Counteract Radiation Baking Soda and Epsom Salts

Radiation Sickness Can Be Helped

Radiation sickness can result from the effects of a nuclear explosion, from being exposed to radiation leakage from a nuclear power plant such as from the Japan nuclear crisis at Fukushima, from being near where nuclear weapons are tested, from eating food grown in a radiation-affected area or drinking water from the affected area,  from living or working near or in a nuclear power facility, or from  having had a series of X-Rays, as in Radiation -therapy for cancer.

Radiation chemicals are toxins which accumulate in the body, just like other chemicals such as farmyard pesticides and herbicides do. You tackle the problem of radiation sickness with the same detoxifying techniques as with any other chemical exposure, and the recovery time in both instances will depend on what the severity of exposure has been.

Macrobiotic diets, Raw food diets for a period, castor oil, enemas, and detoxifying baths can all help to rid the body of radiation chemicals.  Modalities such as Homeopathy and Ayurvedic Medicine, and Herbal Medicine can also be of great benefit if you are recovering from Radiation Sickness.

One Effective and Easy  Way To Reduce Radiation Chemicals is with Baking Soda and Epsom Salts. The Epsom Salt Bath has long been a remedy to help remove toxins from the body.  Epsom salts enrich the body with Magnesium, which is another counteractive measure against Radiation.

The Classic Epsom Salts Bath:  Simply put two cups of Epsom salt crystals into your bath water.  Soak in the bath for no more than 20 minutes, as the bath can be debilitating if you stay in for too long.

If you have low blood pressure then you need to be particularly careful about this:   I f I had low blood pressure, or was particularly weak,  I would stay in for only 10 minutes with the first bath, to test out my reaction.  This bath is OK to use once or twice a week, depending on the severity of radiation, and your own vitality.  Do not use too often or too long is the general rule.

Sea Salt Baths To Help Reduce Radiation Toxins: You can use the same above method and rules for Epsom salts to use a Sea Salt Bath.  Add two cups of real Sea Salt to your bath water.  Soak for no longer than 20 minutes, topping up the water with hot if necessary.

Baking Soda Bath To Reduce Radiation Toxins: Use the same instructions as for the Epsom Salts Bath.  You can use between one and two cups of baking soda for the bath.

Combined Baking Soda and Sea Salt Bath: This is supposed to be very effective in reducing any toxins, especially radiation toxins.  Use one cup of Baking Soda, and one cup of Sea Salt in your bathwater.

These Detoxifying Baths, Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, and Sea Salt, all help to reduce radiation from the body, help the lymph flow, and clear the auric body.  Even if you have not suffered radiation poisoning and are not suffering radiation sickness, these baths, taken from time to time, will improve your health and help to keep your system free of unwanted chemicals.

Radiation Burns and Comfrey.

Of course, you must see your doctor if you or your child has a burn.  But Comfrey can be a valuable measure in the event of there being no doctor in sight.

The best remedy I know for burns of ANY kind, is Comfrey. This was known as ‘the Miracle Herb’,  and it is such a pity that the drug companies have, in my opinion, engineered the ‘research’ into the herb Comfrey,  Symphytum officinale, which  has resulted in Comfrey being banned just about everywhere in the world.

If you are unlucky enough to have had radiation burns, then I believe that Comfrey would  be the best thing to treat those burns.  Comfrey has  a special healing substance in its mucilage, called Allantoin.

Allantoin, from Comfrey, is a known cell-proliferant,  which means that it encourages the cells to grow and heal quickly.  The  drug companies know about Allantoin,  and have prevented the public from using Comfrey so that they have the monopoly on the healing ingredient:  They use in some medicines.

Comfrey is very healing, also, because it is rich in mucilage, a slimy material which is soothing to the skin and to burns.  I healed a burn on one of my children with the aid of Comfrey and Vitamin E oil.  Initially, when the burn was raw from having boiling water just spilled on the skin, I used ice in a wet cloth to put over the burn.  While this was cooling the burn, I boiled up several comfrey leaves in a small amount of water.  I let these cool completely, then mashed them up and put them into a piece of gauze, which I place over the skin.  I kept putting fresh applications of the cold, mashed comfrey over the skin, replacing it so that it never dried out, and was always fresh.  This burn, which had lifted the skin,  healed without a scar.

I think that the world should sit up and take notice:  Valuable healing herbs, such as Comfrey, are being denied us simply so that the drug companies have TOTAL control of the healing medicines.  We all should be pushing to have Comfrey put back into our ouvre of healing herbal medicines.

Baking Soda To Help Radiation Burns

Of course, you must see a doctor or go to thew hospital if you have burns.  But in case there is not a doctor or a nurse available, here is a method which might help until you can get medical attention:

If Comfrey is not available to you, then the next best thing would be the Baking Soda.  Use fine cotton gauze, and soak it in a solution of Baking Soda and water.  This must be cold, of course.  Use one cup of Baking Soda in about a litre of water.  Keep the gauze wet with this mixture.  Do not let it dry out.  Keep up the applications for a day or two, then begin letting the would have fresh air as well.  Giving my child Vitamin E capsules, and opening up a couple of capsules to put over the would twice a day, helped the burn to heal.

Natural Ways to Regrow Hair in Children

How To  Regrow Hair in Children: Basically, the condition of the hair is an indicator for the health of the whole body.  In promoting hair regrowth, we have to work on improving the whole body vitality.

1) Regrow Hair Through Diet

If your child has thin hair, or hair which has fallen because of an illness, you really should check with your doctor or naturopath or other health professional as to the cause and possible remedies.

Meanwhile, you can begin a programme of diet which will include many of the foods which help hair growth.

Oatmeal Porridge:  Make porridge every morning.  Porridge is very high in silica and other minerals which are utilized for hair and bone growth, not to mention teeth. Eating oatmeal porridge regularly really helps your skin too.  You will notice the skin becomes smooth and silky when oatmeal porridge is eaten every day.

I like to use pure oat bran, which contains most of the natural goodies in the outer part of the grain.

Add Extra Nourishment: Make your oatmeal porridge up using enough water to make it smooth and not stodgy.  Cook it gently for five minutes or so, depending on what type of oats you are using.

Serve the porridge out – we will assume that we are serving one adult-sized plate here, which you can use part of, or all of, depending on the size and age of your child: Grate one whole apple over the adult sized plate of oatmeal porridge.  Of course, you will use a smaller quantity of everything for a yound child.

Eating raw apple with the porridge helps the digestion of the grain, and provides more roughage to the bowel as well as extra potassiumPotassium in apples,  and other nutrients, will  help with hair growth. Walter Last, a famous healer, was adamant that you eat some raw food with EVERY meal, as this provides enzymes and vitamin C, etc, to help digest the cooked food. The raw apple will aid digestion so that you gain the optimum nutrient value from the food – this will benefit hair growth.

Add one good tablespoon of sesame seeds onto the porridge.

Add one tablespoon of ground sunflower seeds. Grind these up in your blender.  You can make a couple of cupfuls up to last a week or so.

Almonds: If you have some almonds, you can grind three or four of  these up in your blender with the sunflower seeds.

Linseed, or flaxseed is also excellent for the hair.

Sesame seeds alone contain high amounts of calcium and magnesium:  one handful is supposed to contain about 1200mg of calcium and magnesium, which is about as much as you would get in a glass of unadulterated milk.  They contain protein, which is needed for hair growth. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids which help hair growth, brain function, eyesight, the nervous system, and help create a sense of well being.

Sunflower seeds are also high in fatty acids, protein,  vitamin E and other goodies.

Almonds, of course, are a rich source of protein, vitamin E, magnesium and other minerals.

These foods – sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed/flaxseed, and almonds are high octane foods.  They are ideal supplements for the vegeraian diet, or in helping people recover health.

Don’t make the porridge too rich by using too much of these wonderful foods at once.  The amount you use will vary according to the body weight of the child and the state of his or her appetite.

Milk, or just a knob of butter, or some ghee, with a dollop of honey or dark brown sugar, makes this porridge just delectable.  You can use dairy or soy milk if you want, but the sesame, almonds and sunflowers can substitute milk protein if milk is not tolerated.

Green Vegetables. The high calcium greens are the best for hair growth: boccoli,  brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, are all excellent.  Carrots help hair growth as well, and some should be eaten every day for good general health.

If you have access to comfrey, then using a little of this mixed in with your silverbeet or spinach or cabbage will give extra nourishment to the nerves and hair follicles.  Comfrey is very high in silica, which is why it has been called ‘knitbone’ for centuries – it was used to help heal broken bones, which gives you something of an idea as to its healing qualities.

Organic free range meats and poultry and eggs should all be sought, for the sake of the animal as well as for the health of your child. The same applies to dairy milk, if that is what you use.  Organic and freerange – it is worth paying the little bit extra to get the quality and a  kinder product.

Oily Fish such as sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna are all rich in omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients, including iodine, which aid the growth of healthy hair.

Egg yolk is high in nutrients which help general good health, including hair growth. Egg yolk contains lecithin which helps your liver and gall bladder to process fats so that your body can use them.  Egg yolks on their own are used in some cancer therapies, when meat is avoided.  Dr Gerson used raw egg yolk in his clinics.  Walter Last used raw egg yolk as a substitute for flesh protein in his treatments for cancer and other disease.

Banana Smoothies for Hair Health: You might try using an egg yolk in your blender to make those banana smoothies. These can be  enriched with a little sesame seeds or sunflower seeds.  You can make these smoothies up using your favourite milk, or, instead, add a few almonds instead of milk.  Fresh orange juice goes will with a dairy-free banana smoothie, although some people would dislike combining an acid fruit with a sweet one.

Pure orange juice is another food which is good for the health including hair regrowth.  It is high in riboflavin, iron, vitamin C and other nutrients.

2) Massage with Olive Oil or Castor Oil. Massaging the scalp regularly with either olive oil or castor oil really helps hair regrowth.  Leaving it on overnight is just the best thing.  But even leaving on for several hours before washing it out with soap and warm water will benefit the hair.

3) Iodine dabbed onto the scalp once or twice a week helps hair growth.  Note:  Use only a very small amount for young children.  One drop every two weeks should be enough for those under five years old.  Check with your naturopath or ayurvedic practitioner or other health professional.

4) Apple Cider Vinegar is just the best thing for helping the hair to grow.  It contains many nutrients which feed the hair follicles, and your nervous system, and the cider vinegar works to keep your scalp at a nice acidic level.  Soaps and shampoos are alkaline, and an alkaline scalp tends to make the hair fall out.

Put apple cider vinegar onto the scalp straight after you have towel dried your child’s  hair.  Massage it well into the damp hair and scalp.  Do not use your iodine treatment on the same day as you apply the cider vinegar.  Put the iodine onto the scalp 8 hours later, or on the following day after washing the hair.

Alternative Cancer Treatment

Alternative Cancer Treatment

This post is meant for information only. It is not a complete account of alternative cancer treatment, nor is it necessarily accurate.  It is not advised that you begin a treatment for cancer or anything else on the basis of what is written here.

Alternative Cancer Treatment is not promoted by many doctors, though there are some intelligent and intuitive doctors about, for sure, who would not dismiss the idea of alternative cancer treatment.

Many doctors in the medical profession are true ‘healers’, because they really do understand why and how cancer exists, and understand something of the detoxification and nutrition factors which are involved in bringing sick  people back to health.

In New Zealand, we had our own Dr Eva Hill in the early part of the 19th century.  Dr Hill  was a true healer who cured many people,  in New Zealand and abroad, of serious diseases like cancer through natural medicine.  She used herbs,  nutrition, detoxification and meditation techniques.

Walter Last, an Austrian physicist who worked many years in New Zealand before moving to Australia, also has cured many people of cancer and other degenerative disease. Dr Ann Wigmore, an American, is another famous doctor who learned how to treat cancer naturally:  she had had cancer herself, and recovered, adapting her own version of therapy from the ideas of  Dr Max Gerson.    Dr Max Gerson, another  American,  was another  such brilliant doctor:  His life’s work was devoted to helping people with cancer and other degenerative disease.    Dr Gerson’s book on cancer has helped many people, including myself, to recover from disease.  More on Dr Gerson and his book later in this post. Now:

Why haven’t  we got a ‘cure’ for cancer? For a start, the drug companies, which really are the influencing force behind most practising doctors, and most medical schools, do not wish to promote natural cures of any kind, as these will only interfere with the sale of their drugs, and their profits, unless they can take charge of the ‘natural cure’. In most cases, that is nigh impossible, as ‘nature cures’ are very hard work, and require an exceptional determination and perseverance on the part of the  patient, which means that ‘the cure’ cannot  really be bought.

The other reason is that people are very lazy, and do not want to put the hard yards in to get their health back.  They believe that they have been targeted unfairly in that they have ‘got’ cancer.  They, in most cases, want to believe that the physician has  all the answers with his drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation  for cancer.  They don’t want to hear about the environment, how it has become polluted through our own stupid fault, and that we should ALL be changing our lifestyles for clean,  more fairly run, honest and healthy agricultural communities.  No –  most of us  don’t want to think about the extent of it, or make radical changes when we get cancer.   All most people want to do is carry right on doing what they are doing,  succumb to the advice and the treatment by the physician, take their medicine,  and hope for the best.

So we must take some of the responsibility for this stupidity ourselves.  It is not just the drug companies who are at fault here.  They simply are profitting from people’s laziness:  they fit  into the scheme of things because people want to take the easy way out:  by using weedkiller to kill the weeds instead of pulling them out;  and by taking drugs when they get sick, even if they don’t do the trick.

Dr Samuel Epstein, in ‘The Politics of Cancer’, gives many instances of drug companies controlling and monopolizing the ‘healing’ world, and healers themselves,  by putting people out of business, and banning certain products and activities, because they pose a threat to their dragnet of wealth gained from the sale  of pharmaceuticals all over the world.

Whenever a herb or some other remedy  looks as if it might be effective in treating a condition,  then drug companies are the first to step in to try and patent it, or get it prohibited so that the public do not have access to it anymore.  Such an example is  the case with turmeric, and comfrey, or ‘knit-bone’, both of which are powerful healers.  Comfrey, unfortunately, is banned in most western countries now, but turmeric has had abetter fate, because, as it is an important food item in India, it has just managed to escape the hungry mouth of the drug companies  turmeric tiger which wanted to patent it for their own profit.

Drug companies have been known to shut down  the practices of doctors or naturopaths, or other healers who have been successful in treating cancer.  Some famous practitioners have even been thrown in jail and their successes denied, through the actions of jealous drug companies.

I have just found a very important book on the subject of cancer.  It is called ‘The Cancer Conspiracy’, written by Dr Toni Jeffreys PhD, published by Crows Nest Books, P.O. Box 607, Warkworth, New Zealand 1241.  This edition is 2000, although there is an added note in the book which says a further edition will come out shortly.

This is such a great book.  It is well researched, right on the mark, and written with great heart.

Dr Jeffreys has a similar view to Dr Epstein in that she does not have too much respect for modern day medicine, which seems to be linked so strongly, like glue, to the drug manufacturers.

Dr Jeffreys parallels the drug-making machinations to those of the tobacco industry.  It has taken literally decades for the tobacco companies to finally come clean, when they knew all along that smoking caused lung disease, including cancer.  The ‘research’ they did never targeted real issues of health, and were rigged to show favourable results for the tobacco industry.

It is the same scenario now with the problem of cancer:  We are forever being led down wrong trails under the name of research, simply because the drug companies, who are the richest organizations in the world, do not want anyone to find a cure, or point out that the cause of cancer is actually inherent in our sick,  industrialized society. 

Cancer is a microscosmic  symptom of  the vast and wide macrocosmic sickness and disfunction which we ourselves have created.

So it goes on.  Money is continually poured into ‘research’, which only serves the purposes of the drug companies, because they decide exactly what things they want to do their research on.  Of course, they don’t choose to spend their research money on the obvious  thing which really would help people and the enrvironment – the cause of sickness – as making people well would not bring them in their money. The whole medical and drug hierarchy relies  on people being unwell, and being reliant on their drugs.

The big business of chemical production and sales begins with the very food we eat.  It is sprayed many times with chemicals which are often made by the same chemical companies, or associated chemical companies, which produce the drugs further down the track, to ‘treat’ us once we have become ill from consuming their pesticides and herbicides.

Alternative Cancer Treatment which Has Worked in Many Cases:

I am really pleased and excited to see Doctor Jeffreys  talk about the Gerson programme of alternative cancer therapy, and the Gerson history:   Dr Max Gerson literally cured thousands of people  of cancer and other disease during his working life.  Of course, not everybody survived, but many did live to tell the tale.

Dr Max Gerson is one of those doctors who was literally hounded by the FDA, pushed on  by the dug companies of his era.  Dr Gerson was  eventually forbidden to practice in America, and was chased away, out of the USA.  He set up a clinic for treating cancer and other degenerative disease in Mexico, which is  still being run,  by his daughter, today.

You can contact the Gerson Institute in Bonita, Califormia, or the Gerson Research Institute in San Diego, California for more information regarding treatment at a Gerson clinic.  Or you can buy the book to  read about his amazing success rates, and gain an insight into just how his treatment works,  basically, through  detoxification  methods and nutrition.

I have described elements of the therapy  which I have found helpful in many posts on this site, but I do recommend that you read the entire book.

Read merrilyn’s other related posts entitled:   Benefits of Castor OilRegrow Teeth;   Regrow Hair;   Detox Diets;   Prevent Cancer;    and Cancer/Post for Anthony for a little insight into just how detoxification and nutrition  can benefit health.

Dr Max Gerson’s famous book entitled A Cancer Therapy:  Results of Fifty Cases,  Station Hill Press, was reissued in 1997.

Dr Toni Jeffreys also talks about the natural treatments of  John Hoxsey and his son Harry Hoxsey, who were famous for their health advice and herbs which they freely gave away.   The Hoxseys were  alternative healers  who were also forced to give up the  practice practice of healing naturally. They were brought to eventual ruin, and the elder Hoxsey was thrown in jail.  A Hoxsey clinic still survives in Mexico, but this is the only place where you can take advantage of the Hoxsey healing herbs.

Varicose Veins Treatments

Techniques which improve the circulation are  the most important of Varicose Veins Treatments.

You can look at merrilyn’s posts  entitled ‘Causes of Varicose Veins’ and ‘Yoga for Varicose Veins’ for more information on how to improve the condition of varicose veins.

Here are some more ideas for varicose veins treatments which have not been covered fully in the other posts.

Hydrotherapy: The Foot Bath:  The simple foot bath can be done at home at any time to help relieve aching varicose veins.  The foot bath on its own will  improve the circulation, and help to reduce swelling and pain, but we can enhance the therapeutic action by adding certain herbs and spices.

Try and do this hydrotherapy treatment once a day, or twice if your condition is very bad.

Get two large bowls or buckets, big enough for your feet to sit in comfortably, and more.  Half fill one of the containers with cold water. Half fill the other with hot water which is at a comfortable bathing temperature.

Add half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and half a teaspoon of ginger to the  bowl of hot water. Cayenne pepper is very good for improving varicose veins, as it helps to shrink them and reduce pain. Both ginger and cayenne pepper boost the circulation.

Begin with the feet in the cold water. Leave for half a minute, then transfer the feet into the warm-to-hot water. Leave in the hot water for a minute. Put the feet back into the cold water bucket for another minute, then return to the spiced-up hot water. You may need to add a touch of boiling water to the hot water bucket after a few minutes. Be careful to add just enough boiling water to heat up the water to a comfortable heat again. Do not have the water too hot, as this will harm your legs and possibly burn you.

Finish the hydrotherapy off with the feet soaking in the warm-to-hot water.

You can experiment using other herbs and spices in this footbath treatment. Herbs and spices which increase circulation are the ones to use here. I would use cayenne pepper in combination with either cinnamon, or ginger, turmeric, or cloves.

Note on Varicose Veins Water Temperature:   VERY HOT water should never be applied to the varicose veins.  Hot baths are best avoided.  If you are taking a bath, then the bath water should be only warm to medium hot.  Showers are considered best for people who have prominent or painful varicose veins, as showers do not prolong heat to the legs.

Massage to Soothe Veins: After the foot bath treatment, massage the legs gently with almond oil which has a few drops of rosemary oil added to it. This will soothe the veins, but also help circulation.

Cold Herbal Compress for Painful/Swollen Varicose Veins:  Make up an infusion using  healing herbs. You can use either comfrey, or borage, marigold flowers, chamomile flowers, witch hazel flowers, or use a combination if you like. Take up to half a cup of the fresh herbs. Put into a pot and add two cups of boiling water. Put on the lid. Leave on the stove to gently simmer for just one minute. Take off the heat, and leave to cool.

Soak a piece of white linen or cotton in the cold liquid. Wring out the cloth and apply it to the sore or swollen varicose vein. Put on a piece of plastic, and wrap lightly with a bandage. Leave the leg up for 20 minutes while you let the compress do its work. Take off. Repeat throughout the day as necessary. You can keep the mixture to dampen the cloth again before each application. Make up a fresh herbal mixture each day for use as compresses.

Drink Silica-rich Teas to help strengthen the veins and heal them from the inside.  Silica-rich teas are those made with  oat-straw, comfrey, borage, nettles, horsetail, chamomile and rosemary.  Drinking plenty of herbal teas such as these will not only provide you with silica and other nutrients, but also cleanse the kidneys, improve your hair growth, and help the intestinal functions.

Homeopathic Hamamelis is considered to be one of the best remedies for healing the veins. Witch Hazel is made from the same plant.  You can use Witch Hazel externally on the legs, and take the Homeopathic equivalentof Hamamelis internally.  Just three or four drops of Hamamelis 30x, three times a day until relief is felt.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also great supplements for helping to relieve varicose veins.

Vitamin C Dosage: Between 1000mg to 3000mg of Vitamin C, preferable a non-acidic type, could be taken until better. Calcium Ascorbate or Ester C are good ones to go for.

Vitamin E Dosage :Take the standard dose as stated on the bottle for Vitamin E – best not to give large doses of Vitamin E.

Castor Oil:  To clear the liver, gall bladder and bowels, use castor oil once a week as a remedial measure for the veins.  Congestion in the digestive system, over time, will lead to the veins becoming distended.  So to prevent varicose veins from forming, take 2 tbsps of castor oil in the morning, once a week.

For serious conditions, you could follow the Gerson programme, which uses castor oil every second day.  Gerson used this method to cure cancers, mainly, but he insists it will cure any disease if his recommendations are followed to the letter.

Causes of Varicose Veins

The Main Causes of Varicose Veins

Lack of exercise,  being over-weight, high cholesterol,  poor nutrition which leads to constipation, lack of Vitamin C, E,  Calcium and Magnesium, and alcohol and tobacco use are  some of the main causes of varicose veins.

Lack of exercise causes poor circulation, which can lead to varicose veins. Constipation puts pressure on the veins, especially those in the legs and in the groin area.

Sometimes, an injury can predispose a person to getting varicose veins.

Prevent Varicose Veins By Getting Enough Exercise. Walking, swimming, dancing, cycling, are all good for the legs and improve the circulaton. Such simple exercises as the sit-up, or yoga ‘churning the mill’ exercises are often all it takes to cure the body of constipation. (merrilyn will put a post up on yoga esercises for constipation following this article)

Yoga head stands, and slant-board exercises, are helpful to the veins in the legs. It is a good idea to do, say, 10 minutes,  of an upsidedown pose if you have been on your feet, or in your chair for much of the day.

Prevent Varicose Veins by eating High Fiber Foods.

Prevent Constipation:  High fiber foods will ensure that you do not suffer from constipation. High fiber foods also help to protect you against high cholesterol, which is another contributing factor in people getting varicose veins.

Vitamin C and Bioflavanoids are excellent preventers of varicose veins. High fiber diets, especially where fruit and vegetables are eaten raw, will provide high amounts of vitamin C and Bioflavanoids. A supplement of Vitamin C  can be taken daily to help treat varicose veins.

Vitamin C : A non-acidic form such as Ester C, or Calcium Ascorbate can be used – Take 1000 mg three times daily if your condition is severe. Take 1000 mg a day as a preventative, especially if you have a sedentary job.

Vitamin C, like Vitamin E, helps to dissolve deposits in the veins, so it is extremely important in treating varicose veins. It also aids healing, like Vitamin E.  Vitamin C helps to keep the body alkaline, which is very important in preventing and treating varicose veins. It also helps to reduce toxins in the blood.

A supplement of  Vitamin E – 1200 IU daily- can be taken to treat severe cases of varicose veins,  according to Dr Wagner/Goldfarb. He recommends that you build up to this dose SLOWLY.

Vitamin E helps to reduce swelling, aids healing, and keeps the blood platelets from sticking together. It helps circulation. It is also an antioxidant and aids healing of the veins.

Note:  Whereas Vitamin C is safe to take in anything up to 3000 mg a day, Vitamin E needs to be introduced carefully, and in small doses: Some people may react to such a large does as the one above which Dr Wagner recommends, so ask your health practitioner before you start Vitamion E treatment for varicose veins. Because Vitamin E thins the blood quite dramatically, it must not be taken with other blood thinning medications such as WARFARIN.

Calcium and Magnesium are  often deficient in the diets of people with varicose veins. Calcium is important in building healthy, strong tissues, so your veins need a good amount of it in order to remain healthy.  Calcium helps you process your food properly, and helps in elimination of waste products. You need vitamin C and vitamin D and magnesium for calcium to be assimilated properly. Take a supplement such as calcium citrate for easy absorption, or read merrilyn’s recipe in the post entitled ‘Best Calcium Supplement’.

Diet to Prevent and Help Varicose Veins: The diet should be high in protein, and lower in processed carbohydrates such as wheat flour and sugar.  You  should include plenty of high fiber in every meal: alkaline green vegetables  such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, lettuce,  and mung bean sprouts;  brown rice  with most meals to replace wheat products;  oat-bran porroidge for breakfast, taken with a grated apple.

Eat plenty of root vegetables such as  beetroot, carrots, parsnips and swedes. Include nuts and seeds in the daily diet, especially almonds and sunflower seeds.

Eat plenty of raw fruit, especially apples with the skins left on. Apples are very alkaline, and are very high in fiber. Bananas, pears, and stone fruits such as peaches,  nectarines and apricots are  all very good.

Whole grains such as brown rice  and oatmeal bran will help you prevent varicose veins, and also help you to remedy the condition to some extent.

Lay Off: Sugar, wheat flour, dairy products and alcohol.

Avoid Foods Cooked in Fats. You need fats, but avoid the cooked ones. Cooked fats encourage the thickening up of the blood, which is what you want to avoid in preventing and treating varicose veins.

Eat Vitamin E Rich Oils to Prevent and Treat  Varicose Veins. Opt for  the health-giving oils  which are high in Vitamin E, which thins the blood:  olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil,  peanut oil and wheatgerm oil are all rich in nutrients  which promote health. Use these on your salads to get your daily requirements of fat.

Cleanse the Bowels Regularly: Some sort of Detox Diet should start your programme to repair those veins. You could take a day or two  on apples only, and use  the castor oil treatment on a morning when you do not have to go to work. Try to do a detox once a week.

Castor oil taken internally helps mend broken veins and heal the vein walls. It also cleans your insides out.  Take  two tablespoons in the morning followed by a cup of black coffee. Do this once a week, or every second day if you are totally committed to repairing your state of health.

Some sort of Detox diet should start your programme to repair those veins.

Avoid Sitting Or Standing for Long Periods, and also avoid crossing the legs. Circulation is inhibited when you cross your legs. Circulaton  is impaired if you have a job where you are stationed in the one spot for long, either sitting or standing, or are bed-ridden.  In these situations  you must remember to exercise your limbs every 30 minutes or so. Stretch, bend, go for a walk to the bathroom. If you are in bed, then simply flex the leg muscles and  move and stretch  the feet: this  will help increase circulation.

Massage the legs briefly  every 30 minutes  or so to keep the blood and lymph moving from the legs. This must be done gently if you already have painful varicose veins. You can massage the legs from the knee down even while you sit at your computer, or your piano. It doesn’t take much – even a minute of massage will  remind the leg veins to do their work.

Painful Varicose Veins can be helped by gently massaging castor oil into the legs at night. This has a soothing effect, and will help towards healing those affected veins.

Apple Cider Vinegar can be patted on after a shower. This helps improve the circulation.  Potassium in the cider vinegar is helpful to the veins. The vinegar  also has an astringent effect, and helps shrink the veins to a certain extent if it is used regularly in combination with an appropriate diet.

Anti-Inflammatory Herbs which will help you to shrink those varicose veins are:

Borage Oil. This can be massaged into the affected areas to help with shrinkage. Borage tea could be drunk freely during the day.

Comfrey. Comfrey, like borage, is high in silica and has healing properties which are unsurpassed by other herbs. See if you can get a supply of comfrey to make herbal teas from. Comfrey can be  cooked into a pulp, left to cool,  and used as a poultice on the sore veins. This  is very effective for reducing swollen veins and alleviating pain.

Bromelin. This is another anti-inflammatory. Take 500 mg twice a day, between meals. You could include pineapple in the evening meal as a desert, as this also contains anti-inflammatory properties.

White Oak Bark is another excellent anti-inflammatory. Aspirin is actually a synthetic form of white oak bark properties. White oak bark helps soothe the tissues and the nerves as well, so it is a good anti-stress herb.

Herbs Which Improve Circulation should be used daily. Choose one or two out of either:

Cayenne Pepper, Capsicum, Prickly Ash, Horseradish, Ginger, Cloves or Cinnamon. Ginger/cinnamon tea could be drunk after each meal.

  • The Lemon Diet, or the Lemonade Diet for a day would be helpful in reducing swelling in the legs,  removing toxins, and facilitating healing.
  • Simply take the juice of a lemon, add  a teaspoon of honey. Fill your cup with medium to hot water. Add a pinch of cayenne, or ginger.
  • Repeat every hour, for every hour  of the day that  you can sustain it.
  • If you must break the diet, then try to eat only raw foods such as grapes, or apples, for the rest of the day.
  • See merrilyn’s post entitle Yoga Exercise for Varicose Veins