicans in Whangaparaoa-Orewa,  New Zealand.  My guess is that many people in other countries miles and miles away from Japan will be affected by the radiation chemicals coming from Japan, and that this will be manifested first of all with classic candida symptoms, or ‘yeast’ problems.

Poisonous chemicals themselves cause the natural intestinal flora to ‘go hay-wire’, causing the ‘bad’ bacteria to proliferate so that they destroy many of the ‘good’ bacteria in the digestive system.  When we get too many of the  candida albicans variety we suffer ‘yeast’ symptoms which can range from headaches to diarrhoea to constipation to bone pain, nerve pain, stomach pain, depression, skin disorders and the like.  Arthritic symptoms are common with people who have on-going yeast-candida problems.

The other reason why the nuclear disaster in Japan last year could have made the candida problem worse, is that the extra heat from the explosions there, and from the nuclear reactors themselves, will be contributing to a higher-than-usual air temperature globally.  Global warming, generally speaking, is contributing to people succumbing to yeast problems, as well as a diet too rich in sugars, wheat flour, gluten, and fermented foods.

It only takes a fraction of a degree in temperature, higher or lower, for the regular, simple organisms to change their normal patterns of behaviour, and for new varieties of bacteria and other organisms to develop and proliferate.  Our bodies are not used to the new conditions which global warming, and insecticides, herbicides, and food preservatives, etc, are imposing on our immune systems.  Our bodies have to adapt to these new, strange conditions, such as the effects of radiation.  One of the very first signs of disruption in the way the body functions, is the candida problem, as this is one of the organisms which thrives in these new, toxic environment. Agricultural and household chemicals, radiation from cell phones, electricity transformers, micro-waves, TV aerials, radiation from Fukushima, are all factors which will be contributing to the prevalence of candida-related illnesses.

I have just read a report from  the NZ Herald, Thursday 23 March 2012, which indicates  that the radioactive contamination from Fukushima  has been poisoning the environment for the past year since the earthquake-tsunami in Japan.  This article is entitled:

‘Fukushima contamination detected 640km away in Pacific Ocean’.

This report is no surprise to me.  The report on radiation, which is from Salt Lake City, states that the Pacific Ocean has  radiation ‘readings of up to 1000 times more than previous levels, scientists reported’.  The article goes on to diffuse the impact of the news, with Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hale Oceanographic Institution assuring us that the cesium-137 levels are far below levels which are considered to be  harmful.  Yeh, right.  Your guess is as good as mine, except that I think I would prefer to follow my own instincts, which tell me that any amount of radioactive contamination in the sea and air is going to be a bad thing.  And 1000 times more than before sounds to me like quite a lot more.

Candida is a naturally occurring organism which lives in the digestive tract.  When our diets and environments are healthy, then Candida is no problem, and it lives in harmony with the ‘good’ bacteria in the bowel.

However, there are some things which  interfere dramatically with the natural balance of the bowel flora, and this causes sickness.  Radioactive contamination is one of them.  Radiation and electromagnetic forces from electrical transformers, cell phones and towers, and satellites, etc,,  and environmental pollutants such as pesticides, herbicides and radioactive contaminants cause a reduction of the beneficial bowel flora.  When  these negative conditions prevail, the beneficial bacteria are destroyed in great numbers, which  gives the opportunity for  the rogue  yeast, Candida Albicans, to gain  ground and proliferate.

This causes the yeast Candida to over-run the body, instead of it remaining in a healthy balance with the other bacteria in the intestines.

Candida, if left untreated,  can cause arthritis, poor eye-sight,  poor brain function, cancer, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons’s disease, and many other conditions.

Foods To  Avoid To Treat Candida:

The way to treat it is to lay off all yeast foods for a start.  Avoid all wheat products, especially bread.  Gluten is bad for candida.  No vinegars, and no  sauces, as these mostly contain vinegar, which is bad for candida.  No yoghurt. Avoid all alcohol. As well, you should avoid sugar, avoid honey  and very sweet fruits, until you are better.

Green vegetables which are alkaline rather than acid foods, good oils and butter, and all protein foods, including meats, fish and eggs, are considered to be good for most people in treating candida.  When protein is deficient in the diet, and too many carbohydrates such as bread are used instead, this can lead to candida.  So make sure you have a balanced diet, plenty of protein, plenty of greens, and eat plentiful amounts of raw celery.  This is very good for curing candida, as it helps to detoxify the whole system, and it is one of the most alkaline foods available to us.

Garlic is very good for curing overgrowth of candida.  So is calcium ascorbate, an alkaline form of Vitamin C.  NZ kawakawa is especially good.  You can eat 2 leaves per day as a  herbal supplement to help get the candida under control.  Avoid eating too many potatoes or sweet potato and kumara and carrots – Potatoes have a lot of starch which turns to sugar readily – bad for candida – and carrots are very sweet, which also feeds the candida.

Fasting for a few days on fresh raw greens and boiled water can be effective in getting the candida under control.

Castor oil every second day for a week or so will eliminate the candida very quickly.  Castor oil does not seem to affect the beneficial bacteria, which is helpful.  The same goes for epsom salts which is high in magnesium.  This can eliminate the candida very quickly without affecting the beneficial bacteria. You can take a desertspoonful in about half a pint of warm water first thing in the morning or last thing at night.  Take this every second day until you have gotten over the worst of the candida attack.  This should take only several days.  Then you can reduce the dose to once or twice a week, as a preventative measure.

Calcium ascorbate does the same – gets rid of the unwanted poisons and candida, without harming the good bacteria in the intestinal flora.  An adult can take between 1000mg to 3000mg per day  until you feel better from the attack of candida, then lower the dose to a maintenance dose of between 500mg to 1000mg per day.

If you are really desperate, then the occasional dose of aspirin can help.  Two tablets used on those rare occasions when the infection is rife can do wonders. Aspirin should not be taken daily, though, as it weakens the vital organs, especially the kidneys,  when used too often. Salt is another inhibitor of candida, but of course you should not consume too much salt. If you are not on a sodium free diet, then a wee sprinkle of iodized salt could be used on meals just until the infection has passed.  Iodine is another good thing to help get candida under control, as are the B vitamins.  Use a small dab or two of iodine on the soles of the feet, or on the scalp, twice a week. Take a Vitamin B complex which is yeast-free.

4 thoughts on “Candida Outbreak NZ May Relate Fukushima Nuclear Contamination”

  1. Cancer is bascially candida yeast gone wild ! Your immune system normally keeps this cancer fungus under control, prevents it from colonizing and attacking vital organs. Once your immune system is compromised either by stress, low PH levels, low oxygen….this fungus takes off and grows big time.
    Radiation (Fukushima) lowers your immune system.
    They are reports that certain fungi thrive on radiation and use it’s gamma rays as an additional energy source. They found this to be true with fungi found on building walls at Chernobyl.
    Drink Baking Soda and 3% solution of food grade hydrogen peroxide to help keep candida yeast spores at bay.

  2. Thankyou Leigh. Good information in your comment regarding candida and cancer. Radiation certainly contributes to candida overgrowth. Many people will have been affected by the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    But even living near a functioning nuclear power station, or sub-station, or an electricity transformer, or the meter box of the house, or being too close to electricity wires for too long can cause candida-related illness, and ultimately, arthritis and cancer. Cell-phones and their transmitters can do the same. And of course, toxic pesticides, herbicides and fungicides affect the balance of helpful bacteria in the gut, causing candida to break out.
    Bad diets are another cause of sickness, including candida-related illnesses, and degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Not enough roughage, not enough alkaline grreens and fruit, and too many acid-forming foods lead to sluggish bowels and toxic livers. Toxic matter in the bowels can give you candida and other illnesses.

    Many people use household fly sprays regularly, and these are very bad for the health because they affect the nervous system as well as interfering with the balance of bowel flora. Children are particularly vulnerable to these household sprays.

    Thankyou for the baking soda hydrogen peroxide tip. Readers suffering chronic candida will be interested in this recipe, I am sure.
    And thanks again for contributing to the dialogue. Regards, Merrilyn.

  3. I have been using Lady Soma’s Candida Cleanse for 4 years. It has been the answer to the chronic women issues that I have struggled with since my teens. I recommend it to everyone who will listen. You can take one dose daily for maintenance, or up to three doses a day at the first sign of irritation to detour infection before it truly starts. Its not expensive for a supplement of this quality, and the money I’ve saved in doctor bills has paid for it over and over.

  4. I do not know this product. Since I do not know what is in it, I cannot endorse it as a treatment for candida. It might have chemicals which I would consider to be non-healthful. On the other hand, it might be perfectly safe. Personally, rather than relying on any commercial product, I think it is better to find the problematic foods and chemicals which are triggering your ill health, and then to avoid them. Then, if you are faced with a sudden attack for any reason after that, to use natural detox methods to cleanse your body of the candida. That way you cleanse out the candida as well as tone up the digestive system. Fasting and other cleansing diets restore lost vitality and kill candida and any other bacteria. Fasting or modified diets also help remove rubbish which could lead to degenerative disease.

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