Recipe Leek and Ginger Soup Good For Colds and Flu

Gluten Free Recipe For Lentil-Leek and Ginger Soup

WOW.  Nothing like having a hot, freshly-made soup in the winter to antidote the flu.  This is my own peppered-up version of leek soup which helps to drive those bugs away.

Note:  If you are on blood thinners such as Warfarin, then you should not indulge in this soup.  Leeks and Ginger are both natural blood thinners, so if you have any quantity of these foods and combine them with artificial blood thinners, you could end up being over-dosed on blood thinners.  A nose bleed may result.  Far better to get your health requirements from your diet, in my estimation, than to take the artificial replacements.  It would be a better thing if doctors would work out an appropriate diet which includes the remedial substances that their patients need, rather than resort to prescribing artificial blood thinners, etc, instead.

Leeks Are Good For The Immune System: The vegetable basis of this soup recipe is leeks, which are a classic herbal remedy for colds and flu, as well as being an anti-cancer food, and good for the eyesight because of their high Lutein and Zeaxanthin content.

Fresh Ginger Roots Are Good For The Immune System:  This soup also contains another great remedy for colds and flu – ginger roots.  The active ingredients in fresh ginger are the Terpenes and Gingerols which have powerful germ-destroying properties.  Ginger is also noted as an anti-cancer agent, as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis,  a remedy for nausea, and an enhancer of the digestion.

Gluten Free Brown Lentils Are Nutritious and have Anti-Cancer Components:  The main protein content  in this gluten free soup recipe comes from the brown lentils whcih also have anti-cancer properties.  They are one of the few foods which have good quantities of Folic acid, and Zinc.

Lentils are a favourite food for vegetarians and for people on gluten-free diets.  They are not only delicious, but are rich in nutrients such as protein, fibre, B Vitamins, Folate, Iron, and Zinc.  Their high Zinc content boosts the immune system so that your system can fight those bad germs better.  Lentils also contain Isoflavins and Lignan, which help in keeping cancer at bay.

This recipe also uses one unpeeled grated apple, seeds and all.  Apples are another healing food, rich in pectin, Vitamin C, and fibre.

Recipe For Leek-Lentil-Ginger Soup

You will need:  Dry Lentils, One Leek, Fresh Ginger Roots, One Apple, One Carrot, Sea Salt, Red Paprika, Mild Curry Powder.

Take One and a 1/2 cups of dry lentils.

Add Lentils to a litre of water.

Bring to the boil.  Simmer gently for half an hour.

Add one whole chopped leek to the lentils after half an hour of cooking.

Peel a good chunk of ginger.

Chop the ginger up finely – enough to fill two tablespoons.

Add the ginger to the soup.

Chop up three cloves of  garlic and add to the soup.

Grate the carrot and add to the soup.

Add also one desertspoon mild curry powder.

Add half a teaspoon red paprika powder and one teaspoon sea-salt.

Cook altogether for another half an hour on low heat.

Add one whole grated apple five minutes before the end of the cooking, as well as a half teaspoon of cinnamon powder.

You may need to add a little more water to the soup after the leeks have been added.  Use one or two cups of extra water – enough to make it soupey and not too thick.

The soup can be served as it is, or with an added lump of butter or some grated cheese.

Alternatively, ground sesame seeds could be added to substitute the dairy food.

If you have the flu, or a cold, then it is best to eat the soup without any dairy added.

I think that this is a great food for people wanting to lose weight.  If it is eaten as the main meal, without added dairy, or bread,  then you can eat as much of it as you like without fear of putting on weight.



Natural Antibiotic and Detoxifying Drink For Flu and Other Infections

Alternative To Antibiotics:  Garlic, Vitamin C, Cinnamon, Paprika, Ginger and lemon juice all contain natural antibiotics.  That is, they contain ingredients which kill bacteria.  These herbs and spices are  capable of killing germs in the blood stream, such as the flu virus, and also the germs which cause chicken pox, scarlet fever, meningitis, and other diseases.  Once you get used to using the natural sources of antibiotics in treating common illnesses such as flu,  your confidence in natural remedies will be boosted so that you will never want to take another vaccination again.  Sometimes, of course, prescription antibiotics are necessary, but for the majority of people, if the illness is treated early enough, then the natural antibiotics found in herbs and foods such as garlic and lemons, will be effective in alleviating and curing most common infections.

Here is a version of a detoxifying antibiotic drink which the wonderful Dr John Hilton gave to me many years ago.  Dr John was an alternative doctor who practiced in the Green Bay area of Auckland many years ago.  He delivered two of my babies.  I learned many good health tips from this compassionate and wise man.

Dr John’s Remedy For Flu:  The  Natural Antibiotic and Detoxifying Drink

Juice of half a large lemon

1/4 teaspoon paprika pepper

1/4 teaspoon ginger root powder

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

2 cloves of crushed or chopped garlic

1 or 2 teaspoons liquid honey

1 large cup of boiling water.

Use a small bowl to prepare this natural antibiotic drink for flu:  Pour the boiling water over the garlic, cinnamon, ginger root powder, and paprika.  Add the liquid honey and the lemon juice.

Allow to cool for a couple of minutes, then drink the lot while it is still hot.

Repeat the dose every hour while the infection is rampant.  Use it every hour for around four to five hours if necessary.  Then use three times a day until the infection has subsided, or until the bowels have become loose.  This might be anything up to three days.  If you are not getting better by this time, then you should visit a doctor or health professional such as a homeopath or ayurvedic practitioner.

Detoxifying the Body Is Necessary To Cure Disease:  This natural antibiotic garlic and lemon and cinnamon drink helps to detoxify the body.  Loosening the bowels is a good thing in any illness, as it gets rid of the toxins which otherwise feed the infection, thus making it last longer.  By using this natural remedy, you help the body recover through the natural antibiotics  in the ingredients, as well as by removing the poisons in the system which encourage infection.

Fasting:  This natural antibiotic and detoxifying drink for flu will work best if you do not eat other food, at least for one day.  If you need to eat, then taking oranges, or stewed apple, will help the detoxification process.  Heavy meals are best avoided for the first day or two, while treating flu with this antibiotic and detoxifying drink.