Ginger For Arthritic Pain

Benefits of Ginger

Ginger Helps Arthritis: Research has shown that ginger is effective in treating arthritic pain. Just half a teaspoon of powdered ginger taken each day can ease the pain of arthritis. Alternatively, 35g, or about 6 teaspoons, of freshly grated ginger roots can be taken each day to help pain relief.

Ginger increases circulation, which is probably why it has such a beneficial effect in treating arthritis:

More blood circulates to the arthritic joints, and inflammatory poisons are carried away more efficiently when ginger is added to the diet.

How To Take Your Ginger To Help Arthritic Pain:

Take your powdered ginger in ginger tea.

Add ginger to your cooking. Curries and stews and cakes and cookies can be laced with ginger to good effect. Go easy on the ginger cookies, though, as too much sugar is bad for arthritis.

Mix your half teaspoon of powdered ginger with a teaspoon of honey and take as a medicine daily.

Use Olive Oil or Grape Seed Oil:   Use more natural  good quality  oils in the diet. Putting raw olive oil  on at least one meal a day will help to lubricate oil joints and will benefit your brain and nervous system.   Massage your tender joints with olive oil each night to help circulation. Massage with olive oil also has a healing effect on the inner tissues of the area being massaged.

Ginger Footbath: Use a daily ginger footbath to help increase circulation and alleviate arthritic pain. See the post on Ginger footbath, and Footbaths.

Turmeric is related to ginger. It is a traditional herb which is used in Ayurvedic treatment of arthritis. It has an antioxidant effect and can help reduce inflammation and reduce pain in arthritis. Curcumins, the active ingredient in turmeric, is added to some arthritis supplements.

White Willow Bark and Devil’s Claw can also  be helpful in treating arthritic pain.

Prevent osteoarthritis: Use ginger daily. Eat more oily fish in your diet and take extra cod liver oil, or halibut liver oil. The omega-3 fatty acids in fish are essential for preventing arthritis. Omega-3 in fatty fish can help to reverse damage to the cartilage which leads to osteoarthritis.

Diet For Preventing Or Treating Arthritis:

Keep the diet alkaline. Eating alkaline foods will reduce pain and help to remove inflammatory toxins from around those sore achy joints.   That means eating plenty of alkaline green vegetables such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, lettuce and especially mung bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts.  These last two items are especially alkaline.  Start sprouting your own mung bean and alfalfa seeds so that you have a fresh supply to use every day.

Supplements Which May Benefit Arthritis: Niacinamide, glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate supplements can be helpful in treating arthritis. See your doctor or health professional for advice, especially if you are taking medication for any condition.

Electromagnetic Fields Affect Health

How Electromagnetic Fields Affect You

Today, I am going to write about electromagnetic fields in the city of Auckland which are currently affecting  my health.

Dear Reader: It is interesting to me to note that this is my 100th post. I began writing about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on health when my sons first began this site for me. And here I am, ‘celebrating’ the 100th birthday of the site with a post on electromagnetic fields again. Very appropriate.  Still relevant.  Note:  It is not I who is 100. Just this post.  Regards, Merrilyn.

This is a good time to put up another article on elctromagnetic vibration and radiation. Why?……. Because after spending  six months  at Red Beach, Orewa, where I had remarkable good health, I have recently returned to the city, for the winter, where I now have poor health. Electromagnetic fields and radiation, I believe, are the cause of this sudden decline in health.

One admission – having a television going much of the night for about a month whilst the Fifa World Cup was being played contributed to the magnetic build-up. My room is quite small – too small, even for a small TV, really, as you cannot get enough distance from the television not to be affected by the thing when it is going. Television aerials affect you when they are above you on the roof, whether or not your television is going. Even the smaller, built-in aerial  on a small TV will affect you, whether or not the television is actually going.

The other thing which I realized was affecting my electromagnetic field profoundly was a very large piano keyboard speaker which I had recently brought into my room.  This has very large magnets in it, and draws energy from you if you spend long periods beside it at the keyboard. It is a good idea, if you own amplifiers, electronic keyboards, and such-like, to keep them in another room away from your bed.  Even when they are not going, they interfere with your own electromagnetic field if they are within about two meters from where you are sleeping.  These things are easy to manipulate so that your energy field does not become contaminated:  just remove them to another place, at least three meters from where you are working or sleeping.

But now to talk about the environment. This is not so easy to fix, if you are sensitive to electromagnetic energy. Prevention is better than cure, as they say:  It is important to select your residence very carefully, to ensure that you are not going to be undermining your health through electromagnetic interference.

There is a big difference between these two places – the beach, and the city. The most remarkable thing about Red Beach on the peninsula, is that there is virtually no effect from electromagnetic vibrations.  There are absolutely NO high rise buildings there. People still own their own house on their own plot of land where they grow things like lemon trees, and silver beet, and onions, carrots, and apples. If you travel a kilometer down the road to Orewa Beach, you will find just one apartment building about eight stories high. But in Red Beach, so far, high rise buildings have not’ come to pass’, as the local council, shortly to be swallowed up, alas,  by that big fearsome China of councils, Auckland City, has not allowed them.

SoA relatively small population – No high rises – No industry – No pollution Minimal cell phone towers and cell phone usage The sea is so close – only half a kilometer or so away at any point – This is paradise. A Health Haven.

There are, of course, huge health benefits in living close to the sea. Ozone, and the smell of sea salt permeate your whole being. But the lack of electromagnetic fields in Red Beach certainly make it a great place to live, especially if you are sensitive to radiation.

Now I am experiencing the contrast. I have come back to my favorite hotel in the  city for a period,  mainly to get some solid internet writing done. We didn’t have internet at the house where I was staying at the beach. There are not too many distractions right now, as the piano playing work has pretty much dried up, with the recession still affecting many businesses, so it is a good time to be writing.  The other reason is that the rooms here are centrally heated day and night at no extra cost. Great for the winter.

However. After two months of being back here in these beautiful park-like surroundings, my health is suffering. There is no doubt now as to the cause. It is most definitely a range of electromagnetic fields which are affecting my health and my emotional state so badly.

Within a couple of weeks of being back here in the city, I noticed my bones began to soften. The cartilage around the joints  seemed weak. The joints had twinges of arthritic-like pain in them. These symptoms were the first warnings that something was amiss. I had been so healthy and strong up at the beach.

My diet had not changed too  much, although, I must say, I was eating more of a variety of vegetables when I was sharing my friend’s house at the Beach. I bought some vitamin and mineral supplements which have helped a little.

But meanwhile, the pressure in my eyes is building up. My eyes are often bloodshot, and I have been experiencing sudden darting pain in the eyes which I never had during my six months at the beach.

I am experiencing feelings of vertigo. Dizziness. A feeling of distension to the tissues in my limbs. My veins all seem slightly swollen. A feeling of  slight nausea is with me most of the day.

I have a swollen throat, and a feeling in the sinuses that they, too, are swollen and are about to bleed. The tissues about the eyes have  also been swollen, even before the crying bout began. Vision is slightly blurred.  My nose is running.

My scalp is sore, as if it is burning. Little darting pains are experienced from time to time on the scalp.  My skin is deteriorating. I can sense vibrations about my body which are affecting my nervous system.

I have been using cell phone more often here,  since there is no land line to use. I always use my right ear to listen to calls. A very sore patch which bleeds has developed just inside the ear, about where the center of the cell phone sits when you hold the phone up to the ear. This sore patch is extremely painful whenever I use the phone on that ear now. So I have made a rule – no talking on the cell phone. I do not usually carry the phone about with me, and keep it well away from me at night, but still – even with minimal use, this cell phone is having a marked effect on my health.

There are two cell phone towers on the nearby hill of Mount Eden. These are possibly the main root of the electromagnetic troubles I am experiencing. Because there are quite a few people living here, this means that cell phone usage is quite intense. If you are sitting at a computer, chances are that the  people next to you will have cell phones with them, so that you are being zapped by cell phone radiation, even if you have not got a cell phone on you.

The other major source of radiation is our computer room, as this backs onto a very large electricity transformer which feeds the whole establishment. The electricity from this transformer alone would be enough to disturb your own electromagnetic fields, if you are spending several hours a day working near this electricity source. To compound the damage, when you sit at a computer, with your back to the transformer area, you are subjected to more radiation from the numerous thick electricity leads at your feet. Many of these are wound about each other, too, which intensifies the electricity which they are conducting.

Well, now I am certain of the cause: I have been feeling increasingly sad and depressed, especially in the last two weeks, but in the  past two days, I have been unable to stop the tears. Of course, all the sad things in your life get played on that little TV in your head when you get depressed. You begin to wonder if you might simply be suffering the classical depression which apparently more than half of the population in New Zealand and America is now experiencing at some time in their lives.

But wait – There IS an explanation.

As I took off a thick woolen jersey yesterday, having just gone for a walk, the jersey crackled and sparked,  and latched itself onto my body. I guessed the ‘wool’ jersey must have some synthetic fiber in it, to behave like that. Sure enough – made in China 50% wool 50% synthetic, the label says. I took out some other items of clothing which I knew would have some synthetic in them. Same thing happened, even though I had not worn these items recently. They all clasped themselves onto my body, where they would have stayed had I not pulled them away.

I noticed a few days ago when I got into a friend’s car, that I got an electric shock from touching the car. This made me wonder about the build-up of electromagnetic radiation in my body.

Even though I had already taken a shower in the morning, I decided to restore my own elctromagnetic field to its normal state  by taking an excessively long shower of 10-20 minutes.  Note- Normally, I am conservative with water usage, but this really was an emergency, as I felt I would pass out from the pressure of the exces electricity in my body. Since the first shower in the morning, I had spent several hours over in the computer room, which had built up the electricity in my body to an unusually high and dangerous level. Sure enough – The hydrotherapy treatment was effective in reducing the build up of electromagnetic energy, although the radiation damage to cells and nerves will take a few days to repair.

There is a time limit on my stay here. After a few weeks, or months, I experience these same symptoms whenever I come back here to live. Although I have warmth and all the home comforts and can write on line to my heart’s content, I might have to move out of this range of electromagnetic fields fairly soon, or at least reduce the time spent near the electricity transformer  in the computer room, if I want to keep my health, my sanity, and continue to lead a productive life.  I think I am headed back to the beach.

See merrilyn’s post entitled  ‘Ridding the Body of Electromagnetic Energies’.

Importance of Copper

COPPER is important in the daily diet. The importance of Copper cannot be underestimated, as copper has many functions. Some of the functions of copper are discussed below, to give some idea about the effect of copper on the body and the brain.

Copper is essential for the absorption of iron in the body. Copper also  helps to form strong red blood cells which prevent you from becoming anaemic.
Healthy blood cells prevent fatigue.
Copper helps in the formation of bone and muscle tissue.
It helps build strong cartilage which aids the smooth functioning of the joints.

Copper helps to prevent osteoarthritis.
It helps to prevent osteoporosis, because it is instrumental in building good cartilage around the vertebrae along the spine.

Copper plays an important part in keeping the connective tissue healthy in the arteries, capilliaries and veins, hence it helps keep the heart healthy and also helps to prevent varicose veins.
Copper, along with Vitamin C,  is needed to combine collagen and elastin which form the connective tissue: these tissues are also used to form the brain, so keeping your copper levels maintained helps keep the brain healthy. It is important, therefore, for expectant mothers to ensure that they have plenty of carrots in the diet, or some other food which is plentiful in copper.

Copper helps to regulate brain impulses. Good brain impulses are important for your memory function, and  for the discernment and judgement faculties of the brain.
It helps to keep the hair healthy and assists in maintaining your natural hair color.
It helps keep skin healthy and unblemished, as it aids in the pigmentation of the skin.
It helps keep the nervous system healthy and strong.

During pregnancy it is usual for Copper levels to increase within the body so that the new born child will have a plentiful supply through the mother’s milk.

In some women, the body continues to behave as if it is still nurturing an unborn child, and this can lead to excess copper levels, which can cause post-natal depression. Hormones in food and toxins in the environment can cause this deception.  Plenty of non-acidic Vitamin C – say 1000 mg morning and night for a few days, then cutting back to one 1000 mg dose in the evening, should help the problem. Extra zinc and magnesium are needed also, to counteract post-natal depression.

Taking the contraceptive pill can cause the body to mimick a pregnancy:
Escess copper: The birth control pill can cause a build up of Copper in women in amounts which are far in  excess of normal.  Symptoms can be erratic behaviour which mimic mental conditions such as schizophrenia and depression.
Extra Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium are needed to counteract an excess of Copper in the body.

If you take the contraceptive pill, then you need to take supplements of  Vitamin C, and zinc and magnesium..
If you are pregnant, than Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables, and those which contain Zinc and Magnesium should be included as part of the daily diet. Onions and garlic and Vitamin C foods help to balance out excesses of minerals and help to negate the effect of, and eliminate, toxins from the blood.

A good free-range diet is best for expectant mothers. Taking vitamin and mineral supplements can be helpful, but you should try to get your nourishment from eating good food.

Pre menstrual women can become deficient in copper. This can cause sleeping problems, with insomnia, or broken sleep
Deficiency of copper can result in fatigue: since copper is needed to assimilate iron, then anaemia can result if copper levels are low, and this contributes to mental and body fatigue. It is recommended that two milligrams of copper be taken each day to help prevent these problems during the menopausal  and post-menopausal times of life.
If you are taking extra zinc supplements, then you probably need to take extra copper daily as well, as
zinc tends to rob the body of some copper. One milligram of copper to 10 milligrams of zinc is recommended.

Smokers and alcohol users may need to improve their copper intake: copper helps to repair the damage done by smoking. Smoking causes the endothelial cells which line the inside of the blood vessels to become damaged. When these become damaged, which happens because of smoking or having  high blood cholesterol,  these damaged areas can build up cholesterol plaque and form blood clots.  Copper helps to heal this damage, along with Vitamins B6, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Folic acid.
If you are a beer drinker, then your copper intake should be adequate, as one pint of beer apparently  contains about 600 mcg.

As discussed above, regarding post-natal depression, too much copper in the body can be just as harmful to the health as insufficient copper.  Sometimes abnormally high levels of copper in the blood can result  by drinking water which has come from copper pipes, or by drinking bore water which is unusually high in copper. This  can happen if you live near a copper mine.
Too much copper can cause arthritis,  high blood pressure,  heart attack and stroke.

Excess copper in the body  gives poor mental and emotional health:

Insomnia and anxiety can be symptoms of insufficient copper, and also of
excess copper in the body.
The contraceptive pill interferes with copper levels, and other mineral absorption.
People with an inherited condition called Wilson’s disease absorb too much copper into the liver.
Too much copper can also make children hyper-active and limit their attention span.
Supplementing the diet with foods rich in Vitamin C,  Zinc and Magnesium helps to balance out copper excesses.

COPPER – RDA 2-3 milligramms daily, or 2000-3000 mcg

Foods with Copper:

Lobster, crayfish, shrimps and oysters are naturally high in copper.

Avocado, and milk,  are extremely rich in copper.
Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, nuts, mushrooms, the pulses:

beans and peas, the outer bran part of grains, egg yolk and red meats are  all good sources  of copper. Carrots are very high in copper.

Cocoa is also a good source or copper.

One cup of whole milk contains 500 mcg of copper
One cup of non-fat milk contains less copper than whole milk, with  only 100 mcg
One egg contains 150 mcg
One tablespoonful of butter contains 70 mcg
25 grammes of cheese contains 200 mcg
One cup of apple juice contains 500 mcg of copper
One avocado contains 800 mcg
One pear contains 300 mcg
An apple or a banana or a peach will give you 200 mcg – 600 mcg if you eat one of each
One cup of pure orange juice gives about 200 mcg
Half a cup of cooked prunes gives 200 mcg
About two cups of watermelon or rockmelon will give you about 200 mcg
One slice of wholemeal bread contains about 50 mcg
Half a cup of cooked brown rice gives about 200 mcg
Half a cup of peanuts gives about 220 mcg
Half a cup of cooked yams contain 600 mcg
One large mushroom has 125 mcg
One potato, cooked and eaten with its skin gives 150 mcg
1 kumara, also with the skin on, gives 200 mcg
100 gms of cooked liver gives 3000 mcg of copper
One tablespoon of wheatgerm has 180 mcg
One tablespoon of Brewer’s Yeast has 300 mcg
One tablespoon of Molasses has 300 mcg

What Happens When Your Vitamin D Levels are Low

from Canon 266(1)Dramatic Photo By Lachlan

So – What happens when your vitamin D levels are low?

Vitamin D Deficiency can result in diarrhoea, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and muscle twitches.

If Vitamin D levels are low over a long period of time, then you could risk becoming alcoholic, or drug-dependent, or suffer hypothyroidism or seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Your Vitamin D can come from the sun’s rays, or from the food you eat. Supplements may be necessary in some cases.

Too Much Vitamin D Is Harmful. Be aware that too much Vitamin D can result in the same problems as those related to Vitamin D deficiency. You won’t get too much Vitamin D from the sun, as the body will only process what is needed from the sun.  But be cautious if you are taking supplements,  and follow the recommended dosage.  Vitamin D is stored in the body.  Too much can result in liver and kidney damage.

Vitamin D is necessary for healthy thyroid functioning. When the thyroid is iodine-deficient, or Vitamin D deficient, then mood swings can result.  So to keep balanced mentally and emotionally, we need a helping of Vitamin D.

Excessive weight gain and heart problems could result if  your Vitamin D levels are low.   The sun’s rays help us to break down cholesterol.  Avoiding the sun completely can result in a build up of cholesterol which can cause us to  put on weight.

You might avoid skin cancer if you avoid the sun:  People with low Vitamin D levels have a lower risk of skin cancer than do people who get plenty of sun. However, there is a catch-22 with this.

Low Vitamin D Is Related To Internal Cancers: Research shows that sun lovers with a higher Vitamin D get fewer internal cancers  than the people with the low Vitamin D count who avoid the sun. You are more likely to develop breast cancer, or another internal cancer, if your Vitamin D levels are low.

Can coffee deplete Vitamin D levels?

This is a commonly asked question. The answer is yes.  Too much coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, and many medications can lead to Vitamin D being leached from the body.

Bones and teeth and Vitamin D Deficiency.  On-going deficiency of Vitamin D and other nutrients can cause rickets in children, and osteoporosis in adults. Weak, chalky and sensitive teeth might be what happens if  your Vitamin D levels remain low over a period of time. Vitamin D helps us to assimilate calcium: even if your dietary intake of calcium is adequate, the calcium will not be absorbed in the body if your Vitamin D levels are low.

Arthritis and Osteoporosis Can Occur With Low Vitamin D Levels: If  Vitamin D levels remain low over a long period of time, the body will start to leach the calcium it needs from the bones.  The outcome of this depletion is arthritis and osteoporosis, and chalky teeth too.

Vitamin D is also essential  for healthy hair growth.

Other Necessary Minerals: For healthy hair, bones, teeth and nails, heart and brain function, we need a balanced diet which includes the trace elements of

Iodine, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese  and Selenium.

Be careful of the sun in the North Island of New Zealand.  It has become dangerously hot here since around 2011, the time of the dreadful Japanes tsunami and nuclear disaster, and many of us cannot go out into the sun for more than a few minutes at a time now.

I believe that radioactive particles from the Japanes nuclear disaster are now all over the world, high up in the atmosphere. Wherever the ozone layer is sorely depleted, more of this radiation is brought down to earth with the sun’s rays, which poses a risk of a form of radiation sickness.  Sensitive people will be prone to it. This could be a good reason to move to cloudy Dunedin, I feel.  Spending even 15 minutes in the North Island summer sun these days can result in headaches, sun-stroke or radiation sickness for me. Symptoms can last for several days.  I am very sensitive to radiation, so I expect that my reaction will not be a general one, although quite a few of my friends are now complaining of the same symptoms after several minutes of summer sun exposure.

The ozone-layer, which is sorely depleted in parts of New Zealand, means that we burn very quickly. If you live in North Island NZ, then before 9 am or after 5 pm is the safest time to take a short sun-bath for the purpose of absorbing Vitamin D.

Do not wear sun-block when you are taking Vitamin D into the body for health purposes. Sun-block will block the Vitamin D from being absorbed into the skin. Remember that if your skin is slightly oily, then you will absorb more of the vital sun energy – Vitamin D. So it is best to take your sun-bath several hours after showering, to give your skin a chance to restore some of the natural oils to the surface.

Applying a little olive oil, or avocado or grape seed oil, can be useful in restoring oily moisture to the skin before you take a sun-bath. Also remember not to wash directly after the sun-bath: the oil on the skin is still processing the Vitamin D from the sun for several hours after the sun-bath. Leaving your shower or swim for a bit will help the skin to absorb the valuable vitamins being processed.

The foods which contain high amounts of easily assimilated Vitamin D are fatty fish, fish oils, eggs, liver, and butter. Sardines, tuna, mackerel, and especially salmon, are all good sources.

Vitamin D is stored in fatty tissues, which means that it is stored in the body. Care is needed, therefore, not to overdose on Vitamin D through supplement additions to the diet.

The recommended dose varies depending on whether you get enough sun, how good your diet is, and what conditions you are treating, but a safe dose seems to be about 400IU daily for most people.

Some sources give between 400IU and 800IU per day, but it is better to be on the safe side. A large dose of Vitamin D over a period of about six months or less will cause many of the symptoms which you experience when your Vitamin D levels are low. Do not over-do Vitamin D.

Cell Phones in Cars and Buses

I have just returned to Auckland from Wellington on the day bus which left yesterday at 9 am. I always enjoy this trip with a good driver at the helm. The scenery is refreshing, and you can relax and enjoy it all the more because you are not the driver. The social aspect of travelling with people from other towns and countries is enjoyable. Of course, the refreshing, social and relaxing aspects of travelling by bus all go to pot if you have a driver whom you do not trust or who is on edge. I was lucky that the same good natured driver who drove me down ten days ago was on the run to take me back. It was a great trip.

However, I want to draw attention to the one environmental factor which is often a concern to me whenever I am jammed in with people in a crowd for an extended period, such as traveling long distance on a bus. That concern is cell phone radiation. I found on this trip, as is often the case, that I had to move seats, away from the person behind me who was using her phone constantly. It was difficult to find a suitable place to sit, i.e, one where there wasn’t a cell phone sitting in the pocket behind the seat you were about to sit in, or to avoid a cell phone in use. Cell phone usage seems to be the main preoccupation of the younger traveler these days.

When a phone is in use, the radiation I can sense is much more than when the phone is idle. However, an idle phone, if it is kept in the pocket behind your seat in the bus, has a perceptible deleterious effect on the nervous system. The most easily recognizeable, and the first, symptom is extreme headache. If you continue to sit there, then other disturbing reactions develop such as an inablity to think clearly, shaky movements, and arthritic-like pain in the arms and legs: Circulation is impaired through cell phone radiation, beyond what you would expect from sitting for an hour or so at a time, which is the reason your legs become swollen.

It is definately a good thing that drivers in New Zealand and other parts of the world are now forbidden by law to use cell phones while driving. This is a common sense law which has been a long time coming. Using a cell phone while driving is obviously going to increase your chances of ‘accident’, since all your attention cannot possibly be on the road and the conditions about you if you are holding a phone. But there is yet another thing to consider which probably won’t be addressed in the near future by common law, since most people do not recognize its danger to health and brain function, and that is that a cell phone within a metre or so of your brain will affect your brain impulses even if you are not using it. Simply having a cell phone in the car will undermine your nervous system which will fractionally alter your speed of reflex action and your decision making.

The brain and nervous system work on electrical impulses from the body’s own electrical system. The healthy functioning of the nervous system, to which the brain is a central part, is disturbed by interference from other electrical impulses, such as those from cell phones or overhead high tension wires, cell phone towers, etc.

Here is an example of just how the radiation energy from a cell phone can interfere with the electical workings of another electrical device.

First of all – an admission – I have been using a cell phone for the past six months (again),one which my daughter has lent me in order to get work. I avoid keeping it with me during the day, and remove it from the room at night, which has minimized exposure to its radiation. However, I will have to relinquish this phone in the near future, as it is evident that even minimal use after a six month stretch is affecting my health. I need to get a flat which has a land line.

Anyway – back to the example of how a cell phone’s energy can affect another device which is also electrically driven.

I had my portable CD player on its shelf playing a CD. I think it was Brooke Benton singing ……On the shelf above it, about 18 inches away, I had the cell phone recharger cord strung across leading to the cell phone nearby which was being recharged. I happened to be in the room when two texts came through, within about a minute of each other. As I stood at the door, the CD player seemed to forget what its purpose was, to play the CD coherently. It began stammering and cutting out, although there is no scratch on this CD which would cause it to falter. Simultaneously, the cell phone gave its signal that a text had come through. The CD player resumed its business of playing the CD. A minute later, another text came through from the same person. The same thing happened – the CD player seemed confused and did not resume its normal function until the text had come through and the light disappeared off the phone. It is possible that having two devices drawing electricity from the same source meant that one device, the CD player, had to make way for the extra energy demanded by the incoming text.

The change in radiation levels, from an inactive phone to one which is being used for texting, can be easily discerned if you are sitting still, on a bus, for instance. The radiation which sudden;ly becomes intensified by a nearby phone being in use causes a kind of painful piercing over the skull which affects the intuitive/psychic centre as well as the whole nervous system. Pain in the ears is experienced by myself after several minutes of someone using a cell phone nearby. The radiation causes a build up of fluid within the ear, even without the offending phone being near one’s own ear.

Sensitive people really must be careful with cell phones. If the electrical impulse from an incoming text will interfere with the playing of a CD, then the brain which is also a sensitive mechanism which works on electrical impulses, will also be affected by cell phones used by other people or by oneself.

The safest place for a cell phone to be, whilst travelling in a car, is in the boot.