Iodine Protects Against Radiation Damage

Cancer Prevention:  Protect Your Health From Radiation Damage

Radiation is One Cause Of Cancer

The Fukushima nuclear disaster is an International concern.  The whole world will be affected by the leakage of radioactive materials, including radioactive iodine, caesium, and other contaminants, into the atmosphere.  The sea water is already polluted around Fukushima.  A Russian cargo ship has been reported as being very high in radiation after visiting Japan.  Food and water has been contaminated with high levels of radiation, not only in Fukushima, but in Tokyo, which is about 150-200 kilometres away from the nuclear crisis at Fukushima.

And the situation is not looking very promising as far as reducing radiation levels in the immediate future.

Risk of Cancer:  There is a risk of succumbing to cancer and other degenerative disease because of the dangerous levels of radiation emitted from the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.  There is a risk, especially to the people of Japan, but to people in many other countries as well.  Here in New Zealand, I can detect this poison in our air, only two weeks or more after the terrible Japan  earthquake/tsunami disaster, which was immediately followed by the melt down crisis at the Fukushima nuclear reactors.

Genetic Defects are caused by radiation.  Children exposed to radioactive elements may suffer genetic damage, which means that they could produce children with physical  abnormalities:  Exposure to radiation when children are developing can also render children infertile, resulting in sterility in adulthood.  This means that expectant mothers should avoid radiation affected areas, and most certainly, they should be taking extra iodine to help prevent absorption of the radioactive stuff.  Babies under a year are especially at risk of getting cancer at a later date if their iodine levels are low.  A little dab of iodine on the soles of the feet once a week will help to protect your baby from cancer.

Ways You Can Protect Your Health From Radiation Fall Out:

Thyroid Function and Iodine:

1) Number One item is IODINE: If your iodine levels are low, then your thyroid gland will draw in as much of the radioactive iodine as it needs to replenish its supplies.  High amounts of  radioactive iodine have been belched into the air  from the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors, and this is what your thyroid gland will absorb unless you make sure that you have enough GOOD iodine, which is dietary iodine.   This radioactive  iodine which is now in our air is poisonous and  accumulative. ACCUMULATIVE means that it will continue to build up, and this will increase your risk of getting cancer, especially thyroid cancer.

Note:  Dietary Iodine is NOT ACCUMULATIVE, which is why you need to keep iodine-rich foods in your diet, or to take a daily dose of an Iodine supplement, such as that given by Dr Maud Frere, below.

Important Functions of the Thyroid Gland:  The thyroid gland is a very important organ of the body.  It controls many functions, including the secretion of hormones.  It helps to keep your body  temperature stable, and  it controls our weight to a certain extent.  Iodine helps the immune system and  thus it protects against infection.  So you can see just how important it is for your iodine levels to be maintained properly, by taking dietary iodine.

We need this dietary iodine under any circumstances, but we need it even more,  after this nuclear disaster in Japan.  All this radiation in the air, food and water,  means that now that there is a risk our bodies will absorb this radioactive iodine from the air and from foods and water, if these things are contaminated with the fallout.

Take Dietary Iodine To Help Prevent Absorption of Radioactive Elemental Iodine.

Kelp and Spirulina For Iodine:  But you can prevent this happening, to a certain extent, if you take organic iodine, such as that found in kelp, or spirulina, or from dabbing a couple of dabs of liquid iodine on your skin twice a week.

Deep sea fish is also a good source, provided that the fish is not already contaminated from this radioactive nuclear fallout.

Lugol’s Solution is another way you can take your dietary iodine.

Home Made  Iodine  Solution: This is a recipe which Dr Maud Frere gives as part of her treatment for cancer:   This would, I think, be a good preventative for cancer as well:

Mix 1 Drachm of liquid Iodine into 2 ounces of pure water.  Of this, take one teaspoon every day.  The time of the dosage is not important, but Dr Maud Frere recommends that just one teaspoonful  is taken once a day.

By ‘uppng’ your intake of food iodine, your natural  iodine levels will become higher, and you will not absorb so much of the poisonous, radioactive iodine which is now in our environment.

Vitamin C – Calcium Ascorbate or Ester C

These types of Vitamin C are non-acidic and are very gentle on the stomach.  Vitamin C i n large doses will help to rid your body of radiation and other harmful elements.  Take between 1000mg and 3000mg per day, only 1000mg at a time, to help with detoxification.  Doses larger than this can be administered by a physician:  There are some alternative doctors in Auckland, NZ, and in other New Zealand localities, who will administer intravenous Vitamin C, but this kind of measure is only necessary when you either have cancer, or another degenerative disease, or you have been exposed to large amounts of radiation, such as by the people working in the Fukushima Nuclear Plant.

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