Calcium Ascorbate for Varicose Veins

Calcium Ascorbate is a Healer.

Calcium ascorbate for Varicose Veins: Calcium Ascorbate has the power to draw poisons out from the body.  Vitamin C  is an antioxidant and has a healing effect on the tissues of the body:  Calcium ascorbate is one of the best ways to take megadoses of vitamin C for the purposes of healing, as this is a non-acidic form which is soothing on the gut.  Ester C is another type of non-acidic vitamin C which you can use to help heal varicose veins and other conditions.

The antioxidant and healing effects  of Vitamin C, especially when used in non-acidic form such as calcium ascorbate and ester C,  make  Vitamin C  one of the most valuable vitamins in helping to cure any disease.

Calcium ascorbate for varicose veins is highly recommended.  It will help to dissolve build-ups of calcium deposits and other matter in the veins.  It can help to reduce blood clots, and will help to thin the blood.  It will help to heal the walls of the veins and arteries and make them strong.  It will help in the assimilation of your food so that you gain the optimum nutrition from the food which you eat.

Of course, you must ask your doctor or health professional if you are sick or have varicose veins.  Professional advice must be sought, especially  if you are already taking medications or treatments of any kind, to see if Vitamin C is suitable for you to use.

Some medications thin the blood, and these must not be taken in combination with vitamin C, as Vitamin C also thins the blood. This brings to mind the question of whether warfarin is necessary at all to thin people’s blood:  this is derived from rat poison, and has many negative side effects.

Vitamin C such as calcium ascorbate,  garlic, ginger, cayenne pepper and fresh fruit and vegetables are some of the natural things which  thin the blood.  This is why doctors often tell people who are taking warfarin and suchlike drugs,  to avoid these items.   But in an alternative treatment these drugs  would not be used at all:  high doses of calcium ascorbate or some other vitamin C would be presecribed in combination with some other treatments, including a specially   designed  diet whose objective is to thin the blood, if that is what is necessary.

However, if you are not taking medications, then Vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate powder, or ester C, is  generally speaking one of the most safe vitamins which you can use.  It is not dangerous to use, and we hope that it will always be available to us for purchase at local supermarkets and health stores, so that we can help our own condition of health without having to go to a doctor for a prescription.  And without having to pay double the price to a drug company who might be capitalizing on the product.