Toxic Dentures


Toxins in Dental Plastic Plates

The Cost of Dental Treatment:  Are Dentures a Good Option?

My, oh my, how I wish I had listened to Walter Last when I began following his dietary and detoxification measures:  This was when  I was very young, in my mid 20’s, and I had only just found Walter and his diet.  At that stage, I was simply following his advice in the hope that the diet would help me to recover from 245T poisoning which had resulted in a breakdown of health, especially after my daughter, who was exposed to the chemical in the womb, had died.

I had not read anything at all, at this stage, about  the possible  remarkable effects of the diet which Walter Last proposed,  on teeth.

I told Walter that I was thinking of having all my teeth removed, because we could not afford treatment.

What I know now was that an inadequate diet, with no dental care, and chemical poisoning to boot,  had caused my teeth to suffer badly.  Excessive alcohol abuse in my teens had also not helped the condition of my teeth.

Walter said I should just continue with the diet, and use herbs such as prickly ash on the teeth in the meantime.  He assured me that things would get better.

But I did not listen:  I had all my teeth extracted within several months of having my third child, just after beginning Walter’s treatment,  mainly to save expense.

I have paid dearly for this mad move.  Since this time, I have read a lot more and have learned about the successes of people like Jaqui Davison, who grew new teeth as she strived to beat cancer through diet and detoxification.  I have used a similar programme to Dr Gerson’s and Walter Last’s to cure myself of a breast lump, and someone else of serious gum disease, which would have otherwise cost her the price of her house to fix, had she followed her dental specialist’s advice, which was to subject herself to a removal and scraping operation on each tooth.

New Dentures Have Only Lasted a Year

Dentures, for me, have a limited life. There has been no obvious external need to have a new denture at all these past few years:  there has been no problem with the way they fit, the way they look, or the way they work in chewing food.  The problem for me is the poisons in the plastic.  Toxins in the plastic begin to be released as the plastic becomes older, and this causes major health problems, simply because the physical body is being ‘fed’ a constant supply of denture toxins.  Consequently,  I have needed new dentures every three years or so.

Taking antioxidants such as Vitamin C, or ginger, cinnamon, or garlic, are not so good to take when you have plastic in your mouth, because these items, which all work to help remove poisons from the body, also have an effect on the plastic fabric of the denture.  They cause poisons in the plastic to be released more readily, so you end up with toxic poisoning from the plastic if you use these products often.

Herbicides, Pesticides, Parabens, Affect Denture Plastic:

Coming into contact with herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals such as those parabens and propyl  “things” in cosmetics,  cause the teeth to behave in an extremely toxic way, as these chemicals get absorbed into the plastic, where they intensify the already toxic nature of the denture plastic.

Apple Moth Eradication Programme in Auckland:  When MAF were spraying Aucklanders with their ‘apple moth’ spray around the years 2001-2005, I was more ill than most people, because this spray accumulated in the plastic of the dentures, and I simply could not get rid of it.  This affected my whole health, including memory and even the ability to speak.

Just how and why the Labour Government could justify using this spray all over the city for such an extended period beats me.  I am still curious as to their motives for using this spray which had an extremely deleterious effect on the health of so many people:  I am sure there had to be some manipulation of facts by chemical and drug companies, and monetary gain to be had by these companies.   The spraying programme did not eradicate the apple moth anyway.  It had the effect of getting large amounts of the population going to the doctor for all sorts of mysterious illnesses.  Around this time, I had to throw away the current dentures which were only two or three years old, because they became toxic due to toxicity resulting from the apple moth spraying programme.  This is just one cost which was not reimbursed by MAF and their doctors:  The other was that I had to suddenly quit living in the city, give away my piano teaching business and all household appliances like fridge, washing machine, etc, and escape to the countryside.

About six or seven years ago, I found a new dental technician whom I thought had the answer for me. I paid $2,500 and a bit more at the time to get a fantastic new set of dentures which looked really good and were almost as good as my original teeth in their chewing function.  An expensive type of clear nylon fabric was used, with porcelain teeth, to minimize the amount of plastic in the mouth.

However, these teeth only lasted about three years before the health issues began again.  By the time two more years had passed, there was no doubt at all that the dentures were undermining my health dramatically:  Suddenly, one day, I could not stand them in the mouth any longer, as they were causing erosion of the mouth and lip tissues.  My digestion was affected equally badly – it felt as if the same bleeding was occurring throughout the body.  I took the teeth out, and recovered within a few days.  I could not wear those teeth again, as every time I used them, the same symptoms would occur.

Health Problems From Dentures

Poisoning Symptoms which I experience from these dental plate toxins are:

Breathing difficulty, breathlessness when walking quickly, amnesia, loss of memory similar to alzheimer’s, pains in the joints which develop into a weakness and paralysis if I continue to wear the denture, ear ache, sinusitis, eczema, and poor vision.

Now – I have just turned 61.  People, and doctors too, will say “You can expect these things to happen when you get older’.  But – I have been experiencing the same symptoms because of denture plastic all my life.  Every time, when the dentures are done away with, my health gets better.  New dentures then, except for one lot which were made of especially toxic plastic, work well for several years before they begin to break down and cause problems with health again.

New Dentures This Time Have Only Lasted One Year:

A year ago, the same old thing happened with the previous denture:  suddenly, there was no doubt at all about the bad effect of the denture on my health.  So I got a new set made at the cost of $3,000.

Unfortunately, I think the life of this plate was reduced dramatically because the dentist mucked up the first moulding of the teeth.  I had to return a few months later to get the matter put right:  This meant that the teeth had to be heated up to be remoulded again, and I am sure that it was this heating process which has caused the leeching of plastic chemicals into my stomach.  This ability to reuse this modern plastic by heating it up is exactly why dentists use this material:  If they get the first moulding wrong, then they do not need to throw away the teeth to make a new one, they simply heat the plastic up and remould the teeth.  This, I believe, is very bad for the health, and the reason why I have had to throw these dentures away:………..

Alas, 13 months later, the teeth have suddenly become toxic.  The taste of glue with what I guess must be formaldehyde, or similar, is very strong.  No amount of cleaning, or leaving them out for several days, changes anything.  The taste of glue through my mouth is unbearable.  It now causes terrible stomach pains, has killed off the ‘good’ bacteria in my digestive system, causes blurred vision, earache, dizziness, depression, chronic eczema, and pains in the joints and arms with a feeling of imminent paralysis.

I think that the denture plastic, apart from having been ruined by being heated up at the dentists to be remoulded, also reacted to my using a quantity of tea tree oil which I put on my hair and on my skin recently. Ironically, this was used to try and clear a sudden attack of eczema, which most probably was caused by formaldehyde, parabens or whatever, which was coming from the denture plastic.

I have found that tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and other such strong embrocations get absorbed into the denture plastic which cause it to erode more quickly.  I have noticed this other years – that the teeth, which I was already becoming doubtful about  with regard to their effect on my health, were made infinitely worse once tea tree or eucalyptus oil had been used.

So – let this be a warning to all those people who consider that having false teeth might be a cheaper way to go:  It has not been cheaper for me having dentures.  If several sets only were needed during a life time, and they were not made of toxic material, then dentures would be a fine thing.

But dentures, I believe, are VERY BAD for the health.  The plastic in dentures could be one reason why so many people suffer alzheimer’s at an early age.  We absorb too much plastic poison from other products in our environment, like having milk in plastic, plastic wrapping over meats and cheese, etc – but having plastic in your mouth has to be the very worst thing, because you are constantly absorbing a certain amount of poisons from the plastic into your system.

What I want to now is – why can I not get a plate made which is not made of plastic – something like the hard old thing which the soldiers in the second world war were fitted with?  My Dad had this plate for years – he might still be wearing the same one. I think that the material  in these old plates was better for the health because it  was made of a material which did not break down easily.  Even if it WAS plastic, it was certainly a harder type than the soft malleable plastic which is used today by dental technicians.  They use this soft plastic because it is easy to mould:  It can be heated and reshaped if the first imprint is not a good fit.  But this soft plastic is a hazard to the health.


Keep Your Own Teeth If You Can:  Dentures should be fitted only when your old teeth are causing you health problems which cannot be remedied by dental specialists or doctors. It is far better to keep your own teeth for as long as possible, and here are the reasons why:

COSMETIC: The roots of your natural teeth are embedded well down into the gums of the jaw. When your teeth are removed, the natural shape of the mouth is undermined, as this causes the  gum line to become eroded;  imagine it being more or less mined, by the digging out of the natural teeth. The denture gives you teeth replacements, but it cannot possibly repair or fill out the damage done to the natural shape of the mouth and jaw once your teeth have been removed. Your appearance is changed forever once you have your teeth out; that is, unless you can afford expensive dental implants and jaw reconstruction. Even keeping old roots in the gums helps prevent your face changing shape and it developing that sunken look which is characteristic of one who has dentures.. Unless the roots of broken teeth are causing you health problems, then it is really better to leave them there.

CHEWING with your own teeth is far more effective than chewing with dentures – assuming you have enough of your own teeth left to do the job. Dentures, if they are made by an artful dental technician, can work surprisingly well, but never as well as your own teeth, because the bottom plate is not fixed to your jaw and does not have anything to hold it there.  Consequently, it can move around, even as you are eating, or worse, while you are simply talking to people, which proves to be very embarrassing. It is possible to get  tooth implants on either side of the lower jaw, for the purpose of holding down the plate. But if you think about it, instead of dental implants, then it might be best to keep a few of the original back teeth in the first place, so that these could be used for anchoring the plate. No one advised me about these things when I got my teeth removed. These notes are all from personal experience !!!

ALLERGY to modern denture-making materials is the worst aspect of having dentures in my experience.


These two things are inter-related: I find that the very best materials have a life of only about three years. After about three years of wearing a new plate I begin to notice that my memory has become very bad. It continues to worsen over the next year or so, but by then I am beginning to feel quite ill for a lot of the time. My immune function becomes weaker, I suffer candida throughout the whole digestive system beginning with the mouth, my eyesight becomes poor, my nervous system is shot, and my skin begins to suffer from eczema. I feel very depressed. Then I usually cotton on to the fact that it is the plastic in the denture which is breaking down and making me feel so bad, as I can taste the plastic, like apoxy resin, or formaldehyde, in my mouth all the time. Then I remember that this is EXACTLY what happened three or four years ago before I got the new dentures – and, YES -the time has passed very quickly, as I have had these teeth for all of three or four years, the same life which the previous teeth had.Then I do an experiment whereby I leave the teeth out for a few days. Like magic, my memory begins to perform quite a lot better, and I stop feeling sick. Putting the teeth back in brings back all the old symptoms, and by now it is quite obvious that the teeth are the cause of all the problems, as I have begun to feel normal,  both mentally and physically,  without the teeth. After doing without the teeth, I cannot stand their effect any longer, and I have to simply go without the teeth until the new ones are made up for me.

My wonderful dental technician is fairly sure that if I had the old teeth relined after two years or so, then this problem would not occur. He is convinced that the reason my health declines so badly is because of bacteria which get into the plastic once it begins to pit after a few years. However, knowing about my sensitivity to formaldehyde and plastics, etc, I am not convinced, and so I have gotten brand new teeth made each time, just to make sure.

I have found a new dental technician who has made just the greatest teeth for me using porcelain teeth to minimize the effect of having too much plastic in my mouth. But years before meeting my new dental technician, I went to a man who made up new teeth very cheaply: the plastic in these dentures caused panic attacks and all kinds of ill health immediately from the moment I began wearing them. The actual teeth of these dentures was plastic as well as the plate. They tasted of plastic all the time.  Now, after having experienced ill-health with several different dentures over a period of about twenty years, I know that the plastic in those dentures was the cause  of a sudden decline in health, especially mentally, which occurred once I began wearing that set of new dentures.

I think that the old kind of plastic which was used in denture making in war time was harder and more durable than modern denture-making materials.  My father still has the same set he was issued with in 1942.  He has a fantastic memory. This type of plastic doesn’t break down as quickly as what the softer modern materials used by dental technicians today do: they use these softer materials because they are easier to work with, and they probably get a better fit with the newer materials; but I think the bad effect of these plastics and acrylics on people’s health has yet to be determined. A condition similar to alzheimer’s affects me after several years of wearing a product made with these new plastics/acrylics. One plastic, as already mentioned, caused memory loss and anxiety right from the moment I began wearing it. I wonder how many people suffering alzheimer’s might have dentures made with modern plastics/acrylics?-  Of course, it won’t be the sole contributing factor in the occurrence of this disease , but I think that research in this area definitely needs to be done.

VITAMIN C has a damaging effect on dentures. Megadoses of Vitamin C, whilst being good for the purpose of detoxifying the body, actually cause the plastic of your denture to erode and break down more quickly than otherwise, and this will mean that you are unknowingly ingesting particles of plastic along with the Vitamin C.  If you need to take Vitamin C, then it is best to take it with the dentures removed, or to swallow a tablet quickly with a glass of water rather than let it sit in the mouth where it will interact with the plastic of your teeth. Many other strong vitamins, minerals and herbal products cause this effect to denture plastic; or they are retained in the denture plastic for a period after dosage.

DENTURE CLEANER is another thing which can cause health problems. Even after having brand new dentures fitted this time I began to feel dizzy and unwell after a few days: I had been recommended a denture cleaner, and thought that regular use of this product might keep the bacteria at bay and therefore give more life to the teeth. But, again, these modern plastics/acrylics have the ability to attract and hold poisons, including the chemicals in denture cleaner. Once I realized where the source of the problem lay, more or less after I recognized the taste of the cleaner remaining on the teeth even after using copious amounts of water to flush the teeth, I stopped using the product: but it took about a month before the dentures were clear of these chemicals.

I found that ordinary baking soda toothpaste made for people with their own teeth worked well: there is nothing harmful in the baking soda toothpaste, which I used, for the denture plastic to absorb. I decided, against professional advice and marketing ploys on telly, which tell you that this type of toothpaste scratches your dentures, making pits where germs can breed, that I would just have to risk using normal baking soda toothpaste and “the pits” rather than use a specific denture-cleaning product whose chemicals were obviously poisoning me.

The effects of CHEMICAL POISONING FROM EXTERNAL SOURCES is made worse, again, because modern, soft denture plastic/acrylic materials draw chemicals into their fabric, which intensifies the effect of the poison. Using any strong cleaning chemicals, or even walking near areas where herbicides have been sprayed on grass verges affects the person who is wearing modern dentures more so than someone who has their own teeth, because the poisons are absorbed very quickly into the fabric of the acrylic/plastic fiber. My experiment with the denture cleaner on brand new teeth has proved the point, at least to myself. However, this experiment confirms what I sensed to be true on another, earlier, occasion:

MAF, in Auckland, New Zealand, carried out a huge aerial spraying programme over Auckland city several years ago. This was, ostensibly, to get rid of the ‘apple moth’ which we were told, via  ads in our letter boxes and newspapers, was a risk to the  pine trees which are  grown here en mass by multi-million dollar overseas  companies. (and therein lies another story – much of the profit goes overseas, for a start, but growing pine trees en mass is bad for our precious soil: the practice causes mass erosion, and it affects the rainfall in an area, since pine trees repel water; so planting them in other countries and locations where they do not belong, where there is a rainfall considerably higher than where they come from thus has an effect on climate, generally) Just how MAF and our government expected to rid the place of a moth by spraying a whole city is beyond me – many of us feel that there was some ulterior motive behind this weird spraying programme.

Back to the story: every time the aerial spraying was done, many people reported detrimental effects to their health. These reports were generally referred back to the special MAF doctors and advisers, which was useless, as they had every-which-way reason to tell you that the spray wasn’t making you sick at all. You were ‘screened’ – had you ever had a problem with alcohol? – any mental illness in the family? – do you suffer from depression? -do you have allergies? – the implication was that these factors were the reason you were ill again, nothing to do with the apple moth aerial spraying. And it was no use writing letters to our one and only newspaper in Auckland: they were running the huge, expensive, full page ads for MAF which portrayed the spraying programme as being  helpful to us and the community at large: they refused point blank to publish anything which argued that the spray was detrimental to our health. A few weeks, earlier in the programme, the newspaper published a few letters, then suddenly said that the matter was ended and no more letters would be published. So it was difficult to prove publicly that the apple moth spraying programme was affecting our health, because we had no voice. In the end, the Victoria University of Wellington’s medical school proved conclusively that the spray was damaging the health of  people in Auckland, and it was stopped immediately at this point: But this was years after much spraying abuse had been suffered by many, many people. Thank God for the Victoria University of Wellington.

I began to suspect during this time that dentures retain toxins:   I could taste the spray chemicals in the teeth, and no amount of cleaning or soaking in any product would remove these poisons. I was being poisoned continually by the MAF spraying programme to eradicate the apple moth: not only were MAF helicopters and aeroplanes spraying us about every three weeks during parts of the year, but the toxins were being retained in the plastic fabric of the teeth after each spraying. I became VERY ill during this time, both physically and mentally. I was not treated for a mental disturbance, but my memory packed up, my eyesight became blurred, my nerves were extremely fragile and I became very neurotic. In the end, I had to do away with the teeth. As soon as I had done this, and left the city to avoid the spray completely, my health radically improved: I could remember again. I had new teeth made up for me.  Gradually, my health was restored to normal.

Best to keep your own teeth if you possibly can.