Chicory Root Coffee Health Benefits And Male Contraceptive

Natural Remedy:

Chicory is used as a coffee substitute mainly because it is caffeine-free.

Because it is relatively inexpensive, with a wonderful robust flavour, Chicory is sometimes blended with Coffee.

It is supposed to be effective as a liver cleanser, to help stabilize a rapid heart-beat, to lower  blood cholesterol, and to help reduce fat tissue.

I must say that the effects of trying a coffee-chicory blend of coffee for one week, in place of natural, full-strength coffee, have not been altogether pleasing.  I did notice that that the tummy flattened out a bit, which was good.

But blood pressure was lowered, which for me is not so good, as I have relatively low blood pressure anyway. Blood sugar levels were also lower than usual.  The worst effect was that digestion also became sluggish, which resulted in constipation.  Could possibly have been the effects of withdrawal from my daily dose of caffeine, and it is also possible that gall stones were actually expelled.  But I have decided that one week of this treatment is enough for me, and so I have resumed drinking two to three cups of brewed full-strength coffee again each day.

However, there is a rather unique use for Chicory, according to John Heinerman:

Male Birth Control could be achieved quite naturally by using Chicory Root as a coffee, according to Heinerman’s research.  I do not promise that this works, remember.

He states in his book ‘Miracle Healing Herbs’, published by Prentice Hall, 1998, that Chicory Root was found to render infertile the sperm of mice.

After only one and a half weeks of being fed Chicory Root in one form or another, the mice’s sperm became infertile, and the testicles had reduced in size.

May or may not be a good thing.  One wonders – will the testicles be restored to the normal size again when you stop drinking the Chicory Coffee, and will normal fertility be resumed?  If so, how long will it take?  Anyhow……

Mr Heinerman suggests that the human dose which might act as a human contraceptive is six cups of brewed Chicory Coffee per day.  The Chicory Root, or Endive, is roasted and ground before making the coffee in the usual way.  He prefers the drip method for the best flavour.

Apparently, six cups of strong Chicory Coffee in the one day should work as a natural contraceptive for one whole week.

Obviously, if you are male and you love drinking Chicory Coffee, you might have problems in the conceiving of a baby.  So better avoid that Chicory if you want to have a wee bairn.

Interestingly enough, Louise Tenney lists it in her ‘Today’s Herbal Health’ book as being good for infertility, which contradicts John Heinerman’s idea.  It could be that Chicory helps fertility in women, but not men, OR that in smaller doses it may work to increase fertility.  Louise does not give specific information as to dosage, or whether it suits men, or women, or both.

Heinerman and Tenney say that Chicory can help to dissolve Gall Stones.  Heinerman’s herbal recipe for this is a tea made from simmering half a cup of chopped Chicory root in two pints of water for 20 minutes.  Add either half a cup of chopped Endive.  I would use Dandelion, which is related to Endive, if you don’t have fresh Endive.

Infuse for half an hour or so.  Strain.

Drink two cups at morning tea time, and two more in the evening two hours before bed.

It is recommended that this be repeated for three days running.

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