Iodine Hair Growth

Iodine Can Help To Restore Hair Growth

It is important to consult your doctor or health practitioner first of all, before using any iodine on the hair.  Some people do not manage to follow instructions very well, and I have had several people claiming that the iodine treatment made their hair fall out. No responsibility can be taken on my part if hair continues to fall, or if you use the iodine treatment unwisely.

If these people had followed instructions faithfully, and only used no more than two finger dabs of pharmaceutical liquid iodine to put on the hair, then no problem should have arisen.

But do ask your health practitioner first, before using any iodine on the hair.

This is how I use iodine on the hair:

After each wash, dry the hair well, then apply just two finger dabs of liquid iodine onto the scalp. Do this while the hair is still damp.  Then massage the hair thoroughly to distribute traces of iodine over the scalp.

A trace of iodine is all that is needed to encourage hair growth. Your hair follicles will absorb small amounts of iodine into the scalp, which will nourish the hair roots.


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