Dentists Can Use Minerals To Regrow Tooth Enamel

Yes – This was on the news just now – NZTV Channel 3, 23rd August 2011. But this is NOT a new innovation -I have been writing about this method of repairing tooth enamel for quite some time now.   Some forward-thinking, innovative, caring  dentists have been using special combinations of minerals for decades, for the purpose of regrowing tooth enamel. Many of them have been making up their own combinations of minerals to use on patients’ teeth.   ‘Mineral cocktails’, they are called.  But thank you  to Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts, for making this news public on national television tonight.

Perhaps it is the internet which has decided all those sceptic, unbelieving or unwilling dentists to come out with the truth at last. Suddenly, we are brought  this exciting information on how teeth can be regrown, when many of us have been enlightened for quite a long time now.

There has to be a pay off for the drug and chemical companies marketing this new cocktail of chemicals, of course.  The treatment is likely to be VERY expensive, to make up for all those lost visits for fillings which won’t fall out any more.  How can they fall out  if there is no filling, and no cavity?  No show without Punch.  But – There is no hiding the fact now that tooth enamel can regrow itself through diet, or with the application of the appropriate minerals.

We, who are interested in natural therapies and the healing power of the body, have known for decades that dental enamel can repair itself, if the diet is nourishing and alkaline enough, with no sugar or chemicals such as preservatives, colourings, etc, or processed flours or dairy foods.

Jacqui Davison and Edie May both  published books in the 1980’s which recorded their progress on diets and cleansing methods to reverse the condition of cancer.  Both these women had terminal cancers, and lived to tell the tale because of their belief and persistence in following the prescribed natural cure of Dr Max Gerson.  Castor oil was part of their cures, as were daily enemas and green vegetable juices every hour.  The diet was mainly raw foods, which are alkaline.

After they realized that they were not dying after all from cancer, the next realization was that their teeth were repairing themselves.  Their hair began to regrow as well.