List of Herbs To Stimulate Circulation

Improve Circulation With Herbs: Some people feel the cold so dreadfully, and they can do nothing to keep warm.  In extreme conditions, this is called ‘Raynaud’s Disease’.  Some medications can cause ‘Raynaud’s Disease’.  Remember that it  is essential that adequate exercise is taken, to stimulate the blood flow.  But here are some herbal suggestions, to add to your exercise regime,  which might help you to feel warmer.DSCO 1672

Cayenne Pepper: This is one of the best herbs for circulation problems. Just a little  Cayenne Pepper can be sprinkled into the socks, or into the shoes.  Believe me, this works very well to increase the warmth in the body.  Too much for too long can cause sweating and over-heating, so use it very moderately.  The over-heating effect of Cayenne  can be very useful if you are doing a detox, as this aids the removal of toxins through the pores of the skin, and stimulates the other organs to eliminate waste, and function as they should.

Other, similar herbs which have a similar effect to Cayenne pepper, and which can be sprinkled into the shoes to improve circulation are Black Pepper and Ginger.

Ginger Tea For Circulation:  Ginger tea is another easy and simple method to stimulate circulation and promote good general health.  You can use either powder ginger, or root ginger to make your tea.  Ginger tea is safe to drink, and four or five cups of ginger tea can be taken each day.  Use half a teaspoon of ginger powder to one cup of tea, or more if you like.  With fresh ginger, chop up a tablespoon of ginger roots, put into your cup, and pour boiling water over.  Infuse for several minutes, until it has cooled, then drink.  You can use these ginger roots later in the day, as there is still goodness left in them after making one tea.

The Ginger Foot Bath: This is another simple remedy for improving the circulation, and stimulating the digestion.  Put a tablespoon of powdered ginger into a couple of litres of hot water.  Cool until the ginger foot bath preparation is a comfortable temperature.  Soak the feet for 10 minutes in the foot-bath, topping up with more hot water if necessary.

Garlic is one of the best home remedies for improving the circulation.  Use garlic every day in your cooking.  Fresh garlic is really best, if you can handle it.  Chop up a teaspoon of garlic very finely and take as you would a medicine, with a glass of water or your favourite milk. Some people find garlic just too strong for their delicate digestive systems.  If you are one of these, then use another remedy instead of garlic.

The List of Herbs Which Aid Circulation Are:

Black Pepper

Cayenne Pepper


Clary Sage








What Are The Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever?

How To Identify Scarlet Fever:

Scarlet Fever is an acute infectious disease which is mainly spread by coughing and sneezing.  The germ Streptococcus scarlatinae, which first affects the throat, is carried from the infected person, in air-borne droplets of water as they talk, sneeze or cough.  The germ is in the saliva, and this can be passed on, not just through coughing and sneezing, but through the sick person touching other people, or by touching books, clothes, eating and drinking vessels,  and food, and toys which have been handled by the patient.

The outbreak of Scarlet Fever in Hong Kong recently has caused people to wonder about the symptoms of the disease, and how best to treat it.

The Hong Kong variety of Scarlet Fever is not responding to the usual orthodox methods of treatment, such as penicillin and other antibiotics:  I have put up several posts on alternative treatment for Scarlet Fever, which may prove to be useful for some people. These posts appear directly before this one.  The most important preventative treatment to have handy is the Homeopathic Belladonna Remedy.

If You Think That Your Child May Have Scarlet Fever: Of course, it is best to have a Doctor or some other health professional look at your child, rather than make a diagnosis yourself.  Always take your child to a health professional if they are sick.  Children are vulnerable to the infection up to the age of about 15.  Children seem more vulnerable around the age of four or five.

Learn Now About Scarlet Fever: However, being forewarned can often mean that you are forearmed, and so it is sensible to learn something about the illness, and its treatments, before the actual event occurs.  Then, you can rush your child off to the doctor if you have assessed the infection is serious.  If there is Scarlet Fever in the area, then you would begin Preventative treatment immediately,  with that famous Prophylactic, the Homeopathic  Belladonna  Remedy.  You would begin taking this preventative medicine BEFORE your child gets sick.

The Common Symptoms Of Scarlet Fever:  How To Identify Scarlet Fever:  The following are the common symptoms.

Sore Throat – This is one of the first symptoms to appear.  The throat is sore well before the rash comes out.  The child finds it difficult to swallow and refuses food.

Temperature Will Rise

There may be Fever – Perhaps delirium as well.

Vomiting– Perhaps with pain in the stomach.

Tongue – White-coated tongue to begin with.   This changes to bright red after a day or two, known as ‘the strawberry tongue”.

Rash and Red Spots Fine red spots develop on the trunk of the body within 24 hours of the sore throat developing. This rash of fine red spots then moves to the limbs – legs and arms.  The rash moves to the face last, after the chest area and limbs are affected.

Pallor around the mouth – very white, perhaps grey-blue colour.  This may be evident at the beginning of the illness, but the pallor becomes more distinct when the rash on the body appears.

Peeling Of Skin Shows That The Infection Is Over: These symptoms of Scarlet Fever all start to abate after a few days.  The fever goes down, the rash turns from red to a brown colour, and it starts to fade. The skin affected by  rash begins to peel off, like sunburn, and at this stage the child is nolonger infectious.

Incubation Time: The common type of Scarlet Fever was thought to have had an incubation period of from 2 to 5 days after contact with an infected person.  The new strain of Hong Kong Scarlet Fever may vary a little in its incubation time.

Isolation Period Recommended: In the old family medical books, an isolation period of from 12 to 14 days was recommended, taken from the time the rash first appeared on the body.

Treatment: It is good to do everything possible to get your child better quickly.  It is important to bring the fever down with plenty of fluids, as there is a possibility that the heart could be affected from the Scarlet Fever toxins if the child is delicate.  A speedy recovery is important.  This is where your Vitamin C, Halibut oil capsules, and Belladonna, or some other Homeopathic Remedy, will help to speed up recovery.  Blue lighting while the patient is in fever, will help to bring the fever down, along with those lemon and ginger drinks.

Plenty of Hot Lemon and Ginger Drinks are helpful, perhaps with honey if you have it.  Fluids will help to dilute the toxins and prevent the kidneys and heart  from suffering.  Nephritis may develop in the kidneys if not enough liquids are taken.  A  light but nourishing diet while recovering from Scarlet Fever will help the kidneys to recover.

Plenty of Bed Rest is recommended.  Convalescence should not be hurried, as the patient will need time to recover strength again.  The patient should be kept warm.


Gluten Free Lemon Cheese Cake

Wheatless Lemon Ricotta Cake

This cake is a delicious rich one which has a wonderful lemony zesty twang to it. And this recipe is entirely gluten free which makes it a suitable treat for all those wheat and gluten sensitive people.

It is a version of the Lemon Ricotta Cake which comes from Sardinia in Italy.

Here are the ingredients which you will need:

1/2 cup of besan flour, or chick pea flour

1/2 cup of arrowroot flour

1/2 cup of fine yellow cornmeal

1 and a 1/2 teaspoons of Baking Powder

6 tablespoons of butter

3/4 cup caster sugar

1/2 cup ricotta cheese

3 organic free range eggs – Separated

Grated rind of one nice lemon

3 tablespoons of lemon juice

Method:  Line the bottom of your baking dish with greased paper, or the butter wrapping which your butter comes in.  Use a 9 inch round cake tin, or alternatively, a similar sized pyrex dish, which is an oven-proof type of glass.

Sprinkle a little arrowroot flour over the greased paper.

Cream together your butter and sugar.  Then add the ricotta cheese.  Mix well, then add the egg yolks one at a time.

Now put the 1/2 cup of besan flour into your mixture with the lemon juice and zest of lemon.  Beat this very well until all the lumps in the flour have disappeared.  In another bowl, stir in  the baking powder to the arrowroot and cornmeal flours and add this to your  cake mixture also.

In another  clean bowl beat up your egg whites until they form soft peaks.  You can add a pinch of salt to help them firm up.   It also helps if your eggs are at room temperature rather than taken straight out of the fridge.

Add your beaten egg whites to your lemon cake mix.  Fold them in gently.  Pour the whole into your prepared greased dish or tin.

Bake at 350 F for around 3/4 of an hour, or until the cake is firm when tested with a skewer.  Let the cake sit for 10 minutes to cool before you turn it out of the tin.

The cake can be iced, or simply dusted with icing sugar.

Anti Cancer Homeopathic Remedies

Natural Remedies For Cancer:  Homeopathy Can Help Prevent Cancer

Homeopathy is a powerful medicine. It is an amazing science which rationalists cannot explain, as it works on the principle of ‘like heals like’, and on the principle of the ‘minimum dose’, which many people cannot fathom.

Actually, there are some treatments acceped in allopathic medicine which use the ‘ like to treat like’ principle, but the use of microscopic doses of a substance to heal a condition, or prevent one occurring, is peculiar to homeopathy, and this is the thing which sceptics  just cannot get their heads around.  But – homeopathy does work, and many medical doctors around the world have undergone study in homeopathic medicine in order to become proficient at prescribing homeopathics for their patients. Homeopathy is studied as a science and widely used in India:  many developments in the proving of new remedies have come from studies done in India.

Many doctors have found homeopathy to be invaluable as a preventative medicine, and in obtaining actual cures for many of their patients. Often, when allopathic medicine has failed to work in effecting a cure, homeopathy has brought people back to total health.

The Queen Mother was a great fan opf homeopathic medicine.  She lived beyond a hundred years.  The Royal family have their own Royal Homeopath, which  is, I think, a wonderful endorsement for homeopathic medicine.

The Homeopathic text entitled “Indications of Miasm”, by Dr. Harimohan Choudhury, B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, reprint  1999, gives detailed advice on the use of homeopathic medicine for cancer.  Dr Choudhury also has chapters in this book on the different miasms, and the treatments for the diseases which come under those categories.

Below are listed some of the homeopathic remedies which Dr Choudhury suggests as anti-cancer remedies.  I must point out, though, that unless you have knowledge and experience with the use of homeopathic medicine, it will be difficult to find the right remedy for one’s own treatment.  Just taking one ‘out of the box’ will probably not work.  You do need to see an experienced homeopathic practitioner so that the correct remedy for your condition may be ascertained.  It is important that the right remedy be chosen.  Every remedy has different symptoms which correspond to a physical, mental and enotional condition.  The physical, mental, emotional, digestive and spiritual characteristics of the individual need to be assessed for every individual case,  before considering the range of homeopathic remedies available.

It must be remembered that a homeopathic remedy just on its own is not enough to combat cancer.  Appropriate treatment of any serious disease would include good nutrition, plenty of rest, and periods of fasting. With these prerequisites, the right homeopathic treatment could very well effect a cure, or at least make the patient more comfortable for the duration of his or her life.

Dr Choudhury recommends fasting once a week for cancer patients; proper rest and recreation, which would include a period of 30 minutes rest daily after lunch; regular time for going to bed; regular pleasant walks each day; and the confidence and belief that you will be cured.

He recommends avoiding overuse of salt, sugar and fat, especially fatty meats. Not too much spicy food should be taken, and nor should meals be too large.

All cosmetics which contain any chemicals should be avoided.  And, of course, one should really ensure that one does not come into contact with pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.  In short, avoid contact with chemicals in the domestic environment, and avoid food which has any preservative or colouring or flavour added.

The A Grade Anti Cancer Homeopathics which Dr Harimohan Choudhury lists are:  Argentum. n., Arsenicum. alb., Arsenicum. iod., Asafoetida., Aurum. met., Aurum. mur. nat., Bismuth., Bromine., Calc. ars.,, Carbo. an., Carcinosin, Card. m., Carb. sulph., Carb. veg., Chelidonium.,  Cholesterinum, Cinnamonium, Condu., Conium., Echinacea, Hoang-n., Hydrastis, Iodine, Iscador, which comes from mistletoe, , Kreosote, Lachesis, Lapis alb., Lycopodium, Mag. m., Medo, Mercurius. s., Nitric . acid  (NOTE – ONLY IN HOMEOPATHIC PREPARATION, WHICH IS A MICOROSCOPIC DOSE, DILUTED SEVERAL TIMES AND SUCCUSSED – YOU WOULD NOT USE ANY OF THESE REMEDIES ‘STRAIGHT’ – THEY MUST BE PREPARED BY HOMEOPATHIC SUPPLIERS)., Ornithog., Phosphorous., Phytolacca.,  Rad. br., Scirrhinum., Sempervinum, Secale. c., Silicea, Stron. c., Syph., Tarentula Hisp.,., Thuja., Thapsi., Visc. alb., X-Ray

The B Grade Anti Cancer  Homeopathics which Dr Harimohan Choudhoury recommends are:  Aconite r., Alumn., Apis., Ambra, Anthrac, Ant. chlorid, Arg. m., Aster. Aur. ars., Aur. mur., Bufo., Cadmium., Calcarea. carb., Calc. s., China.., Cist. c., Cleam., Crot.h., fuligo lign., Galium., Geran. m., Graphites., Hammamelis., Ignatia., Iris. v., Kali c., Kali. ars., Kali. bi., Kali. iod., Kali. chl., Kali. cy., Kali. p., Kali. s., Morph., Murex, Muri ac., Merc, iod. fl., Mat.c., Mat. cacodylate., Nat. m., Plumbum. iod., Psorin., Rab.b., Rubi., Ruta., Scrofularia., Sepia, Spongia., Staphisagria., Sulphur., Zincum.

Many of these same remedies are recommended for the treatment of tumours in other texts.  In the book ‘Practical Homeoathic Therapeutics”, by W.A.Dewey, Reprint Edition 1996, New Delphi, B.Jain Publishers, PVT Ltd, we find a list of remedies which compares to that of Dr Harimohan Choudhury’s above.  The remedies which Dr W.A.Dewey considers to be most important of these would seem to be the following:

Arsenicum, Calcarea fluor., Carbo an., Conium, and Hydrastis.

However, he also includes Baryta carb., Baryta iod., Bromine, Carbo veg., Carbolic acid, Cedron, Cicuta, Cundurango, Cuprum, Heda lava, Iodine, Kali sulph., Lapis alb., Morphine, Phosphorous, Phytolacca, Plumbum, radium, Silicea, and Thuja.

Arthritis/Cancer From Toxic Chemicals

Arthritis From Insecticides and Weedkillers
Many people could be ‘cured’ of arthritis forever.  For most people who have a good diet,  the simple life changing tactic of avoiding all  insecticides,weedkillers and drugs, including prescription medicines, and alcohol, would see most arthritic symptoms disappear.
In my own experience, herbicides or weedkillers, known also as pesticides or insecticides, have the most profoundly bad effect on the body and its functions than anything else.  Arthritic pain develops even if I am near a weedkiller or pesticide.  With many chemicals, depending upon how long I am kept near them,  I may also experience heart palpitations, or a racing heart, high blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, shaking nerves and hands,  blurred vision, and sudden lapse of memory.  These warning signs are a definite sign for myself that those things must be avoided if I am to avoid serious ill health. If I am not kept close to these chemicals for too long, then all these symptoms will disappear just as quickly as their sudden arrival.
I regard this hyper-sensitivity as being a very fortunate thing, as it enables me to detect chemical hazards in the environment, usually in time to prevent bad consequences, though not always:  I smoked for around five years, which has dulled my senses to a certain extent.
Many people are sensitive to chemicals, and this helps them to stay well, because they learn to avoid the potentially harmful things which make them feel bad.  They are given warnings, by being given a hint of the pain of disease, long before any disease is given the chance to develop.
This sensitivity is something which everyone can develop.
The more you avoid using toxic chemicals and taking toxic medicines, the finer your sensitivity becomes.  You become aware of smells and tastes which you haven’t experienced before, and this newly developed sensitivity will then become useful in detecting chemicals which are foreign to the body, and which cause harm.
All poisons, insecticides, herbicides, medications dull the senses.   The longer you use these toxic substances in your environment, or in your food, the less sensitive you become, and the more likely you are to develop diseases such as arthritis and cancer.
Alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking also damages your senses.  Drinking alcohol on a regular basis has been shown to increase your chances of getting cancer, so a recent Australian study has shown.
The flavour of these poisonous chemicals get to blur your sense of smell and taste, and cloud your judgement to a certain extent.  This blurring of the senses  makes you more vulnerable to exposure to other chemicals, because you most likely will not even notice them.  Then, arthritis pain, and other health issues such a cancer, will not be associated with the true cause, because you failed to notice, or chose to ignore, the initial, small warning signs.
But once you cease using these toxic chemicals, and begin a cleansing diet to get rid of those unwanted poisons in your body, you will find that your arthritic aches and pains have gone.  Another positive effect from avoiding chemicals and cleansing them out of the body is that you  will feel happier, less inclined to depression and tiredness, and your mental alertness  will be much sharper.