Dentists Can Use Minerals To Regrow Tooth Enamel

Yes – This was on the news just now – NZTV Channel 3, 23rd August 2011. But this is NOT a new innovation -I have been writing about this method of repairing tooth enamel for quite some time now.   Some forward-thinking, innovative, caring  dentists have been using special combinations of minerals for decades, for the purpose of regrowing tooth enamel. Many of them have been making up their own combinations of minerals to use on patients’ teeth.   ‘Mineral cocktails’, they are called.  But thank you  to Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts, for making this news public on national television tonight.

Perhaps it is the internet which has decided all those sceptic, unbelieving or unwilling dentists to come out with the truth at last. Suddenly, we are brought  this exciting information on how teeth can be regrown, when many of us have been enlightened for quite a long time now.

There has to be a pay off for the drug and chemical companies marketing this new cocktail of chemicals, of course.  The treatment is likely to be VERY expensive, to make up for all those lost visits for fillings which won’t fall out any more.  How can they fall out  if there is no filling, and no cavity?  No show without Punch.  But – There is no hiding the fact now that tooth enamel can regrow itself through diet, or with the application of the appropriate minerals.

We, who are interested in natural therapies and the healing power of the body, have known for decades that dental enamel can repair itself, if the diet is nourishing and alkaline enough, with no sugar or chemicals such as preservatives, colourings, etc, or processed flours or dairy foods.

Jacqui Davison and Edie May both  published books in the 1980’s which recorded their progress on diets and cleansing methods to reverse the condition of cancer.  Both these women had terminal cancers, and lived to tell the tale because of their belief and persistence in following the prescribed natural cure of Dr Max Gerson.  Castor oil was part of their cures, as were daily enemas and green vegetable juices every hour.  The diet was mainly raw foods, which are alkaline.

After they realized that they were not dying after all from cancer, the next realization was that their teeth were repairing themselves.  Their hair began to regrow as well.

16 thoughts on “Dentists Can Use Minerals To Regrow Tooth Enamel”

  1. hello merrilyn

    What is the cocktail made off ?

    do you know where can i buy the cocktail ?

    the treatment works with teeths that have being prepared for veeners and have veeners on it ?i know that i hard question but answer , what you think .

    The power of the body is amazing .

    Thank you . Silvio Luis

  2. Hi Silvio – No, sorry, I do not know the recipe for the tooth repair cocktail. You would have to visit a naturopathic dentist to have this treatment. The nutritive and alkaline diet is the next best bet – probably a good thing to do even if you do find a dentist to work naturally to heal those tooth cavities. Thanks for your comment, and I hope you have some success in finding a dentist to help you.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  3. thank you .

    I found a naturophatic dentist in florida , Usa but he said that enamel does not regrown . i cannot find an naturophatic dentist in Brazil where i live .

    i Guess have to find a way by myself .


  4. Hi Silvio – Sorry to hear that you have not been successful in finding a dentist who uses the minerals for healing teeth. I know that they do exist, but most dentists are not familiar with this method, and I believe that dentists have more to gain by people not using these minerals to repair the teeth. So we are kep in the dark. What about travelling to another country where this is done? I know that there are naturopathic dentists in Auckland – I will send you their addresses when I come across this information again. Best of luck. Regards, Merrilyn.

  5. hi merrilyn i searched about naturopathic dentist in auckland but also could not find it online . for me makes a lot of sense that teeths can regrown but i have two fillings in the back teeths those never regenerated so it means that something must be done to regenerate them , but what bothers me is the veeners that i have on my five front teeths , im only 21 i dont know why i did this but i am trying to find a way to revert the process . what makes me confuse is that you said above that there is a method to regrow enamel using minerals and they show this in the tv in new zealand but than you said to me that you dont know where can i do the treatment or buy the cocktail .

    thank you . silvio luis

  6. Hi Silvio – I will keep an eye out for you. I have seen a dentist advertising the mineral treatment in Auckland, but didn’t take down the dentist’s name – Yes – this news about dentists using this method came across our TV – but it might be a while before this method is commonly used – if at all. More money to be made from filling people’s teeth with mortar which eventually falls out, requiring more treatment. Will let you know when I find that address. I have also seen dentists advertising the method in America.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  7. hello merrilyn

    please find out the destist contact for me , i really want to regrown the enamel and get rid of my veeners . i dont know if the teeths can fight against the porcelain .

    i have tried your diet to regrown enamel but it is really very dificult to follow

    thank you . Silvio luis

  8. Hi Silvio – Here are two Auckland holistic dentists you might like to contact. Dr Simon Wesley claims to be the only dentist in Auckland, New Zealand, who practices holistic dentistry. It might be worth while contacting him to see if he can help you. His web site is
    There is another dentist in Auckland who uses allopathic treatment combined with alternative treatment. Their practice is called ‘The Holistic Dental Centre’, and their web address is
    I agree – it is not easy to regrow tooth enamel in the way Jacqui Davidson did. However, it can be done. I think it is great that you are trying to find a professional holistic person to help you with this: The best way is to combine diet with holistic dentistry.
    Let us know how you get on with these two dentists.
    Best of luck,
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  9. My daughter is suffering from amelogenisis imperfecta. So far i’ve got her brushing after every meal, and doing a black walnut tinture rinse. Please let me know about this mineral cocktail. Thank you

  10. Hi Lisa,
    Sorry – Have never heard of this before. You need to search for a holistic dentist who lives in your own area, in your own country. These holistic dentists who treat the teeth with mineral solutions are about, but often hard to find.
    Good luck with your search.

  11. hello merrilyn

    I have heard of people eating eggshells to regenerate their teeth. Does this really work?

  12. Hello Dr Neelam,
    Eggshells are rich in calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients used for building teeth and bones, so I am not surprised to hear that some people recommend eggshells for regenerating teeth. However, I would not eat them dry.

    Walter Last advised me to use eggshells as a remedy for restoring my health, including my teeth – that was before I decided to get them all pulled out – so I never found out whether his eggshell recipe and diet would have worked to restore my own teeth. Walter’s recipe was to crush up the shells of an egg, cover with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, and leave in the fridge overnight. By soaking in the cider vinegar or lemon juice, even though the eggshell has not completely dissolved, it is softened sufficiently so that it can be absorbed readily by the body.
    I cannot remember the dose Walter recommended – I think it was something like a teaspoon morning and night. And after three days, you threw any remaining mixture out and made a fresh lot.
    I did use this home-made calcium recipe, in conjunction with a wheat-free, yeast-free, milk-free and sugar free diet, and my health did recover.
    If I was trying to restore the health of teeth and gums, I would certainly use this eggshell calcium solution to help things along. I think the eggshell solution is better than taking calcium supplements, as it is more natural, and you get the whole range of minerals from the softened eggshells.

    Other than Walter’s advice on eggshells, I cannot offer any more information. I would not munch the eggshells dry, without softening them in cider vinegar first. Unsoftened eggshells could be too abrasive on the tooth enamel, and anyway, much of the calcium and other minerals would pass through undigested, unless they are broken down a little by first soaking in cider vinegar or lemon juice.
    Hope this helps.

  13. Hey I have a crown on my front tooth I never had a root canal done I just wonder if I regrow my tooth back I hate everyday I got this done

  14. Hi Allen – I really cannot advise you what to do about that crown. It is a good thing you never had a root canal done, so it is possible for that enamel to regrow. But I think regrowing the enamel involves not getting the teeth drilled at all, and I would never advise anyone to avoid the dentist.

    Jacqui Davison’s fillings all fell out over a six to nine month period. She never went to a dentist because she was fighting cancer and had been told she would die. THEN she found, around a year of following the diet and watching her health improve, and the cancers diminish, that her teeth had regrown. The enamel had replaced itself in all the holes, except for where she had had root canals done.
    But she did not decide not to go to the dentist so that her teeth would regrow – the enamel on her teeth regrew incidentally, because of the strict diet and enema-cleansing that she was on.
    So the message is clear, that it can be done. But to have the same success as Jacqui Davison, you would have to treat the whole exercise very seriously.
    My son regrew the enamel on a front tooth at about age 11 or 12. We did not see a dentist during the six month period it took to regrow the tooth enamel. We were following a less strict diet than Jacqui Davison’s – quite simple really – just avoiding sugar, dairy foods, and wheat.
    No wheat was used at all. Soy, or occasionally organic goat’s milk was used, but no cow’s milk. Lots of calcium-magnesium sesame seeds, almonds and sunflower seeds. Plenty of protein foods such as meats, chicken, fish, and free-range eggs. Salads were eaten twice a day, and cooked greens too. We always used raw carrot or apple or celery to finish off a meal with. These raw foods clean the teeth and make the mouth alkaline, which helps kill germs.
    This diet worked for us to cure his eczema which he and I both suffered from, since being sprayed with 245T by helicopter in the 1970’s.
    Like Jacqui’s experience, we were not intentionally trying to fix the hole in a tooth, but were keeping to our diet to cure another health problem. Co-incidentally, we did not go to the dentist, and co-incidentally, the hole repaired itself. But we did not keep such a strict diet up for more than a few years. Then, once my children grew up, they had no interest in these diets anymore. Like anybody else in NZ, they have had plenty of fillings done, and root canals too.
    The truth of the matter is that nutrients in your food have a huge bearing on the health of your teeth. Leaving out problematic foods such as cow’s milk, sugar, and wheat, can have a good effect on the health of the teeth, if nutritious substitutes are used, such as meats, chicken, fish, sesame, soy, sunflowers, almonds, broccoli, bean sprouts, carrots, and celery.
    It might be possible to regrow that tooth enamel if you let the filling fall out. But this could be very risky. It may NOT heal itself and you could be worse off.
    I would start improving the diet as suggested above, so that you can protect the other teeth from getting cavities. Raw celery or carrot after a meal is just the best thing.
    Best Wishes,

  15. hi Merrylin
    for a long time I’m seeking natural treatments for my tooth. I only have two fillings in my mouth that do not bother me. actually bruxism caused a large degaste in my teeth and do not want to put resin because the evil it does to health. is it possible using this method that worked with Jaquie Davidson and recover the enamel of other teeth, not just the two that have fillings ??

  16. Hi Vinicius,
    I have just replied to a comment by Annie regarding restoring the teeth. See the comment above, Thursday 27/11/14 Her comment was in response to my post about Black Walnut for improving the teeth. Reading my comment to her might be helpful to you.
    Kind Regards,
    Sorry I have not replied to you sooner.

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