Low Sperm Count Natural Remedies

A Low Sperm Count

This is something which troubles many men these days. Stressful lifestyles, nutritional deficiencies, and chemical poisoning via toxins in our food, and chemicals in the  environment, are to blame.

Electromagnetic radiation in the form of electromagnetic energy which is emitted from high tension wires, and electricity transformers, and radio waves which now literally bombard into our city environments via satellites to run all sorts of technology, including  massive amounts of cell phones,  are responsible for many health problems which people suffer these days.  Diseases which can be caused by electromagnetic energy and radio waves in the atmosphere are:  cancer, nerve disfunction diseases such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis and infertility/low sperm count.

Much can be done to improve fertility and low sperm counts.  However, if the cause is due to radiation and chemical poisoning which has damaged the genes before birth, then not a lot can be done.  An example of this would be if either of your parents had been exposed to 245T, or Agent Orange, in Viet Nam:  This has caused birth defects and infertility in many young people born in Viet Nam since the war, and in the children of soldiers who fought in the war.  A low sperm count could be the result  if you had been exposed to many X rays, or your mother had been exposed to excessive X ray radiation before you were born.

However, if you were born healthy and your infertility problem, or low sperm count,  has resulted from a stressful lifestyle, then you have a good chance of being able to restore your health and improving your sperm count.

Avoid alcohol and other drugs: It is important to stop using alcohol or any kind of drugs, unless they are prescribed, of course – even then, many prescription drugs can damage the health and lower your sperm count.

Alcohol has an acidic effect on the body, and this is to be avoided if you are trying to bring up your sperm count.

Marijuana is one of the worst kind of drugs for interfering with both brain  and sexual function. Alcohol also has a bad effect on the reproductive organs. Both these drugs interfere with digestion and rob you of  the essential vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.  Marijuana and alcohol and other drugs  DO affect your sperm count and your general health by depleting the body’s resources, and by weakening the nervous system.  It is essential that you  avoid these drugs if you wish to improve your sperm count.

Stop Smoking and Reduce Coffee. These are two very important requirements to improve your health and restore the sperm count to normal.

A Detox Diet is important at the beginning of your treatment:  in order to get  your body functioning normally again, you need to eliminate the poisons being held in the body.  Getting rid of toxins in the blood and in the liver will help you to improve your general health and your sperm count.

Using Castor Oil To  Detoxify can be helpful in improving the health of the whole body.  Using castor oil once or twice a week, combined with a diet which includes many fresh fruits and vegetables, and adequate protein, could improve your sperm count.

Fasting on fruit and vegetable juices is one way which you can detoxify the body.

An Alkaline Diet:  Keep the diet on the alkaline side to avoid a low sperm count.  Alkaline foods include:

  • Most fruits:  Apples are especially alkaline.  Grapes are also good. Kiwifruit, pears, peaches, apricots, prunes, dates, are all good alkaline foods.
  • Most vegetables – especially the green leafy vegetables such as silver beet and spinach. Some of the other alkaline vegetables are:   globe artichokes,  broccoli, green beans, kale, cabbage, carrots, olives, parsnips, swede, garlic, onions, leeks, beetroot.
  • Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds are excellent alkaline foods for bringing up your sperm count.  These are very high in calcium, especially sesame seeds, and this makes them a high quality food for revitalizing the sexual organs.  The calcium and essential oils in sesame seeds and sunflower seeds make them good nerve food, which you need more of to counteract that stress you feel, and to help you sleep well.  Munch a handful of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds just before you go to bed.
  • Almonds, too, are a great restorative food.  You can eat six to nine a day to help improve your sperm count and your general health.
  • Avoid Acid Foods:  These are sugar,  wheat and wheat products, including bread. Bread is one of the worst offenders of the acid-making foods we eat in western diets.  Try to avoid eating bread completely, and switch to eating rice instead. Sugar is a very damaging food as well, and is best avoided whilst you restore your health.
  • Brown rice is more alkaline than white rice and has more nutrients than white rice, including vitamin B. This is an excellent food to replace pasta, bread and pastries in your meals. Brown rice  is even  less acid forming than potatoes.
  • Meat is an acid-producing food. Cut down on your meat intake and try to eat more vegetarian proteins instead, such as sunflower seeds, almonds, avocado, and dahl made with lentils and split peas etc and organic free range eggs.
  • Best to avoid dairy products for a time, until you have recovered.  Dairy products, with the exception of butter, have a mucous-forming effect on the digestion, and this can interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the intestines.
  • Eggs are good, especially egg yolk without the white.  This is a restorative, nutritive food which is given to people with serious diseases such as cancer. Two raw egg yolks can be taken a day if you are on are vegetarian diet.  Of course, ensure that they are free range and organic if that is possible.  If you are on medication for high cholesterol, or some other condition, then check with your doctor or health professional before you take raw egg yolk.
  • Try to eat at least two thirds of your food from the vegetable and fruit range.

Herbs May Be Helpful: Some herbs which are recommended for low sperm count are:

Damiana, ginseng, ginkgo,  saw palmento, celery seeds, liquorice and ginger.

Note:  Ginseng should be avoided if there is any sign of high blood pressure. Ginkgo is not recommended for people who have low blood sugar, as this herb lowers your blood sugar.   Ask advice from your doctor before you try any of these herbs  if you are on any medication at all.

Tight Clothing , Synthetic Underwear, and Circulation: Encourage good circulation by avoiding all  synthetic fibres, or clothing that is too tight.  Go for the more loose style of  cotton underwear. Clothing which is too tight interferes with circulation, and you need good circulation to feed your whole body for it to funciton properly.  Synthetic fibres are bad because they, too,  interfere with  circulation and the flow of energy about the body.

Get Regular Exercise:  This is important to get the circulation going well so that your body organs can be fed the vital nutrients necessary for good health. If you don’t take regular exercise, then this could cause a low sperm count.

Supplements to help with low sperm count:

  • Iodine:  This is very important for the proper function of the body.  Iodine is needed by the thyroid gland – a deficiency could be the very reason your sperm count is low.  To rectify an iodine deficiency, simply dab on some liquid iodine to the scalp or the soles of the feet.  This needs to be done once or twice a week.  Two or three dabs with the finger is enough.  You will keep absorbing the iodine through the pores of  your  skin, even after it has dried.
  • Take a supplement of zinc and magnesium.  A shortage of zinc can result in reproductive problems.  In New Zealand and many other parts of the world, there is a deficiency of zinc in the soil, which means that vegetables grown on these soils will be deficient in zinc.
  • Take a vitamin B complex daily – just the stated dose.
  • Take Vitamin E daily – again, just the stated dose.

Acupressure Points To Massage:  You can do so much towards improving the function of the body by doing shiatsu massage.  By massaging the appropriate  acupuncture points each night, you can restore deficient organs to normal health.

Low sperm count can be treated by using massaging the following points each night before you go to sleep.  The exercise only takes about two minutes all up – it is not an extensive massage, and you can do it sitting up in bed.  All that is needed is for the associated points to be reminded briefly that they need to ‘up’ their performance, and this is how you do it:

  • The sexual organs, whether male or female, are found on the inside of the foot, in the groove  just behind and below the knobbly  ankle bone.  Press into this area with the thumb – just three or four presses is enough.
  • Then move to the outside of the calf muscle, about halfway up the leg:  press three good presses into this point.
  • Move to the knee area:  Working first on the fight knee-cap:   Press in  from the outside of the knee-cap,  working towards the base of the knee-cap.  Work inwards underneath the knee-cap, inching forward slowly so that you get all the points in this area. Pressure needs to be firm, but not so hard that you hurt the bone.
  • Then press behind the knee, at the centre of the crease at the back of the knee.
  • Next, move up to the centre of the front of the thigh.  Press three good deep movements into the very centre of the front of the thigh.
  • Next, repeat all these previous pressure movements on the other leg.
  • Then, after doing the point at the centre of the thigh, come up to the pelvic bone.  Press all along the upper bone, just underneath the outer edge.
  • Come up to the stomach.  Press very gently just three times on the upperside of the navel, about one finger length away from the navel.
  • Move up to the chest area. Press  just below the lower rib cage, in the soft spot at the centre of the chest. Do three light presses here.
  • Move up to the area at centre of the body, on the middle of the rib cage, centred directly between the nipples.  Press this three times, more firmly than the last pressure point.
  • Come up to the neck area – press the point on the lower side of the adam’s apple, on the bone which lies directly below the adam’s apple.
  • Move upwards to the very top of the throat, in the crease where the chin begins, just above the adam’s apple.  Press very lightly here, three times.
  • Move up to the centre of the chin.  Press firmly three times with your thumb or index finger.
  • Move to the outside of the eye in the groove which lies there.  Press this gently three times, on both sides.
  • Move to the front of the ears and press the three fingers in gently.  Do both sides.
  • Do the centre crease inside the elbow on both arms. Move down towards  the hands, pressing the inside of the lower arm gently as you do so.
  • Then press the  ‘Hoku’ point which lies between the thumb and second finger.  It lies in the web where these two fingers are joined with flesh.
  • Put your hands over your ears now, so that much of your head is covered.  Close your eyes and hold for half a minute.
  • Go to the solar plexus area and gently rub the tummy three times in a clockwise movement.

This routine is really not time consuming, because you are only at each acupuncture site for about 5 or 10 seconds.  Do every night for at least three weeks.  Take a break for a week, and begin the three-wek treatment again until you no longer need it.

Impotence Cured: Dr Edward Wagner, with Sylvia Goldfarb, have reported in their book ‘How To Stay Out Of The Doctor’s Office” a case of a man who was cured of impotence by following  recommendations similar to those given above:

This patient’s  circulation was improved by taking yohimbe, (don’t know this one),  ginseng, saw palmetto berries, damiana, vitamin E and zinc. He also took a regular vitamin and mineral combination once a day.  He avoided alcohol and coffee and sugar,  stopped smoking, and took up exercising at the gym.  The end result was that his wife gave birth to twins.

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