Ridding the Body of Cancer

You Can Reverse Cancer:  Ideally, cancer prevention is what we should all be mindful of. But if you already have cancer, you might be exploring the alternatives to allopathic treatment.

Alternative cancer treatments are not just the domain of naturopaths, acupuncturists and homeopaths etc. Many conventional doctors have devoted their life-times to treating people by natural means.  In New Zealand, Dr Eva Hill pioneered natural remedies and cures  in  the early 19th century: Walter Last, more recently, helped many people in Whangarei. Dr Ann Wigmore, an American, contracted cancer, cured herself of it, then proceeded to treat other people using the methods she had proved successful. She set up a clinic in Australia after establishing her clinic in U.S.A.  Dr Max Gerson was another famous doctor who researched alternative cancer therapies: his clinic in Mexico still treats hundreds of people every year.These people have helped and cured many people of cancer and other degenerative disease. Their documentation which records their methods and their successes are extremely useful resources as proof that natural cures are possible.

Jacqui Davison, bedridden and  given only days to live after following conventional treatment, was encouraged by her daughter, who had just read Max Gerson’s book on treating people with cancer and other degenerative disease, to start detoxifying.  And so she immediately began taking castor oil every second day, using enemas  daily, and drinking juices, not because she really believed it would work, but because there was nothing to lose, and her daughter was adamant that she try. She lived not only to tell the tale, but to write a book about how she, with the help of  her daughter, had tackled the disease. I found her book to be enormously encouraging. Because it was an account of a lay person’s own  experience, it was very down-to-earth: a step-by-step account of her progress and the methods she used to beat the melanoma.

This article will endeavour to give a guide as to some possible alternative treatments you might consider. Examples will be drawn from my own experience, and from the teachings of the above doctors, and other therapists and teachers such as Jacqui Davison. You  then are best advised to discuss them with your health practitioner.

Years ago I became frightened by a lump in the breast. My health was run down. Emotionally, I hadn’t recovered from the loss of a child about five years earlier. Prior to this very sad event, my young son and I, and my unborn baby, had been aerial sprayed via helicopter with “2,4,5,T”, known as  “agent orange” in Viet-Nam, at our Hokianga home.  “2,4,5,T” was used frequently in New Zealand in the 1970’s as a defoliant, in this case, to rid the hillside of the blackberry which was prolific there. We were very ill after the spraying. Our  drinking water came from the stream which ran across our property, and so poisoning was thus intensified. It is probable that traces of this chemical were still in my body which lead to the development of a lump in the breast a few years later.

I was advised by a doctor to have a biopsy, and that I needed to take it seriously for the sake of my other children. I was grateful to this doctor, as he inspired me to do just that – take it seriously – without a biopsy. The warning was enough for me to change my life-style almost immediately.

I already knew that in some cases, putting the knife in can make things worse, and anyway, I really didn’t like the idea of having a breast off. So I armed myself with the available  literature  of the above authors’ works and began avidly reading.

Dr Ann Wigmore had been sure she had cancer of the breast, as she had seen enough cases of it to identify it when it occurred in her own body.  She changed her life-style and her diet immediately and went to live in the country  in a tent for a while, where she could breathe fresh air and meditate undisturbed. After six months her wheat-grass juice, raw foods and detoxification had brought about a recovery. But her medical colleagues said it couldn’t have been cancer if she had recovered without radiation and chemotherapy, or having it surgically removed. So she agreed to a biopsy to prove her point. The biopsy proved positive for cancer, but the opening of the area caused the cancer to start growing again. So she went back onto her cleansing diet and followed her chosen therapeutic techniques. This time the cancer was more vigilant, and it took her two long years before she had fully recovered.

If you have cancer or some other life-threatening disease, then you need to act promptly. Since a build-up of toxins accompanies the cancerous condition, it is imperative that you start a rapid detoxification programme right away. Personally, I think that even if you have opted for conventional treatment, detoxifying is important if you do not want the cancer to return. Of course, it is essential to combine the cleansing process with a diet rich in organic raw fruits and vegetable and their juices.

Dr Max Gerson believed that if you did not follow his dietary and cleansing regime to the letter, then it was a waste of time trying to cure yourself  naturally if you simply were to choose the elements of the programme which suit. His recipe was tried and true.

Consistency is extremely important whatever regime you choose. If you were to lapse once and, say, eat a plate of macaroni cheese or a slice of chocolate cake following your big salad and juice, then you would be negating the effects of the cleansing, nourishing food by putting clogging food that will feed the cancer into your bowel. This makes more toxins to clear out of the bowel. Even one instance like this can halt the healing of cancer and other disease. Done once, like smoking, it will be difficult not to partake again. This is why Dr Gerson was adamant you stick to his regime without any deviation.  However, there are many different techniques for treating cancer and other degenerative diseases, including conventional allopathic treatments and macrobiotic diets. A combination of treatments can work, but you must be consistent in following your chosen combination of therapies.  The main thing is to avoid forbidden foods completely. These are generally dairy foods, sugar, wheat and cooked food if you follow the recommendations of Eva Hill, Walter Last and Dr Gerson.  Detoxifying must continue, whatever diet you choose, with excellent nourishment taken in the form of non-mucous forming foods.

Each case is different, and each person capable of just so much determined effort. Sometimes our family support systems break down, or we get old and tired and cannot summon up the effort required to sustain a long period following a demanding dietary and detoxification programme. Our circumstances might restrict us as to the availability of organic food, expensive vitamins, and a  life devoid of stress.

But whatever the limitations, and whatever therapy you decide on, essentially, detoxification and maximum nourishment are  the keys to success. The two main elements of Dr Max Gerson’s treatment, apart from the diet of mainly raw foods and juices every hour, were the two detoxifyers – enemas and castor oil.

CASTOR OIL AND ENEMAS: Dr Gerson found castor oil to be the most excellent purgative and healing agent. I used this treatment to rid myself of the breast lump. Two tablespoons are taken  every second morning followed by a cup of black coffee. This has an immediate effect on the liver and gall bladder, exciting these organs to expel toxins stored there. Castor oil has the ability to attract poisons and carry them off, so it is very powerful in helping to cure cancer.

This is only HALF the treatment for expelling toxins rapidly from the body. Dr Gerson found that, initially, his most fragile patients would seem better after the castor oil. But after the third day, they grew worse. He figured out that this had to be because the toxins expelled by the liver were not being carried away fast enough by the bowel, but were being reabsorbed into the blood stream which caused auto-intoxication. This was dangerous, as a life-time of stored toxins were being released suddenly and then being taken into the bloodstream via the walls of the intestine.

One thing for it – ENEMAS. He began using enemas within five hours after the castor oil was taken, and then again several times later in the day. He found his success rate of survivors, many of whom were on death row, increased dramatically after he introduced regular enemas into the routine.

Most people, especially men, are extremely reluctant to put an enema tube into the “you know what”. The fact is, if you have a terminal illness, then you cannot be so proud. Washing the bowel out in order to rid the body quickly of those killer toxins is IMPERATIVE for your SURVIVAL. The more advanced the cancer, the more rigorous the methods needed to stop the cancer in its progress.

Dr Gerson used coffee enemas as well as water enemas. Coffee, taken through the rectum, caused the liver and gall bladder to release poisons quickly, intensifying the effect of the castor oil.
Coffee enemas have the effect of reducing pain, which is helpful in treating cancer and other conditions like arthritis.

I used coffee enemas perhaps once or twice a day as part of my detoxification programme. I have experimented in recent years with coffee enemas to clear the liver, but I find the caffeine gets absorbed into the blood stream which is not desirable at all. This might be because I have weak-walled intestines, and/or it might also be because I have become a coffee drinker in recent years. When you are on this detoxifaction programme, you must NOT drink coffee at all – only once every second day after that dose of castor oil. This really puts you off drinking coffee for pleasure while you are “taking the cure”.

NOTE: The regular washing of the bowel as in the Gerson treatment should not be done unless you have a serious illness. Then you will be taking castor oil as recommended, and following a diet in optimum nourishment. If you were to take frequent enemas and doses of castor oil without replenishing your vitamin-mineral intake through copious amounts of raw juices and foods, and supplements,then you will become severly depleted, as the “good” vitamins and minerals get washed out along with the toxins.

Vitamin C has been used by many to diminish cancer growth and help arthritic and other degenerative conditions. Ian Gawler who wrote ‘You Can Conquer Cancer’ (Hill of Content Publishing, Melbourne, 1984) reports that he has successfully used Vitamin C in the treatment of cats which had confirmed cases of lymphosarcoma. Four out of five cases went into total remission after being given intravenous doses of Vitamin C. He used 1 gram per kilogram of body weight, five days in a row.His treatment of dogs, using the same method, was not so successful.

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