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Soya For Weight Loss And Lowering Cholesterol

April 18th, 2015

Natural Remedy For Weight Loss Use Soya Milk To Replace Dairy Milk Dairy milk, wheat flour, and sugar are, I believe, the worst foods imaginable.  They all contribute to bloating of the stomach, often caused by intestinal worms, and general obesity issues. I fully recommend replacing all these problematic foods with other, healthier, options.  You can start with buying soya milk instead of dairy milk.  Make sure you get the GE Free kind of milk, which has been made from UNgenetically modified beans. Japanese people, who traditionally eat a good amount of soy in their daily diets, are seldom fat. Of course, they eat ...

Chicory Root Coffee Health Benefits And Male Contraceptive

February 4th, 2015

Natural Remedy: Chicory is used as a coffee substitute mainly because it is caffeine-free. Because it is relatively inexpensive, with a wonderful robust flavour, Chicory is sometimes blended with Coffee. It is supposed to be effective as a liver cleanser, to help stabilize a rapid heart-beat, to lower  blood cholesterol, and to help reduce fat tissue. I must say that the effects of trying a coffee-chicory blend of coffee for one week, in place of natural, full-strength coffee, have not been altogether pleasing.  I did notice that that the tummy flattened out a bit, which was good. But blood pressure was lowered, which for me ...

Cholesterol-lowering Drugs For Profit

January 23rd, 2011

Cholesterol-lowering Drugs Most Profitable Goal of Drug Companies:  To Convince the Healthy They Need Drugs, so that their profits will soar. If only sick people took medical drugs, then drug companies would not be making the enormous profits that they make today. Side Effects of  Cholesterol-lowering Drugs: Recent research, published only last week,  shows that many people taking cholesterol-lowering drugs are not benefiting their health at all, and are possibly doing more harm than good by exposing themselves to their side effects. The thing is, drug companies have convinced much of the Western world into believing that they are prolonging their lives through the ...

The Benefits of Probiotics

July 7th, 2010

What are Probiotics? No doubt - acidophilus and other probiotic bacteria do help digestion and strengthen the immunity. However, an important note to bear in mind: No amount of probiotic supplements or yoghurt will help you if you have an allergy to milk, or wheat and you are still using these products. This is because the bowels become clogged with mucous if you do not digest these foods, which are often problematic, properly. The mucous lining the bowel will prevent the probiotics from doing their good job, and the mucous will also harbour intestinal parasites, which will further weaken your digestion and your immune ...

Magnesium Benefits

June 1st, 2010

MAGNESIUM Magnesium helps protect against heart disease.  Up to 150 mg in water effects a reduction of heart disease by 13%. This is thought to be because magnesium, which links with calcium, tends to clean out the arteries of any calcium lingering around the artery walls.This would also indicate magnesium to be important in keeping healthy cholesterol levels maintained, as well as preventing high blood pressure, avoiding strokes, and maintaining a regular heart beat. Magnesium can remedy cramps and bone pain. It  helps prevent the development of arthritis.Take ' Milk of magnesia' to help with these problems, or a little epsom salts, or 'Zechstein ...
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