Did Vaccinations Cause Multiple Allergies In Young Child On Campbell Live?

May 17th, 2012

Natural Health

Child Has Allergy to Water.  Allergy To Synthetics.  Allergy to Dust Mites. Multiple Food Allergies

The TV3 Campbell Live  show last night, 16th May, 2012, featured the story of a young child who is allergic to many things.  Even water is a problem for him.

His Mum told the story about how this  poor wee thing had had a severe skin rash from a very early age.  The condition was so chronic that the child’s skin was weeping.  Photos of the child as a baby showed his face totally covered in a red and angry rash.  His Mum now realizes that the cause of the chronic skin condition is due to multiple food allergies, and allergy to dust mites, as well as water, synthetics, and other substances, and has adjusted his diet and his activities accordingly.

He survives on an extremely restricted diet which excludes wheat, milk, rice, corn, dairy foods, peanuts, nuts, and numerous other things.  His clothes are put into the freezer for a while to kill any dust mites which might be on them.  Care is taken not to expose him to other people who may be eating, or who might have just eaten, any of the foods which he is allergic to.

His social life has been impaired to a degree, but his caring Mum does everything she can to give him a normal childhood experience and social life within the boundaries stipulated by the allergic condition.

It was great to see the topic of food allergies in young children coming up on Campbell’s show. But the important question was not asked on Campbell’s show as to what might have caused these severe food allergies in the first place. Healthy children should not be suffering allergies to this extent, if at all.  Allergies in children have to be a symptom of the Western, modern, way of rearing a child,  the chemicals in our food, vaccinations and other drugs, and the high-wired electro-magnetic environment many of us are exposed to.

So – we should be asking ourselves what is the reason for a child to have such severe allergies to so many things?

On John Campbell’s show last night, these allergies were portrayed, very conveniently for all drug companies and the doctors and specialists in the field of medication, as something mysterious and random which ‘strikes’ young children.  One would assume  from the programme that this child will need continuing and probably expensive medical help for some time.

Not once did the subject of vaccinations, or immunization, or antibiotics, come up with regard to the allergies which this child suffered.   HAD THIS CHILD BEEN VACCINATED IN HIS FIRST YEAR OF LIFE?  If so, this could be the very cause of all those allergies.  This is a VERY important question which was left out of the programme.  This, to me, is the most likely cause.  However, there are other factors which might have contributed to this child’s condition and these could have been discussed on the show, to make the show a real learning experience for the viewers.

The important  things  which I would consider if my child was so sensitive to so many things would be:

1)  The subject of vaccinations.  Did the child receive any vaccinations in the first year of his life?  Childhood vaccinations are problematic, and there is plenty of evidence to show this. And what vaccinations had the mother had in her life-time – Whether or not the mother has had vaccinations has a huge bearing on the immunity of a child.  A mother who has NOT had vaccinations and whose mother used homeopathy, vitamins, etc, instead, will have a stronger immune system and produce a stronger baby than a mother who has been vaccinated, even if it was years ago.  And what medications, if any, did the mother have whilst she was carrying this baby?  And what medications or pain relievers were given at the birth?

2)  The alternative therapies which are available for allergies.   Homeopathic remedies, Chinese medicine, and Ayurvedic medicine are all options which should be being discussed as alternatives to vaccinations, as well as being considered for treating conditions such as allergies, which have most probably been brought on by ‘medical intervention’ in the first place.

There is a wide range of Homeopathic remedies for children, many of which I used myself, for my own children, as well as for my own health.  I decided that my children were not going to have any more vaccinations, after my first-born child had a severe reaction to the first two vaccination shots, one at three months, one at six months.  He suffered a skin rash, a bloated stomach, pain in the stomach, and cried a lot after both these injections.  After that, I decided to explore Homeopathic medicine, which does not have the dangerous side effects of modern drugs,  as an alternative to vaccinations for my children.  These  homeopathic remedies worked very well to treat all the normal childhood infectious diseases  such as mumps and measles, and many other complaints such as croup and  whooping cough.  I discovered that Homeopathic Ledum worked as a tetanus substitute, so none of my children even had as much as a tetanus shot.

Mainstream medicine is given every consideration and respect on our television channels, and in the printed media, whilst  the safer alternatives to allopathic medicine, such as Homeopathy,  are deliberately left in the backwaters.  Because the drug companies have the monopoly on the ‘health’ industry and its medications, vaccinations and immunizations, and they want to keep it that way.  There is big money to be made in pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals, and these drug companies today do as much as the cigarette companies did in times gone by, to dupe the public about the safety of their medications and vaccinations.

Whereas, in fact, there are many Homeopathic remedies which have no risky side effects as do vaccinations, and which could be used instead of these harmful chemical or antibiotic  medicines.

3)  The added chlorine and other chemicals in our tap water.  Chlorine added to our water supply is a major health hazard, in my estimation. Many people have an allergy to chlorine, which can cause eczema and other skin irritations, plus digestive problems. It is thought to be a contributing factor to conditions such as arthritis, alzheimer’s, and cancer as well.

4)  The possibility of electro-magnetic influences having a bearing on this child’s health.  The proximity of cell-phone towers, electricity transformers, the house meter-box being too close to the child’s bedroom, electrical appliances such as fridges, TV’s or stoves being close to where the child is sleeping.  Any of these things can under-mine a person’s immunity and cause malfunctions in the body and brain.  Excema and psoriasis can be the result of being exposed too long and too often to electromagnetic forces.

5)  During her pregnancy, had the mother been exposed to chemicals such as cockroach-killers, or flea-bombs in the home environment, or were agricultural chemicals such as herbicide or pesticide  used in the wider  environment?

I think that  John Campbell should have put these questions forward to the mother of the wee infant with multiple allergies.  It may be that these things I mention have no bearing on her son’s sickness at all.  But I would think that it is 97% likely that vaccinations, or drugs or chemicals of some other kind,  or electro-magnetic tensions  have had a big part to play in making this child so sensitive and so sick.



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