Can Black Walnut Cure Cancer Or Mend Tooth Enamel?

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Black Walnut is antiviral, antifungal, and antibiotic. It is one of the most powerful of the natural alternative remedies known to reverse cancer.

Dr Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. uses Black Walnut in her herbal recipe which she believes has the capacity to cure all cancers. This herbal recipe, which consists of just three herbs, and its effectiveness in treating cancer. is outlined in her book entitled “The Cure For All Cancers”.

The three herbs in her combination are Black Walnut, Wormwood, and Cloves.

Of course, a restorative diet and a helpful lifestyle must accompany this herbal cure, if it is to work.  And certain chemicals must be avoided at all cost, to ensure recovery.

This is how the good doctor recommends you take the Black Walnut combination:

1) Procedure for using the Black Walnut Tincture –

First Day of treatment – One drop of black walnut is taken four times during the day

just for the first day. It can be taken at anytime, morning or afternoon.  Just divide the doses up so that they are spaced at least an hour apart. Dr Hulga says to take on an empty stomach, or half an hour before meal-times. Put it into any drink, except for coffee or tea or alcohol of course.

Second Day of treatment – The dose is increased – Two drops of black walnut is taken four times during the day.

Third Day of Treatment – The dose is increased – Three drops of black walnut is taken four times during the day.

Keep on increasing the dose by one drop per day, taken four times daily as above, until you have reached 20 drops of black walnut taken four times during the day.  You must do this gradually, increasing by one drop per day.  Do not be tempted to take a short cut and wham your body with a big dose of black walnut.  Don’t know what will happen – it won’t kill you, but it is not the way to go.

When you get up to 20 drops per day, you reduce the dose.  You keep taking 20 drops in one

go, one dose of 20 drops, but you use it only once a day.

From now on – One dose of 20 drops of black walnut tincture  from now on for three months.

2) Procedure for using the Wormwood combination capsules – keep on using the Black Walnut as outlined above.  As well, use the Wormwood as follows:

First Day of Treatment – Take just one capsule of Wormwood with a glass of water before the evening meal.

Second Day of Treatment – Double the dose to just two capsules before the evening meal.

Third Day of Treatment – Increase the dose to just one dose of three capsules before the evening meal.

Keep on increasing the dose by one capsule per day, but still taking just the one dose of the Wormwood treatment each day, before the evening meal.  Keep adding a capsule each day until you are up to 14 capsules taken in the one dose before tea.

Take the 14 capsules for just two more days, one dose of 14 capsules each day before tea.

Then REDUCE the dose to just 14 capsules taken twice a week.  Leave a few days before taking the second dose of 14, and only take the Wormwood twice a week at 14 capsules on each of those two days.

For more details on her recipe, and the procedure which must be followed for using it in the treatment of cancer, go to:

Herbal Recipe For Cancer Doctor Uses Just Three Herbs

Black Walnut is also known as a restorative for tooth enamel, and as a treatment for Lupus.

The natural, organic iodine contained in the husks of the walnut make it especially effective in killing microbes which attack tooth enamel.

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  1. Hello,

    I just got bad news from a dentist. I had orthodontics as a teenager. I lost my retainer, and my front tooth jetted forward. Another orthodontist placed braces on my teeth. It was a mistake to allow the new dentist to place braces on my teeth, but I was young and didn’t think it through. He also badly scrapped my enamel when removing the brackets. I believe the tooth was moved back to quickly which led to root resorption. Now the root is very short. The dentist said that I would eventually lose the tooth and need an implant. I have been really depressed about this. I know you have discussed regrowing enamel on teeth. Do you know of any way that tooth root can regenerate or grow back? I am in my late 30s and am very afraid of losing a front tooth.

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