Risperdal Children

Effects of  Risperdal on Children

A friend has just sent me the gist on an article which The New York Times published  recently: This information has been disseminated by the Alliance For Human Research Protection.

The New York Times article alerts us as to the dangers of prescribing medications to children. The side effects of many medications are little known or just not considered by the many doctors who prescribe children risperdal and other such drugs.

However, one should not have to wait for ‘scientific proof’ to work out that toxic chemicals in medications will have many negative consequences in the long run, including poor immune function and a susceptibility to disease. Find an alternative to toxic medications for the sake of your children’s health.

The recent article by Duff Wilson which appeared on the front page of the New York Times has brought a stern reality home: Toxic drugs are still being prescribed to children without any regard to the effects on the health of these children. Risperdal children are obviously at risk both psychologically and physically, as this article illustrates.

Unnecessary Toxic Medications: Many children in America are being treated unnecessarily with psychotic drugs and sleeping pills which they most surely do not need and should not be taking.  Television programmes which have been aired over the past year have given us an insight into how many parents rely on medications such as sleeping pills and other psychotic drugs so that their children will become passive and sleep much of the time.

Basically, many toxic medications are being given out to children just because the parents claim that their children are ‘unmanageable’ or have some attention deficit disorder.

Bad parenting and toxic chemicals in food such as preservatives and colourings, etc, can cause sleep deprivation and symptoms of  ‘attention deficit disorder’ and other psychosis. That is not to say that the parents of Kyle Warren were ‘bad’ parents at all – they were doing as their doctor instructed  – just that many people who give their children medications are doing so because it is an easy option because it makes a child docile, and because their doctor permits it.

Duff Wilson’s article discusses the case of an eighteen month old child, Kyle Warren,  who was prescribed  risperdal.  By the age of three, his mental condition had deteriorated, obviously because of the risperdal  medication he was taking.  At this point he was prescribed MORE toxic medications, which included sleeping pills, Prozac and a medication to treat attention deficit disorder.

How crazy is that?   This poor wee boy suffered because of  risperdal, a  drug which should never have been prescribed for him at all. And then he was prescribed MORE toxic drugs.  Prescribing prozac for children, or risperdal, or any other drug, simply should never be allowed.

Attention deficit disorder is something we may all get if we were to take risperdal every day for a year and a half, especially if we were given this from the age of only 18 months.

Luckily, this poor wee boy was rescued by doctors whose intervention saved his life.  But there are many children who are not so lucky:  Many children today are taking medications which are actually undermining their intelligence, their solcial skills, and wheir physical being.  These drugs are gradually killing children:  their lives are being shortened and devalued.

NO TOXIC MEDICATION should ever be prescribed to children.  There are alternative therapies  which can help children who are unruly or who have behavioural problems.

Some Sensible Alternatives To Toxic Medications:

Homeopathy for children is one alternative to replace those harmful drugs. Homeopathic remedies are very effective and are completely non toxic.  Of course, you need to see a professional homeopath if your child is seriously disturbed or is ill.  But there is a homeopathic remedy for EVERY ailment you can think of.  It is just a matter of finding the appropriate remedy, or remedies, which requires someone with experience to determine.

Correct Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency:  Vitamin and mineral deficiency can cause hormonal imbalance:  Hormonal imbalance  can cause sleeping and behavioural problems in children.

Avoid Chemicals in Food: Processed food must be avoided, as processed food is generally loaded with preservatives and colourings and flavourings which are very harmful to your child.  Chemicals such as preservatives, colourings and flavourings interfere with the normal  physical and mental development of your child.

If you ensure that your child NEVER has any food which has any chemicals in it of any kind, then you are going a long way to improving the health, both physically and mentally, of your child.