Minimum Dose In Homeopathy Has Been Proven As Effective

Homeopathy Works: Opponents of Homeopathy love to spout emotive words which will induce the public to ignore Homeopathy, such as ‘quackery’ and ‘nonsense’.  ‘Totally crazy’, is a favourite term of one New Zealand doctor right now, who is trying to get his medical colleagues banned from using homeopathic medicines in their surgeries.  This sentiment is driven by the drug companies who fear Homeopathy as a competitor for their prescription drugs.

Homeopathy has never been allowed to ‘take off’ – the drug companies and medical authorities in the USA have seen to that.

We expect that all doctors are well-educated honest individuals who have the interest of the patient first and foremost.  We, the public, do not see any of these people as having  ulterior motives in prescribing all those vaccinations, blood thinners, and the like.  Sadly, this is not the case, although I think that many doctors themselves are conditioned by the drug companies into thinking that there is nothing better than prescription medicine.

Meanwhile, the drug companies have banned comfrey from our herbal gardens and household usage, and many other valuable herbs besides.  Now, they are trying to get herbal medicine restricted, if not banned, and Vitamins and  homeopathic medicine restricted or banned as well.

Their main argument against homeopathy is that ‘there is nothing in it’, and that homeopathy is nothing more than a placebo.  Well – I have an argument for these doctors, which I will share with you presently.

Many doctors who should know better, stand on the band rotunda claiming that there is no proof that Homeopathy works, and that there is no power in ‘the minimum dose’.  This is simply untrue:  For a start, these doctors resist gaining any knowledge about using homeopathy, and they resist learning about the many success of homeopathic medicine.

The opponents of homeopathy also manipulate statistics by not publishing vital information about homeopathic medicine. There is a wealth of documented provings, and research into minimum-dose-homeopathic medicine, which go back almost 200 years.  But these research findings are never divulged to the public.  In fact, in the USA in the 1920’s, it was illegal for homeopathic physicians to publish any findings or information on the effect of homeopathic medicine. This marked the official beginning of the movement to keep homeopathy out of the public domain, under wraps,  and discourage doctors from using it.

The drug companies began to gain great wealth in the 1920’s, and this wealth manifested an influence and certain prestige amongst the learned medical circles.  Governments always like big companies who generate big tax dollars and foreign revenue for them.  So the drug companies were given an influence and a pride of place which over-rode any strivings of the humble homeopath to practice his healing art:  Homeopathy is not a money-making concern, as there is no dependency built upon homeopathy, which there is in allopathic medicine.  This means that there is not a lot of  money to be made in homeopathic medicine, because people do not need life-long prescriptions of homeopathic medicines.  It is the dependency upon drugs, and their on-going use, which the makers of prescription drugs feed and thrive upon.

So of course, these drug giants do not want to let Homeopathic medicine gain a hold.  If given a chance, it could very quickly over-ride the popularity of allopathic medicine.

Well – here is the experiment which I read about, and which proves that a minimum dose DOES COUNT, and IS EFFECTIVE.

This research was outlined in the New Zealand Herald last year:  Research scientists found a cause of ‘Bee colony collapse disorder”:  The main reason they discovered that bees were dying in their droves was that they were exposed to VERY small amounts of a nicotinoid poison which was being used as an insecticide.  Nicotinoid toxins are common in insecticides at the present moment, because they are very effective.

Now the interesting thing was that the bees were dying, though this nicotinoid poison could not be detected in their systems.
But the scientists had previously deliberately exposed these bees to a certain amount of nicotinoid toxins:  They KNEW that the bees had been exposed to this poison.  All the bees who had come into contact with a minimum dose of nicotinoid poison caught viruses which killed them.  But the bees who did not come into contact with minimum amounts of poison, did not get sick from a virus, and did not die from either infection or poison.

This experiment should be a warning against using toxic herbicides and pesticides, as it shows that even tiny amounts of poison can cause a myriad of health disfunctions:  If chemicals do this in insects, then there is a liklihood that humans and other animals will be affected by the same poisons as well, although just how – who knows?  We should not be waiting to find out.  All toxic chemicals should be banned from being sprayed into the environment, anywhere at all.

This shows how miniscule amounts of certain substances  CAN and DO have an effect on the living organism.

Homeopathy uses the power of the minimum dose to effect healing:  Certain substances will produce a certain effect on the body if they are used in the natural state.  Digitalis is one remedy which will cause you to die of heart failure if you eat a leaf or two from the plant.  But when digitalis is used homeopathically, it becomes a strengthener of the heart, and will help many heart conditions.

There are many, many, homeopathic remedies,  each one having very specific properties which negate those very same symptoms of illness which the primary product will induce in a healthy person.

There are, and always have been, alternatives to allopathic medicine. Prescription medicines have their place, of course, and we would not be without surgery, which saves many lives.  But for many complaints, Homeopathy would cure them, thus removing any need to stay on prescription medicine for the duration of the life.

If you wish to avoid risk-laden vaccinations, then Homeopathic medicine is a fine alternative.  There are no permanent side effects to homeopathy, which there very often are with antibiotics, vaccinations and many other prescription medicines. Go see your Homeopathic physician for advice about those vaccination alternatives, for a start.

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