Natural Ways To Improve Hair Growth and Condition

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are very useful in helping to maintain, or to regain, good health. We are fortunate that we can buy these at most supermarkets and health food stores, and we pray that this situation may long continue.

Note:  The following ideas are simply suggestions.  Check first with your doctor or health practitioner before trying any remedy or suggestion mentioned here. No responsibility will be taken by this author as to whether or not these ideas work, or whether a certain combination has an adverse effect, or you exceed the recommended dose, or whether they make you feel worse in any way.

The best vitamins for hair growth are Iodine, and the health king of minerals, zinc. The importance of magnesium and silica should also be considered.

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Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B is important for good digestion. It is important to have enough of this in the diet for us to be able to deal with stress. If we are deficient in Vitamin B, then stress related conditions like eczema and hypoglycemia can result, with a lowering of normal stress levels. This can, of course, result in the hair falling or thinning.

Falling hair is a sure sign that your diet and your life style need adjustment. While you are working on improving the state of these things, it is a good idea to take a Vitamin B complex supplement to give your health a boost so that you may recover both your health and your hair more quickly.

Vitamin B is a priority for hair growth. Take the maximum dose on a daily basis to improve the health of your hair.

Vitamin C

This is needed especially if you are not eating enough fresh fruit, but Vitamin C is good for overall health as it helps in the assimilation of other vitamins and works as an antioxidant.  It also helps in maintaining good skin tone. The scalp is skin, and so it benefits by having an adequate supply of Vitamin C in the diet.

Vitamin C helps enormously in our ability to cope with stress. Take ester C, or calcium ascorbate at night to help you sleep well.

If your health is below par and your hair is showing signs of falling out, then taking 1000 mgs morning and night will help.  Start with just 1000 mg in the morning. After a few days,  build up the dosage by taking again at night. Cut back to just the evening dose if your bowel motions remain disturbed.

Vitamin C also aids digestion. Good digestion means you will absorb more of the nutrients which you are eating in your food, which, in turn, helps to build up good health and strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin C works as an antiseptic and a healer. It is also a  mild sedative, so this should help you to sleep well if you take a dose at night-time. Loose bowel motions can occur initially, but do not worry. This is just your insides  clearing themselves of debris. Drink extra water to help with the cleansing process.

Halibut Liver Oil

This contains high amounts of Vitamins A and D. Both these vitamins, taken in the fish oil, help the growth of nice, healthy, shiny hair. Take the maximum dose each day if you are working on hair which is thinning.

I took slightly more than the stated dose when I needed the benefit of Halibut Liver Oil Vitamins, but I cannot recommend this practice to people reading my article. Especially when any of the family had a chest infection, I doubled the dose, but for one or two doses only, as that was all that was needed to beat most infections. After that, I would return to a maintenance dose about twice weekly.

Best to take this in the morning, as Halibut Liver Oil  might interfere with your sleep if taken too late in the day.

Zinc and Magnesium

The above list of Vitamins for Hair Growth should be helpful to all those who are building their health in order to have better hair.

But the supplements Zinc and Magnesium must be mentioned in this article. These two minerals are highly important for recovering your health and your hair. It is best if you take the full set of recommended vitamins, rather than just buying these, but if you are on a budget and can only afford ONE vitamin, then get the combination which has both of these.

Zinc helps you cope with stress. A deficiency of zinc and magnesium could result in your having thin hair, or hair which is falling rapidly.

Zinc helps in the digestion of carbohydrates, so it is especially important for anyone with allergies, or anyone who suffers from hypoglycaemia.These conditions can cause the hair to fall out. A diet low in sugar is needed. It is best to avoid wheat and dairy products if you think you might be sensitive to these. Upping your zinc intake is sometimes all that is needed to improve digestion of these foods.

Zinc is low in New Zealand soils, so most N Zers need an extra boost of zinc with magnesium at least once a week. If your hair is thinning, then you should take a daily amount of the recommended dose. Do not ever take more than the stated dose.

Because our food is lacking in these minerals which creates  a need for NZers   to buy these supplements , it seems a crime that drug companies are driving to get the monopoly on sales.

Zinc with Magnesium should be the first mineral  supplement to the diet if one has thinning hair.

Iodine can be used moderately on the scalp – just one or two dabs on one or two parts of the scalp is all that is needed.  Massage into the scalp whilst the hair is still damp after washing and drying. Note:  Do check with your doctor or health practitioner before using iodine on the hair.  |I have never had any trouble with putting small amounts onto my scalp, a small amount being just a touch on the end of a finger.  Two dabs is all that is required. But check with a health practitioner to assess your condition of health before trying any home remedy.

Silica is an essential mineral for the health of the hair. You can buy homeopathic silica in what are known as ‘cell salts’. But the easiest way which you can help your hair in its requirements of silica is to eat a bowl of oatmeal porridge every day. OR you can drink oat straw tea, which is especially high in silica. Comfrey tea is also high in silica……….

Comfrey Tea – for internal and external use

A good natural way to get a high count of minerals and vitamins into the body to benefit the hair is to take comfrey tea on a regular basis. Two leaves simmered in a pint of water will give you a tea which is high in silica. This helps the growth of hair, nails, teeth and bones. It helps heal liver and intestines and skin conditions like ezcema. Take a small cupful morning and night. Keep the remainder in the fridge for up to two days, then make a fresh lot if you haven’t finished the first brew.

Comfrey Hair Rinse: The same brew can be used, once it has cooled, to put through the hair after washing. If you are making a special brew for use on the hair, then you could make the mixture slightly stronger by adding a 3rd leaf to the pot. The silica in the sliminess of the leaf really makes the hair shine beautifully. It also helps heal the scalp to prevent dandruff.

Comfrey supplements in tablet form, if you can get them, and shampoos and soaps with added comfrey, are a good idea. But nothing beats the effects of the fresh herb, brewed up for 5 or 10 minutes, taken as a tea and/or applied as a hair rinse.

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is great for promoting hair growth. If you apply it after using soap or shampoo, then the alkaline effect from these products is negated. Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium and other minerals and vitamins which nourish the scalp. It is best not to use iodine on the scalp right away if you have rubbed apple cider vinegar into it. The two do not combine well. Wait for the following day after the application of cider vinegar to apply any iodine to the scalp.

It is best not to take apple cider vinegar internally on a regular basis if you have falling or thinning hair. This is because candida albicans is a problem with many people, and this condition can contribute to hair loss. Putting the apple cider vinegar onto the hair when it is still wet will feed the hair follicles directly. This shouldn’t cause problems with candida unless you are in the early stages of recovery. Use about a dessertspoonful of apple cider vinegar for one treatment. Don’t wash it off.

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Vitamin C Megadoses And Diet For Cancer As Alternative to Surgery Radiation and Chemo.

Cancer – Should You Have That Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy?

A family member of mine  called Robert has thyroid cancer.  He was told last week by hospital specialists that he had cancer of the tongue as well.

Yesterday, after his brother  had taken him to see the ‘Centre for Advanced Medicine’ in Remuera Road, where we hoped he would accept the intravenous Vitamin C therapy which his brother was willing to pay for, but which he declined to accept, he was elated to get a call from the hospital with the news that the lump in the tongue was not cancerous after all. This certainly is good news.  If he had had the tongue operated on, chances are his speech would have been impaired, for a start.

This is a shame that Robert declined to take the Vitamin C megadose for cancer, as I believe this might have dramatically reduced those tumours in the thyroid, around the neck, and in the tongue.  When your body becomes overloaded with toxins, the first things which rebel are your glands.  The glands about the neck become inflamed.  Lumps start to develop, perhaps about the neck first, then in the groin, and under the armpits.

But these lumps will often respond to megadoses of Vitamin C, even if that is all you do.  10gm a day of calcium ascorbate powder will usually have an effect. Of course, an even better thing is to employ a detoxifying diet with herbs, homeopathy, and meditation.  Laetrile or amygdalin in the form of apricot kernels – around 6 and not more than 9 daily – will help reduce most cancers in combination with appropriate diet and detox methods. 

Castor oil is a marvellous treatment for cancer, in combination with enemas and rejuvenating diet.  Dr Max Gerson proved this treatment effective and cure many hundreds of people over the years of terminal cancer. He used two tablespoons of castor oil every second day, followed by at least one enema five hours later.

The Thyroid is THE store-house for Iodine. Iodine is a specific for all thyroid problems, including cancer.   Excess radiation can cause thyroid cancer – If you are deficient in iodine, then you are particularly vulnerable to radiation of any kind., as the thyroid gobbles up radioactive particles of iodine to replace the organic iodine it should have been storing.  These radioactive iodine particles cause cancer.  This is why iodine was dished out to people in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, and to people in America who might have gotten the toxic drift from Japan.

Apparently, the specialist at the hospital told Robert that his guess was that Robert had been exposed to excess radiation over time.  We know he has – he travelled every weekend by plane from Wellington to Auckland and back for several years.  Aeroplane travel is an extreme health hazard because of high radiation levels.  Also, he works at a computer all day and often much of the night, to get projects finished.  The electromagnetic fields around computers and all electronic appliances and gadgets is deleterious to the health.

About one in four people will get some sort of cancer during their lives.  Sometimes these cancer diagnoses prove to be incorrect, and operations are done needlessly.

So – How far should you trust the doctors and specialists in their decision to have you operated on? Sometimes doctors make mistakes.  Sometimes they opt for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy when other restorative options could have been considered first.

Many people have shown that a combination of  diet change – eating cleansing, healing and nourishing foods, plus detoxification, plus meditation, will help or cure cancers of many different varieties.

You have to remember that the orthodox method of treating cancer is an industry.  It is business for many doctors, specialists, anaethasthatists, surgeons, and radiation and chemotherapy ‘experts’ all over the world. You accept their advice for cancer – they get paid.  Drug companies thrive on cancer.

Well – here are a few first-hand stories to interest you, which friends and family have told me.

My sister who is a naturopath just told me this morning that her friend was diagnosed with cancer of the retina a few months ago.  She came up to Auckland hospital to see a specialist who told her she would have to have her eye out.  This advice REALLY freaked her out and had the effect of her changing her attitude and devoting herself  completely to a health regime to reduce the cancer, using every natural means possible.  After several months of her changing her life-style , getting onto a healing diet, detoxification, and even giving up her job for the meantime while she restored her health, she has had confirmation that the retina cancer has reduced by around half already.

The phone has been busy since everyone got the news about my son and his thyroid-tongue cancer which turns out to be just thyroid cancer.  Again, just this morning, another friend phoned me to say that he had had tests done for cancer lumps five years ago.  The first tests showed positive.  But when, for some reason, he had more tests done several weeks later, these further two tests showed a negative result.  So it was just as well he didn’t act on the results of the first tests.

My cousin came back from Australia just after Christmas a year ago, to have a bowel cancer operation in Wellington.  He went in for the operation.  The surgeon was a man who had not met my cousin before.  The cancer was in the upper part of the intestine.  The surgeon took out the lower part of the bowel.  Then, just as my cousin was recovering from the anaesthetic, the surgeon looked at his ‘job sheet’ and thought he might have made a mistake.  So he phoned up the original specialist to check – AFTER he had cut out the lower part of the bowel.

Sure enough, he had operated on and removed the healthy part of the bowel.  So my cousin was taken back in for another operation, this time to remove the upper part of the bowel.  These two operations, one of which was entirely unnecessary,  left him with very little of his bowel.  The specialist afterward said “Oh, never mind.  You don’t really need all that much of the intestines anyway.”

But of course you do need your intestines.  The intestines ARE necessary:  As your food travels through your intestines, the job of the intestines is to absorb those nutrients into your body.

Diet And Detox For Cancer Programme for Anthony

Black Walnut For Restoring Tooth Enamel

Medicinal Herbs: Thankyou to Charlie, who wrote in asking about Black Walnut as a restorative herb for tooth enamel.

DSCO 1851Photo taken at Dunedin Botanical Gardens by Merrilyn on Holly’s camera.

Restorative Diets such as those used for cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and other diseases, have proven successful in many cases, for restoring tooth enamel.  Often, people have discovered that their teeth have repaired themselves whilst following a strict dietary and cleansing regime to treat eczema, psoriasis, or a life-threatening disease.

However, there are some specifics which are helpful in keeping tooth enamel healthy, and even in repairing tooth enamel.  Black Walnut is one of them.  Comfrey is another.  Prickly Ash is another.  Nettles, called ‘Stinging Nettles’ are another.

So what is it about the Black Walnut,  the Juglans nigra, which gives it such a great reputation for facilitating healing, including the regrowth of tooth enamel?  Louise Tenney who wrote the book ‘Today’s Herbal Health’, 1983, gives a summary of the healing attributes of the Black Walnut, in which she includes its ability to heal tooth enamel.

Valuable Minerals in Black Walnut:  For a start, Black Walnut Husks and Leaves are rich in important healing minerals.  Some of these, according to Louise Tenney, are organic iodine, magnesium, manganese,  Vitamin B15, silica, iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous.

Iodine, especially, is a natural anti-bacterial, which would make Black Walnut helpful for the teeth.  Iodine helps to keep harmful germs in the mouth at bay. So the use of Black Walnut and other herbs which have a high organic iodine content, will help to kill off those germs which eat away at the teeth.  In this sense, Black Walnut would be very helpful for the restoration of the tooth enamel.

Silica is another important mineral which helps to keep harmful germs at bay, as well as having an important function in building strong teeth, bones, hair and nails.  Silica is found in the Black Walnut husks and leaves, as well as in Comfrey, Stinging Nettles, and Prickly Ash.  Comfrey is one of the richest sources of silica, which is a good enough reason to have the plant brought back for the general public to use again:  At present, many countries have banned comfrey because the drug companies have convinced governments that it can cause cancer and should be banned.  But this is really so that they have the monopoly on all the healing ingredients contained in comfrey.  People have been using comfrey as a healing herb TO GOOD EFFECT for thousands of years.  Stinging nettles are another rich source of silica, but commercial herbicides and people’s desire to control our road-side verges have almost put this vauluable healing plant into extinction.

Avoid Chemcials including Food Additives: Of course, it is not enough to simply use Black Walnut tincture, or another iodine product, on a daily basis.  For Black Walnut tincture to be effective on the teeth, you would need to have a nutritious diet, with plenty of protein, green vegetables, and plenty of raw salad material to keep the teeth clean and the saliva alkaline.  The same goes for using Comfrey in the diet, or Nettles, or Prickly Ash rubbed onto the gums and teeth – You need to be following a sound and healthy diet, rich in green vegetables both raw and cooked, with adequate protein, and little or no sugary foods, for the teeth to restore themselves.  You also need to avoid any harmful chemicals such as those food additives which are put into all sorts of packaged food these days.  Even breads contain preservative, which are very bad for the teeth as well as the general physical, mental and emotional states of well-being.

Cleansing With Castor Oil:  Periods of cleansing, where raw foods are eaten for a day, or several days, depending on the advice of your health practitioner, can be helpful in removing toxins from the body.  Ridding the body of toxic chemicals, and avoiding contact with chemicals, can help the general health as well as the health of the teeth.  Jacqui Davison was following the cancer-cure outlined by Dr Max Gerson, who cured many people of cancer during his life-time.  Castor Oil was one of the most important ingredients of his cancer cure.  Dr Gerson’s diet for reversing cancer also healed the tooth enamel on Jacqui’s teeth.  However, it must be remembered that Jacqui followed this diet with its rigorous cleansing procedures, for almost a year before she realized that her teeth had repaired themselves.  Healing of the teeth takes as long as it takes to heal an invasive cancer, and it requires the same amount of vigilant effort.

Castor Oil and Protein Treatment To Stimulate Hair Growth

This is a conditioner which uses castor oil, olive oil,  eggs, herbs, and other riches to help stimulate hair growth, and give lustre to the hair.  It is also a good recipe to use if the hair is damaged. The original recipe comes from the book ‘Herbs for Health and Beauty’ by Margaret Roberts, which is a great little herbal recipe book, published by Lowry Publishers, Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1986.  I give you here a rewrite of the ingredients she uses.

This conditioning treatment could be used regularly once or twice a week if your hair is thinning or is poorly nourished.  Once your hair has regained its health, with the help of good dietary measures as well, then it could be used less often.


6 tbsps castor oil,

6 tbsps lanolin,

4 tbsps olive oil,

8 tbsp glycerine,

4 whole eggs,

4  egg yolks,

4 teaspoons of cider vinegar,

Two and a 1/2 cups warm water,

2 tbsps  shampoo.

Few drops of rosemary, neroli,  or lavender essential oil.

Put the castor oil into the top of a double boiler.  Add the lanolin and the olive oil to the castor oil.  Mix the ingredients together as they warm.  Take off the heat and let the mixture cool for five minutes only.

Then using an egg whisk, slowly whip in the glycerine, the water and the shampoo.  Lastly, add the cider vinegar, the egg yolks, and a few drops of essential oil.  Put into a jar with a screw-top lid and put into the fridge. Margaret warns that the mixture must be labelled ‘Hair Conditioner’ so that it is not mistaken for mayonaisse by any of the family.   The next day, beat up the remaining whole eggs, and add to the conditioner.

You apply the conditioner after washing the hair and leave it on for at least an hour with a shower cap on.  Use sunlight soap or shampoo to wash out.  Use a rosemary infusion, or a comfrey tea, or nettle tea,  as a final hair rinse.  The silica in comfrey, rosemary and nettles gives a great shine to the hair, and also helps to stimulate the growth of healthy hair.

Keep any remainder in the fridge to use next time.   It should last for at least a  week if it is kept in the fridge.

More Tips and Foods To Protect Against Radiation

How To Reduce Radiation Levels in the Body

Following the Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima we all need to be mindful about the effects of radiation on our health.

This post is a follow-up to the one I put up about a week ago, entitled

‘What Foods Can I Eat To Prevent Radiation Poisoning?”‘

The main objective is to keep radiation levels down so that your health will not be impaired too much by the excessive amount of radiation, and other toxins coming from chemical and oil fires in Japan, There are toxins in the air in New Zealand right now which are very detrimental to the health.

I noted that the Indian guru Sai Baba was taken to hospital last week, in India,  with breathing problems. He is 84 years old, which would have a bearing on his illness, but I feel sure that the fumes in the air, compounded with radiation over many parts of India, will have tipped the scales and led to his getting ill. Here in New Zealand, I have experienced breathing difficulties as one of the symptoms arising after the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, exacerbated, I think, by chemical fires and oil fires which burned for days after the accident around the Sendai area of Japan.

Yesterday, the 9th April 2011, Auckland was again polluted with this strange combination of poisons coming from Fukushima and other parts of Japan, I guess, where there have been chemical fires. We have had about a week of the situation improving, and I think this was because of the cold southerly winds which we had coming to New Zealand. These winds come from the opposite direction to Japan in respect to New Zealand. But unfortunately, these poisons are with us again, though, not quite as severe as earlier.

Yesterday, we had a very warm and beautiful day, with the air quite still. This change of weather brought about the same symptoms experienced about 10 days after the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster I can taste a metallic-like poison which is corrosive: This strange poison in the air causes sore eyes, slight nausea with pain in the gut from time to time, nerve pain down the arms and legs, sore neck glands, sore ears, headache and general weakness.

So – it is obviously not time, yet, to relax my counteractive measures to reduce radiation. Here they are:

Avoiding Exposure to the Elements: Now is not the time to be sun-bathing.  Wait a few weeks, at least, for this round of pollution to disperse a bit before letting your skin get the sun.  It is not just the sun which will do you damage at the moment – by exposing skin to the air, you are increasing your radiation absorption.

Clean Water is Essential. Get bottled water from a reliable source. If you have a water tank, disconnect the inlet hose and cover up the water so that radioactive particles and other pollutants do not enter the water. When the tank runs out, depending on where you are, it may be possible to collect more water. But in New Zealand, I would do this only when a southerly wind was on us, and I would not collect the water at all in the first day, as this rain will be quite acid. Already I have seen some plants burned from the effects of the first rains which came here following the Fukushima disaster.

Colour Therapy:  Green Solarized Water will help reduce the bad effects of radiation in your body, and will negate it to a certain extent. This is very simple to do: Just fill a nice green wine bottle with clean water and leave it on your window-sill. Best not to leave it outside at the moment, while these radioactive particles are flying about. Leave the water inside, in the sun, for a day before drinking. You can use several glasses a day for drinking. Radiation is red in colour and vibration, so using its opposite colour, green will help alleviate some of the effects of the excessive red in radiation.

Calcium is a good protector against radiation. Make sure that you get the daily reccommended allowance. This is best taken from sesame seeds, or sunflower seeds, or soy milk or tofu. Sardines with their little bones are a good source of calcium, but make sure that they are processed before the Fukushima March 11 , 2011 nuclear disaster.

One handful of sesame seeds, preferably ground up in your blender, will provide MORE than the recommended daily allowance. Sesame seeds are an excellent source of calcium – richer even than dairy milk.

Magnesium: A little epsom salts every second day or so will help ‘up’ your magnesium levels. Magnesium is important for the nerves, and it helps in the assimilation of calcium. Sesame seeds also have magnesium in them, but if you get a severe dose of radiation, with your health severely affected, then epsom salts will help to alleviate those nerve and bone pains.

Avoid taking dairy milk, cheese, butter and cream for the meantime. Cows grazing over large amounts of grass will pick up the radiation on the grass, and this gets concentrated in the milk. Meat and eggs should be avoided for a while, until we can see for sure that radiation levels have lessened enough to be safe. While the situation is still volatile in Fukushima, and at another nuclear facility, apparently, we are best to avoid dairy foods, especially, as these will have high concentrations of radiation.

Avoid large leafy green vegetables and fruit which has been sitting outside for the past few weeks. Best to use tinned food packed before 11 March 2011. Root vegetables will be safe as long as they have not been dug up near Fukushima.

Buy Grains and Seeds Now: Sprouted Grains and Seeds are the best foods for counteracting radiation and protecting the body’s immunity. Buy a good quantity now, just in case the situation at Fukushima gets worse: Very important to have grains and seeds harvested before these radiation toxins entered the atmosphere.

Grow Sprouts For Vitamin C, Minerals, Enzymes and Chlorophyll: With your unpolluted, clean water, you can grow your mung beans (moong beans), aduki beans (adzuki beans), lentils, wheat, chick peas, and other things. Grow them in jars along your window sills and in other sunny areas inside the house.

Cover Your Body With Clothing: Again, to stress the importance of protecting against radiatioactive particles in the air: Avoid getting your body exposed to these  poisons unnecessarily. Until a week ago, I was avoiding the outdoors, as the poisons were very bad and affected me profoundly. I covered up – head, sunglasses, scarf over the face, coat, socks and shoes. I avoided putting my washing outside during this period. In the past week, I have not needed to take such vigilant measures, although the stuff still affected eyes. I put one lot of washing out to dry on a day when the southerly winds were very strong. But as from yesterday, I am again being very cautious. No more washing outside for now.

Sunglasses are very important: The eyes are very sensitive. Radiation causes blindness in severe exposure, so it stands to reason that smaller amounts may affect your vision. Protecting with sunglasses actually helps prevent the corrosive radiation chemicals from reaching your eyes, and sunglasses also protect against the extra glare caused by radioactive particles in the air.

Tea Drinking is Helpful. Good old ceylon tea – my preference is Dilmah – is a great antioxidant. Tea is high in manganese, magnesium and other beneficial minerals and vitamins which help counteract that radiation and chemical poisoning. Ceylon Tea, or Green Tea, which comes from the same plant, are great anti-oxidants.

Extra Vitamin C: If you have been severely affected by radiation, then a boost of a non-acidic Vitamin C, such as Ester C, or Calcium Ascorbate, will be very helpful. Between 1000mg to 3000mg per day can be taken by an adult, 1000mg at a time. If your condition is very bad, then you may have to see a doctor or other health professional to get intravenous Vitamin C. This can be taken in doses of up to 75grammes, but for this to be necessary would be a near death situation.

If your exposure is minimal and you wish to take precautions, then take 1000mg of non-acidic Vitamin C per day.

Boost Your Iodine  Intake– This is really important. Get your kelp, spirulina supplies now, and your tinned fish if you like fish. Food iodine in the diet is very important, as you will absorb the radioactive iodine coming from Fukushima unless you ensure that you are getting iodine every day.

Liquid Iodine: Dabbing two or three drops of liquid iodine onto the scalp or the soles of the feet will help keep your iodine levels up. You can do this once or twice a week

Alternatively, you can use a home make iodine solution which Dr Maud Frere used in her cancer therapy:

Iodine Solution: Of this, you use only ONE TEASPOO N per day. Mix one drachm of liquid iodine into two ounces of pure clean water. Mix and keep in the fridge. Use one teaspoon a day for adults, quarter of that for children five to twelve years. Do not use for children under five. To treat young children with Iodine, t is best to dab a drop of liquid iodine on a small child’s foot, just once a week.

My friend in Spirit, Bernhard Petersen, says “Hello My Friend. New ways to beat radiation will be given to you. A pressure point on the head will prove to be effective. It is important to buy grains now -RICE is very important. Get your seeds now, also, to ensure that they have not been exposed to radiation. A Blue Light-bulb will help negate the effects of radiation.”

Thankyou Bernhard. The blue light reminds me that if you are avoiding being outside because of the toxins currently in our air, you can improve your Vitamin D levels by sitting under a normal white-yellow light bulb. The body actually processes this light as if it was sunlight. Not quite as good, of course, but it is a good tip to remember in case you have to keep inside for long periods.