Healing Broken Capillaries on the Face

Broken veins on the face take a time to heal. They take time to arrive, generally, and they take time to heal.  Healing broken capillaries requires an all-out wholistic approach.

Avoid Alcohol and Cigarettes. First of all, it is important to cut out those gin and tonics, indeed, all alcohol, and smoking. These are probably the worst things for the veins.

It is very important to lower the blood pressure if it is at all high. Alcohol, smoking, and of course, toxic chemicals in the form of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and petro-chemicals all have a deleterious effect on the health, including the veins and small capillaries.

Even some medications, taken on a regular basis, can cause a break-down in the small capillaries. A common example is simple aspirin. People often take this to thin the blood in order to hopefully prevent strokes. But this can cause internal bleeding and a seeping of the blood in the small veins which shows up as “broken veins”. If you take aspirin or its counterpart, you most probably have already noticed that wee red spots show up on the tender skin of the upper belly. This is an indication of the bleeding which is going on through the capillaries as a result of  taking this type of medication.  These go away, in time, if the aspirin-for-stroke treatment is discontinued.

Keep the Diet Alkaline

An alkaline diet is important in healing any disease. High fiber greens such as  cooked broccoli, and lettuce and sprouts  in salads, apples, bananas, are all good foods to help your health. Eat good quality oils such as avocado oil, grapeseed oil, wheatgerm oil, to get adequate vitamin E to help with the healing of the broken capilliaries. Eat adequate protein: fish is an especially good  healing food.

Do go and talk to a naturopath or homeopath (or your doctor) to see about alternatives and if it is safe for you to discontinue with your medication.

Hints for healing and to remove broken capillaries:

Avoid alcohol, tobacco, toxic chemicals, make-up, and medication (if your health professional advises it is safe to do this)

Take an active role in stabilizing your blood pressure it it is high. More greens, more fruit, enough good quality protein each day. Avoid sugar, cut down on coffee. Avoid dairy products except for butter. Cut down on bread: Instead, use more brown rice in the diet.

Vitamin E Supplement  Take the maximum dose of vitamin E which is very helpful in strengthening the walls of the veins and capillaries. (But do not take vitamin E if you are taking blood thinners such as warfarin)

Vitamin C/Ester C  Take 1000 mg of vitamin C morning and night. This also helps remove toxins in the veins, and aids in their  healing.

Cayenne Pepper Use cayenne pepper daily. Just a small amount on your food will give you the benefit of an improved circulation. You can put a little cayenne pepper in your shoes to get the same effect.  Cayenne pepper, because it improves the circulation in the larger blood vessels,  helps reduce the small broken capillaries on the face.

Use comfrey leaves – boil up a couple in a cup of water until they have become very soft. Let them cool, then mush  up and apply over the face before bed.  Leave on the face for 5 minutes. Put the remainder in the fridge to use over the next 2 or 3 days. If you can’t obtain comfrey, then you could use cut cucumber to lay over the cheeks for five minutes. Yoghurt smeared on the skin is another food which helps to aid healing.

During the day, use apple cider vinegar which is high in potassium and vitamins to dab onto the skin several times a day. This combines well with the comfrey or yoghurt treatment.

You could try the herbal/homeopathic Weleda brand of cosmetics. These are truly petro-chemical free and are totally organic.

Vitamins for Hair Growth

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements are very useful in helping to maintain, or to regain, good health. We are fortunate that we can buy these at most supermarkets and health food stores, and we pray that this situation may long continue. The best vitamins for hair growth are outlined below, with that king of minerals, zinc, and his trusty retainers, magnesium and silica.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B is important for good digestion. It is important to have enough of this in the diet for us to be able to deal with stress. If we are deficient in Vitamin B, then stress related conditions like eczema and hypoglycemia can result, with a lowering of normal stress levels. This can, of course, result in the hair falling or thinning.

Falling hair is a sure sign that your diet and your life style need adjustment. While you are working on improving the state of these things, it is a good idea to take a Vitamin B complex supplement to give your health a boost so that you may recover both your health and your hair more quickly.

Vitamin B is a priority for hair growth. Take the maximum dose on a daily basis to improve the health of your hair.

Vitamin C

This is needed especially if you are not eating enough fresh fruit, but Vitamin C is good for overall health as it helps in the assimilation of other vitamins and works as an antioxidant.  It also helps in maintaining good skin tone. The scalp is skin, and so it benefits by having an adequate supply of Vitamin C in the diet.

Vitamin C helps enormously in our ability to cope with stress. Take ester C, or calcium ascorbate at night to help you sleep well.

If your health is below par and your hair is showing signs of falling out, then taking 1000 mgs morning and night will help.  Start with just 1000 mg in the morning. After a few days,  build up the dosage by taking again at night. Cut back to just the evening dose if your bowel motions remain disturbed.

Vitamin C also aids digestion. Good digestion means you will absorb more of the nutrients which you are eating in your food, which, in turn, helps to build up good health and strengthen the immune system.

Vitamin C works as an antiseptic and a healer. It is also a  mild sedative, so this should help you to sleep well if you take a dose at night-time. Loose bowel motions can occur initially, but do not worry. This is just your insides  clearing themselves of debris. Drink extra water to help with the cleansing process.

Halibut Liver Oil

This contains high amounts of Vitamins A and D. Both these vitamins, taken in the fish oil, help the growth of nice, healthy, shiny hair. Take the maximum dose each day if you are working on hair which is thinning.

I took slightly more than the stated dose when I needed the benefit of Halibut Liver Oil Vitamins, but I cannot recommend this practice to people reading my article. Especially when any of the family had a chest infection, I doubled the dose, but for one or two doses only, as that was all that was needed to beat most infections. After that, I would return to a maintenance dose about twice weekly.

Best to take this in the morning, as Halibut Liver Oil  might interfere with your sleep if taken too late in the day.

Zinc and Magnesium

The above list of Vitamins for Hair Growth should be helpful to all those who are building their health in order to have better hair.

But the supplements Zinc and Magnesium  must be mentioned in this article. These two minerals are highly important for recovering your health and your hair. It is best if you take the full set of recommended vitamins, rather than just buying these, but if you are on a budget and can only afford ONE vitamin, then get the combination which has both of these.

Zinc helps you cope with stress. A deficiency of zinc and magnesium could result in your having thin hair, or hair which is falling rapidly.

Zinc helps in the digestion of carbohydrates, so it is especially important for anyone with allergies, or anyone who suffers from hypoglycaemia.These conditions can cause the hair to fall out. A diet low in sugar is needed. It is best to avoid wheat and dairy products if you think you might be sensitive to these. Upping your zinc intake is sometimes all that is needed to improve digestion of these foods.

Zinc is low in New Zealand soils, so most N Zers need an extra boost of zinc with magnesium at least once a week. If your hair is thinning, then you should take a daily amount of the recommended dose. Do not ever take more than the stated dose.

Because our food is lacking in these minerals which creates  a need for NZers   to buy these supplements , it seems a crime that drug companies are driving to get the monopoly on sales.

Zinc with Magnesium should be the first mineral  supplement to the diet if one has thinning hair.

Silica is an essential mineral for the health of the hair. You can buy homeopathic silica in what are known as ‘cell salts’. But the easiest way which you can help your hair in its requirements of silica is to eat a bowl of oatmeal porridge every day.  OR you can drink oat straw tea, which is especially high in silica. Comfrey tea is also high in silica……….

Comfrey Tea – for internal and external use

A good natural way to get a high count of minerals and vitamins into the body to benefit the hair is to take comfrey tea on a regular basis. Two leaves simmered in a pint of water will give you a tea which is high in silica. This helps the growth of hair, nails, teeth and bones. It helps heal liver and intestines and skin conditions like ezcema. Take a small cupful morning and night. Keep the remainder in the fridge for up to two days, then make a fresh lot if you haven’t finished the first brew.

Comfrey Hair Rinse:  The same brew can be used, once it has cooled, to put through the hair after washing. If you are making a special brew for use on the hair, then you could make the mixture slightly stronger by adding a 3rd leaf to the pot. The silica in the sliminess of the leaf really makes the hair shine beautifully. It also helps heal the scalp to prevent dandruff.

Comfrey supplements in tablet form, if you can get them, and shampoos and soaps with added comfrey, are a good idea. But nothing beats the effects of the fresh herb, brewed up for 5 or 10 minutes, taken as a tea and/or applied as a hair rinse.

Apple Cider Vinegar:   This is great for promoting hair growth. If you apply it after using soap or shampoo, then the alkaline effect from these products is negated. Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium and other minerals and vitamins which nourish the scalp. It is best not to use iodine on the scalp right away if you have rubbed apple cider vinegar into it. The two do not combine well. Wait for the following day after the application of cider vinegar to apply any iodine to the scalp.

It is best not to take apple cider vinegar internally on a regular basis if you have falling or thinning hair. This is because candida albicans is a problem with many people, and this condition can contribute to hair loss. Putting the apple cider vinegar onto the hair when it is still wet will feed the hair follicles directly. This shouldn’t cause problems with candida unless you are in the early stages of recovery. Use about a dessertspoonful of apple cider vinegar for one treatment. Don’t wash it off.

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Iodine Hair Growth

Iodine Can Help To Restore Hair Growth

It is important to consult your doctor or health practitioner first of all, before using any iodine on the hair.  Some people do not manage to follow instructions very well, and I have had several people claiming that the iodine treatment made their hair fall out. No responsibility can be taken on my part if hair continues to fall, or if you use the iodine treatment unwisely.

If these people had followed instructions faithfully, and only used no more than two finger dabs of pharmaceutical liquid iodine to put on the hair, then no problem should have arisen.

But do ask your health practitioner first, before using any iodine on the hair.

This is how I use iodine on the hair:

After each wash, dry the hair well, then apply just two finger dabs of liquid iodine onto the scalp. Do this while the hair is still damp.  Then massage the hair thoroughly to distribute traces of iodine over the scalp.

A trace of iodine is all that is needed to encourage hair growth. Your hair follicles will absorb small amounts of iodine into the scalp, which will nourish the hair roots.


Merrilyn’s new book is available on Amazon:


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Yoga Breath and Sleeping Well

Learn How To Sleep Well With Yoga Breathing;


This article will give information which will help you to reduce tension and help you to sleep properly. The yoga breath is an integral part of spiritual healing.  By doing yoga breathing, you  will  take in the prana which will raise your vitality.  This vital force not only helps your own health – by practicing the yoga breath regularly, you will have  more energy to help other people heal themselves.

The most important techniques mentioned here are age-old practices derived from yoga teachings.

The health benefits of yoga breathing are numerous. A calmer brain, better circulation, better concentration, being more focussed, and a feeling of well being will all come with doing a simple yoga breathing practice each week.

The most basic of the breathing exercises are the alternate nostril breath and the OM chant. They are both easy to perform. Both are great oxygenators of the blood. Their good and healthful effects on the nervous system are felt almost right away.

Recommendation: Start with just one of these exercises below, either the Alternate Nostril Breath, or the OM chant practice.
You could safely add the Breath Counting Exercise No. 4,  done in bed at night, to either exercise  No.1 or 2. But don’t overdo things. It is better to start with a moderate amount.

1) Alternate Nostril Breathing:

This can be done in bed at night if you haven’t managed to practice earlier in the day. It calms and soothes the brain and regulates the breathing, all of which help to relax the body and calm the nerves.

Ideally, you will choose the same time each day to perform the exercise so that you get the maximum benefits of a regular practice. Just before bed is good, although in time, you might like to add it to an earlier yoga practice which includes some asanas.

Sit in whatever position you find comfortable.

Take a slow, deep inhalation. Close the eyes and slowly breath out.

Put the right hand middle finger and index finger on the brow between the eyebrows. Keep these fingers on the brow while you perform the alternate nostril breathing exercise. Place the thumb over the right nostril and close it. Breath in slowly through the left nostril. Hold the breath while you lift the thumb off the right nostril. Put the 4th finger over the left nostril and close it. Exhale slowly and evenly through the right nostril.

Repeat the procedure, breathing in through the open right nostril. Hold, block off the right nostril with thumb, release the 4th finger from the left nostril, and exhale through the left.

This constitutes one round. Continue by breathing in again through the open left nostril. Hold breath while you release the right thumb, breathe out through the right, draw in the breath through the right. Follow the instructions for closing off each nostril as indicated above and continue until you have completed 3 full rounds.

After 3 full rounds,  take the hand down from the brow and place on the right knee. Take 3 full, slow breaths as you sit there with your eyes still closed. Repeat the full exercise, remembering to take the breaths with hands on knees at the end of each cycle of 3 rounds.

Do for around 5 minutes to start, and build up to around 10 minutes.

2) OM Chanting:

This is very beneficial for the mind, body and soul. It can be seen to aid spiritual development by the fact that one’s tolerance levels are improved, for a start.
It is an excellent practice to add to your daily routine of exercises, or it can be done at any time of the day to benefit your health and sense of well-being.

OM Chanting  can even be done in the car while you are waiting in traffic. It is a big help in avoiding stress in such situations. Of course, you will do this exercise with your eyes open if you do it in the car. But ideally this is best done in seated position, after your other yoga practice, with your eyes closed.

Never do this exercise while lying down, as the prone position means pressure is put on the larynx it you speak. The voice-box is hurt if you lie down to chant or speak

So- important to be upright in a seated position for benefits.
Simply take in a deep, slow breath and say OM as you breathe out. Try to regulate the breath so that it comes out slowly and so that the sound of OM is emitted in one nice, evenly toned, steady volumed sound.

When you have exhaled completely, fill the lungs with another breath and continue to slowly exhale as you chant OM.

Make your OM chant last as long as you can while you sing out the purest, most even note you can sustain.

This exercise is very good for the nervous system. After a few days or weeks of regular practice, you will notice that the tone of your voice improves and that the sound is steadier and easier to regulate. You will notice, too, that the volume of breath your lungs are capable of taking will expand.

This is the ACE exercise of all yoga teachings in my opinion. No wonder that it is the chant of Buddhism and the favoured chant of many meditation teachers.The Christian AMEN is a little similar but it doesn’t have the same vitality, when chanted repeatedly, as the OM chant. This is mainly because OM has just one syllable, whereas AMEN has two. The vibration from the OM sound vibrates through the head, down the spine and through the entire body. It calms the brain, feeds more blood to eyes, ears and nose, causes a toning up of the nervous system, and encourages the natural flow of  PRANA, or CHI, throughout the body. This effect helps to remove toxins, especially from the ears, nose, throat and brain. You could add this to the Alternate Nostril Breath.

Recovered smokers would do well to practice OM chanting on a regular basis, as it helps to restore and strengthen the lungs and improve the voice as well as calm the nerves.

(Note – I would seriously advise anyone who is still addicted to alocohol or drugs of any kind to postpone the practice of OM chanting until they have ceased taking their drugs for good.)

This is an excellent exercise for singers and for people who do a lot of public speaking, as well as those who simply want a good night’s sleep.

3) Group OM Chanting:

This is a unifying and powerful healing practice. Everyone sits, eyes closed, chanting OM. It doesn’t matter what note you strike. Everyone strikes the note they feel is comfortable for them and joins in the chorus.When the first has finished the OM chant in their own time, they simply take another breath and continue with another OM round, no matter whether the others have finished their OM breath or not. This keeps a continuous vibration of OM which is very soothing and healing to the nervous system. Of course, eventually you will all arrive at a moment when you are all inhaling together, but the object is for everyone to chant in their own time, withdrawing when necessary to take a breath, and then adding to the resonance again by chanting OM. You will find, after 10 minutes of practice, that the sound has become more harmonious, with the chanters naturally favouring of 3rds 5ths and octaves of their own accord. This, of course, is not the object, but just occurs naturally. The idea is to be uninhibited and make whatever note you are capable of holdng for the length of the breath.

4) Silent Breath Counting:
This exercise is taken from Yoga Nidra, or the Yoga of Sleep as taught by Satyananda. Yoga Nidra is preferably done on the floor as part of a daily practice. But this short version can be done in bed.
The OM chant is used here to calm the mind, but it is said silently to oneself. (Remember- no vocal sound while you are lying down, as this hurts the voice-box)
The good effects still prevail even though the OM sound is said silently to yourself, without vocalization.
Close the eyes. Breathe in slowly and deeply, counting mentally ONE…… as you breathe in. Hold briefly, then, as you breathe out, mentally say OM…… slowly to yourself.
Breathe in, mentally saying TWO…… to yourself. Hold. Breathe out slowly mentally saying OM…… to yourself.
Breathe in, mentally saying THREE……etc.
Continue up to TEN breaths.
This oxygenates the blood whilst slowing the mind down. You can’t possibly be considering other thoughts while all you concentration is on the breath, and counting, and silently chanting OM.

5) Prana Absorption Excercise – Hands from  TUMMY TO BROW with Co-ordinated Breathing:

This  exercise, if done daily, will help aid sleep. It is also a very good healing excercise. It is powerful simply done as an energy enhancer and to help destress the body and mind.

It can be done in seated position, or lying prone on the floor in Savasana. Close the eyes.

Inhale, pressing the fingers firmly into the solar plexus in the middle of the stomach. Take a deep, slow breath, filling the lungs completely with air. Imagine the bright yellow energy from the sun filling the solar plexus and feeding the nervous system.

Hold the breath briefly before you exhale as you then place the hands onto the brow at the eyebrow centre. Slowly exhale, imagining the energy from your hands soothing your brain. Repeat until you have done 10 breaths.

The exercise is very beneficial in balancing the nervous system and creating harmony between the chakra centres in the eyebrow centre and the solar plexus centre. For concentrated healing on one area of the body, do 10 rounds as outlined above. Then do another 10 rounds, breathing in with hands on the solar plexus, but put the hands on the part of your body which needs healing as you breath out each time. Imagine the healing force in your hands  going into the area, helping to create a whole and perfect condition.

The simple tummy-to-brow- excercise is good for building up enery, or PRANA n the body if you are about to do spiritual healing to help somebody else. Do directly before you help another person. It helps focus the mind as well as improve vitality.

Ridding the Body of Electro-Magnetic Energies

Sensitivity To Electricity and Electromagnetic Energies:

Beware of cell phone towers, electricity transformers, and the new ‘smart’ meters which have high radiation due to microwaves.  Limit the use of a cell phones and wireless computers for your health’s sake.


There are several very good, sensible remedial measures to take if you have been sensitized to electromagnetic energies,  but of course, avoiding exposure to electromagnetic fields is best, if it is at all possible.

Sometimes, a change of life-style is imperative, especially if you live under high-wires, near an electricity transformer, or a cell-phone transmitting tower.  The microwaves which are emitted from new ‘smart’ electricity meters will damage your health before long, if you have to sleep within three metres of the meter box.

It might be necessary to move house if you are being subjected to strong electromagnetic forces from cell phone towers, or high tension power lines, especially if your health is suffering.  There is an added risk to the health now that ‘smart’ electricity meters have been installed in most houses across New Zealand:  These operate on microwaves, and I believe that they are very damaging to the health. It is important to place your bed well away from these microwave electricity meters, and to avoid spending long periods next to them.

Often people ask me why I don’t take certain vitamins or “do something about it” by using a device which absorbs electro-magnetic energies.

Well, that could be useful. However, even though my health has recovered from extreme electricity sensitivity, I take every opportunity to avoid trouble spots when I can.

Any of the following will undermine my health eventually, if I am subjected to their radiation for too long:  an electricity transformer, a cell phone tower, or high tension wires, microwave-operated electricity meters, and even cell phones.  These things all have the capacity to undermine my health, reduce my immunity to candida and other diseases, and re-sensitize me to electrical energies,  even if I was to take the best of remedial measures.

One example of an effect which cannot be lessened by therapies, except by distance from the source of radiation, or the wearing of a special mask, is the burning to the eye tissues, which transformers, cell phone towers, ‘smart’ electricity meters and power lines all cause.

Remedial measures are all very well, but there is nothing better than avoiding the source of the problem in the first place.

I have often had to make a decision to move away from a house or location when my health has been undermined through things I cannot change.

So – What are the symptoms of electricity sensitivity, or microwave or radiation poisoning? If you find that your nerves are shaky, your bones ache, your hair bristles when near power sources, or travelling in the car,  or your hair is falling out, or that you get electric shocks from touching car doors, or metal objects, or even house windows, or you get head aches or your nose bleeds in the car when driving down a motor-way which is lined with pylons carrying high tension wires, you have a few symptoms which are most probably electricity-related.

Depression, anxiety, eczema, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure might go along with any of the above symptoms.  Cancer, arthritis or Parkinson’s disease could develop if microwave or electrical poisoning continues over long periods.

You might like to see a health professional regarding treatment, but some simple steps which I have found to be helpful are the following:

1) Spend as much time as you can “earthing” yourself.  Walking barefoot on grass, especially damp grass after rain or a fall of dew, or walking on damp sand, or paddling in water, particularly sea water, are all very helpful in expelling electrical energies.

Do one of these every day – several times a day if you are severly affected.

2) Walking: Wear soft soled shoes – leather soles are good, because leather does not inhibit the connection between you and the earth. If the sole is to be a man-made material, then choose a thin soled shoe, as this will  “earth” to the ground better than a thick-soled shoe.  Many people suffer unnecesarily because they spend their days at work, or at home, wearing shoes which do not allow the electricity from the body to naturally flow into the earth.  Even if they do get to walk outside on grass or earth, with thick-soled shoes on, the effect is like that of walking on air: they will not receive the health benefits of nature’s natural earthing.

This results in one experiencing electric shocks from touching things, hair falling out, water retention, or simply in shakes and tremors developing, which is a sign  the nervous system is being literally burnt out.

3) Avoid synthetic fibres for all purposes, especially  for clothing,  bed-linen and bed coverings, carpet and drapes.

Clothing made with synthetic fibres forms an encasement around the body which provides a great conductor for electro-magnetic energies. This creates a huge disturbance for the body’s own auric body, or energy field: this system is very finely tuned compared to the super-imposed one which is created by the wearing of synthetic clothing, and a way of life which prohibits the natural expelling of unwanted energies.

Bed linen and coverings also play havoc with the body’s own electrical circuit.  These things are bound to cause restless nights, with headaches and anxieties, and nervous twitching of arms and legs, etc.

Even if you do not have a discernable sensitivity to electro-magnetic fields, you will find you sleep better with pure cotton sheets and woollen blankets, rather than their synthetic equivalents.

4) Avoid the colour red, especially for sheets and garments which you will wear for more than several hours at a time.

Red or orange equate to the colours of radiation. They excite the body’s nervous system and passions.

Red sheets most definitely result in unsettled nights, and do nothing for one who wants to sleep peacefully.

Switch to white, or blue and green, and avoid the “hot” colours for the sheets on the bed. The same philosophy, for people suffering radiation problems, should be applied to the clothing which one wears by night and day.

5) On the subject of sleep: It is imperative that you move your bed away from electricity wires which are usually hidden in the wall to provide lighting for you to read at night.  This placing of the electric wires, right by the head, is the worst place they could be, as they are closest to the brain.  Over time, apart from experiencing headaches and migraines, the pituitary and pineal glands could be affected. This can result in hormonal imbalances occurring.

Move the bed to the part of the room which is furthest away from the transformer and trails of electricity wires in the walls. Move the bed out from the wall if you have to, and put your head at the bottom end of the bed if there is no way, in the meantime, to distance yourself sufficiently from the electric currents.

You are better to get a bedside lamp to put beside the bed – this can be turned off at the wall when you have finished reading. Make sure that if you use an extension cord. that this is not coiled about you, as this intensifies the magnetic effect.

Overhead lights are usually far enough away from the head and body to be of concern, however, if you live in an apartment block, you have to consider where the wiring is below you for the apartment beneath. Move your bed away from the main tracks of wires which lead to the lighting of the flat below. The T.V. sets of the neighbours on all sides, up and down, also needs to be considered. Do not sleep on the other side of a the wall where a T.V. is placed, neither in your own flat nor that of your neighbour’s.

Avoid sleeping underneath T.V. aerials also – these affect the brain profoundly and, if you are sensitive, will cause memory loss within a short time. I find, when I have moved a sufficient distance away from the aerial, say at least 20 feet,  that memory is restored again.

Apartment living, I have found, is particularly disagreeable to my health

6) Drink plenty of good quality water. This helps in taking away toxins from the body, and also in antidoting radiation – partly in the urination process, which contacts us with earth.

You can solarize your water with the colour green.  This helps antidote the red of the radiation which the body has been exposed to. Just fill a green-coloured glass bottle with good water and leave in the sun for five hours. Experiment with different shades of green using different makes of bottles, as the effect of some is definately better than others, depending on what ingredients have gone into the making of the glass.

7) Bath and shower in fresh or salt water daily – several times a day if you are severley affected. Water is the best thing in grounding us to the earth by transporting electrical energies into earth.

Sea water with its salt content is especially healing of electro-magnetic troubles.

8) Cleanse the body of toxins as much as you can. Metals and other poisons in the body contribute toward its holding in of electro-magnetic energies.

Plenty of fruits and green vegetales are essential.

9) Spirulina and kelp are excellent aids in helping to eliminate radiation sickness.  Use also magnesium and calcium-rich foods or supplements. I have found mag.phos., calc.fluor., slica, Vitamin C and Halibut liver oil capsules to be helpful, although I would advise anyone interested to get a professional to advise on the use of these things.

Professional help for the treatment of candida albicans is a good idea: Sensitive people are prone to candida, and also to electro-magnetic vibrations.

However, this should only be a short-term measure, and a long-term solution to the problem of your environment should be sought. Being candida-free certainly makes the body more tolerant to stresses of all sorts, but if you constantly expose yourself to magnetic forces and radiation, the natural beneficial flora in the bowel is destroyed, which means you will be forever buying expensive acidophilus and other things to maintain healthy digestion. I find that avoiding electro-magnetic forces is a better way than filling up constantly on the things which have been depleted by radiation.

10) Lying still on green grass whilst doing breathing exercises is a very healing practice.

When my arms and hands were suffering badly, with constant tingling, pins and needles and numbness, I found going out several times at night onto the cool green lawn to touch the damp grass for 5-10 minutes at a time helped the condition enormously. I made this a practice during the time I spent in the gold-mining town, when the trouble for me was at its worst.

11) The Power of Prayer was the thing which finally brought about a healing for me. This was a remarkable experience: nothing but a miracle. I was at a friend’s house near the gold mine, and felt that I was about to terminate my existence on the earth. I was near collapse. My heart was barely going, and my breathing had become shallow. I felt the only thing to save me was the beach: I had to get down to the beach and get into the water.

My friend drove me down. I  suffered the usual nose bleeds on the way, which appeared every time I drove down a road lined with power lines.  This time, the pain and anguish was terrible, and I thought I would not last the time it took to get to the beach before having a stroke or a heart attack. Nor did my friend, who put her foot down to get me there as soon as possible.

Well – we made it.  I went straight to the water with my clothes on, into the waves, praying hard, drinking the water, putting handfuls of water over my head, continuing to pray, drink handfuls of water and douse my head.

Suddenly, as I did this, something incredible occurred. The “thing”, with all its disturbing facets, just left me. The place was filled with light, and  what I believe people call ‘The Holy Spirit’ filled me with life anew. In that instant, I was aware I was “saved”. I knew I would never have the problem again in the same way I had experienced it.

I was truly healed, and I thank God and my unseen Angels, an the best Angel of all, the friend who helped me get to the beach that day.

I am sensible these days about where I live: I choose my abode as carefully as I can. I am still sensitive to electro-magnetic energies and their high-frequency vibrations, but I am not made sick from them, provided I treat them and myself with respect by keeping my distance.

These sensitivites can be put to good use in matters of healing, which subject will be discussed at another time.

Note:  This post was written around ten years ago.  Now, there is another challenging us all in 2015, and that is the advent of new so-called ‘Smart Meters’ which have replaced our old analogue systems of electricity meters. The rays from these new meters are affecting my health very badly at the moment.  The problem is in having such a small flat where one cannot escape the effects of the microwaves being emitted from these meters: I have not one, but two meter boxes on my lounge wall. It is very much like having two mini cell phone towers in my living room and kitchen.

It is not so bad having ‘smart’ meters if you live in a large enough house where you can get at least 7 metres or so away from the meter box. But theyare a hazardous thing when your living area is so small that you cannot escape their microwaves.  Very bad for the eyesight, the nervous system, mental health and overall physical health.

‘Contact’ energy have been very good and removed the microchip from my daughter’s meter in Dunedin. Alas, the situation with my house is not so straight-forward, since I do not own the house.  Because I have someone else’s meter alongside my own one on the wall, I am subjected to an on-going double dose of whatever the authorities is considered a ‘safe’ dose.

I have moved my kitchen into the bathroom for now, which is the furthest point away from the  meter boxes on the living room wall. It is likely I will be moving shortly.