Candida Quick Fix With Epsom Salts Still Needs On Going Modified Diet

Natural Remedies To Rid The Body Of Candida Without Antibiotics

Of course, you do need to consult with your doctor or naturopath or homeopath or ayurvedic practitioner before using any of these remedies.  And you would generally use only one of the following methods, depending on what your health practitioner suggests.

And after trying a ‘quick fix’ to eliminate candida, you need to still take care with the diet and avoid yeasts, alcohol, sugar, milk products and wheat as much as possible.

Remember that vaccinations and antibiotics can cause candida infections.  Even those flu jabs can weaken your immune system by interfering with the natural balance of organisms in the intestines.

I have found  some natural remedies which will tackle the onslaught of a sudden  candida infection.  They can reduce the  distressing symptoms of candida very effectively.

These remedies are epsom salts, castor oil, calcium ascorbate, and enemas.   Aspirin, baking soda,  garlic, and the kawakawa leaf, from the plant which is indigenous to New Zealand, are also helpful, but the first three mentioned are very quick to act, especially in conjuction with an enema.  Of course, there are many other remedies, such as  homeopathic thuja-echinacea, and herbs such as taheebo, or pau d’arco,  but I will talk here about the remedies which are easy to procure in New Zealand, and inexpensive as well – Epsom Salts, Castor Oil, and Calcium Ascorbate.

1) A Candida Quick Fix Using Epsom Salts:  This is very easy to do.  It works by cleansing the effete matter out of the intestines and other organs.  Rubbish hanging about in the body’s digestive process is a great breeding ground for candida.  Epsom salts also have an alkaline effect on the body and its digestive process – Making the body alkaline  through taking epsom salts for a few days stops the candida albicans from proliferating.  Thus epsom salts is  helpful in normalizing and balancing  the bowel flora again.

Dose For Epsom Salts as a Quick Fix For Candida:  Note:  If you have heart problems, or are unwell from any other disease, then you should not try this remedy.  Seek advice from your doctor.

If you are normally quite healthy, then an adult can take  a dose first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, of two teaspoons Epsom Salts dissolved  in about a pint of warm water.

Next day, repeat the dose with one teaspoon of Epsom Salts in another pint of warm water.  If you have a bowel motion soon after taking the Epsom Salts, then leave the next dose for a day or two.

Repeat for up to three or four doses taken over a period of four days to a week.  This should fix the Candida overgrowth.

You can take 2tsps once a week to help cleanse the insides and reduce candida.

I find that I do not have to follow such an extremely stringent anti candida diet if I use castor oil, or epsom salts, on a fairly regular basis.

2) Castor Oil As A Quick Fix For Candida:  This works in much the same way as the Epsom Salts cleanse, by removing the effete matter out of the bowel, so that there is no old rubbish left around for Candida albicans to breed in.  Somehow, Epsom Salts and Castor Oil do not affect the ‘good’ bacteria in the bowel, which makes them wonderful medicines in treating Candida complaints.

Take 2 tablespoons of castor oil with a cup of black, freshly made coffee, first thing in the morning, before breakfast.  You probably won’t feel like eating anything much after taking the castor oil.  When you do decide to eat breakfast, then eat something light, such as a boiled egg, or a bowl of oatmeal porridge with a grated apple – no sugar – no milk.  Fruit is not meant to be good for people with rampant candida.   I could not eat any fruit at all for a long time after becoming poisoned with asbestos and heavy metals, but these days, I find that eating fruit after taking castor oil or epsom salts works well to detoxify the body of any accumulated toxins and candida.

Wait for a couple of days, then repeat the castor oil dose.  This should fix most people’s candida overgrowth.  However, if your candida is the result of chemical poisoning, then you will have to take the castor oil on a regular basis – once or twice a week, depending on the level of your toxicity.  And you will need to be VERY careful to make sure you avoid all yeasts, sugars, wheat, and dairy products for a time.

If you suspect you have chemical poisoning, then seek professional advice from your health practitioner before tackling either castor oil or epsom salts.

3) A Third Method Which Is A Quick Fix For Candida is Calcium Ascorbate

Calcium Ascorbate is a non acidic form of Vitamin C.  This treatment works a bit like the Epsom Salts method because it makes the body alkaline.  Its effect is almost immediate, like Epsom Salts.  Calcium Ascorbate also works to neutralize toxins in the intestines, and to help eliminate those toxins out of the system.  These reasons make Calcium Ascorbate a very valuable natural therapy for treating Candida, and for helping to keep the body alkaline and free from disease.

1000mg once a day with a big glass of water is an appropriate dose for an adult.  If the infection is very bad, then you could take up to three doses a day of 1000mg each – just until the bowels start to loosen.  Then reduce the dose to between 500mg to 1000mg a day.

4) Using a Warm Water Enema helps to get rid of candida quickly.  You can use the enema in conjunction with any other treatment you decide to use. The enema works by washing out the debris from the bowel, so that  the candida organism has nothing to feed on.  Walter Last ALWAYS recommended the use of an enema – daily if necessary – to help cure any disease. I find his advice to be sound.  Cleaning the intestines with water does help with candida.  Dr Max Gerson is  another healer who insisted on daily enemas to cure his patients of any disease, including cancer.

For the enema, you can add half a small teaspoon of sea salt to around a litre of warm water.

Aspirin – salicylate acid – can be a great help, as can baking soda,  if you have a sudden attack of candida which causes pain in the stomach.  Both these remedies have an alkaline effect. Two aspirins can be taken with a big glass of water. Or a small teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water.  Use these  remedies only as an emergency treatment.  It is not good to take aspirin regularly, and nor is it good to use baking soda regularly. Both these things weaken the kidneys, so only use them occasionally .

Calcium ascorbate vitamin C will also address a sudden attack of candida in the stomach.  Interestingly enough, Dr Gerson used to use aspirin combined with vitamin C as a pain-reliever for his cancer patients.  He found that taking the Vitamin C (which I think was Calcium Ascorbate) helped reduce the toxic effects of aspirin.

Recommended Modified Diet For Candida

Most important thing is not to use reheated food, or to leave food for longer than a few hours in the fridge before using.  Freshly prepared food is best.

This is a version of the diet which Walter Last gave to me many years ago.

It is sensible to try to stick to a yeast-free, sugar-free, wheat-free and dairy-free diet.  No alcohol, no vinegar, no sauces.  Sometimes organic, unpasteurized, fresh milk can be good, especially goat’s milk.  But generally, it is better to lay off milk and cheese.  Soy milk, I find, is often no good because the soy beans have begun fermenting a little in the processing.  Beef, fish, chicken and lamb are good.  Eggs are good, unless you have a specific allergy to them

Avoid processed meats, such as ham, corned beef, salami, and the like.  These often have chemicals and gluten  in them which are not good if you want to correct candida overgrowth.

All green vegetables are good.  Raw celery is especially good for candida, as it contains a natural antibiotic-antiseptic and is powerfully alkaline.

Garlic is another good natural antiseptic for candida.

Avoid mushrooms – these are a fungus, which is a type of yeast, and all yeasts must be avoided.

Be careful of carrots and other sweet fruits at the beginning of your treatment.  The sugar in these can be problematic.  But once the infection has been stemmed, grated raw apples and carrots, and cooked carrots, should be OK.

All good oils such as sunflower, olive, grapeseed, and butter are OK.  Olive oil is especially good.

Freshly cooked rice is good, but be careful not to leave any leftovers more than a few hours before using.  Cooked mung beans I find OK, especially if plenty of garlic and celery are added.  Be careful of all sprouted mung beans and other seeds, as they can get yeasts growing on them due to the several days it takes to grow them.  If your infection is not too severe, then freshly sprouted and carefully washed mung beans, or alfalfa, should be OK.

Toxic Pesticides, Toxic Herbicides, Household Bleach, Detergents, and other strong chemicals should be avoided. These, like radiation, all affect the balance of yeasts and other organisms in our environment, as well as the human body.

I find that candida problems, which manifest in the stomach and the skin with me,  are almost always due to chemical exposure.  I am likely to get a bout of indigestion, with stomach cramps, within a few days of people spraying poisonous insecticide about.  I have noticed that the council’s weed killer, which they have only recently started to use in north Auckland, when the north shore council combined with the big auckland council, brings on the candida symptoms.

I believe everybody in the vicinity of the grass-side verges which the council have sprayed will be susceptible to candida infections.  Only, many people will not realize that the cause of their  sudden headaches, or flu-like symptoms, or lethargy, or bone aches, or stomach cramps, or bowel disorders, or depression, etc, is directly related to the round-up, or whatever, which has been sprayed at their door.  They will trot along to the doctor to get diagnosed with various complaints, possibly even with arthritis which has come on suddenly, when, in fact, many of these complaints will be due to exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation which encourage candida yeasts.

The Brodifacoum poisoning of the Shakespear Park in Whangaparaoa will have increased the incidence, I believe, of candida-related sicknesses in the region.

These chemical sprays or pellets,  as well as household fly spray, bleach, or chlorine cleansers, quickly throw out the balance of bowel flora, which leads to candida becoming rampant.  The candida overgrowth, in turn, lowers the immune system even more, after the toxic chemicals have done their work, so that you might be vulnerable to any flu or viruses which happen to be floating about.  You will be more susceptible to infection until you have  eliminated the toxic chemicals, and combatted the candida so that the  bowel flora is restored.

Epsom salts, castor oil, vitamin c calcium ascorbate, and enemas, will all help to remove the chemicals affecting you, as well as clean the intestines of rubbish.

Radioactive chemicals from the nuclear disaster in  Fukushima, Japan, will be affecting people’s health on a world-wide scale.  Radioactive chemicals are very damaging to the body, as we know.

But – It only takes a small change in the air temperature, in humidity, and the level of chemicals in the environment, for candida to become rampant in an environment.  The people of Japan and the countries close to Japan, will be affected  profoundly, I believe, by this unseen, phantom yeast, because it affects the natural balance of bowel flora, and consequently, affects the immune system.

Which is why, I think, a daily dose of calcium ascorbate vitamin C is a good idea, to allay the effects of radiation chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, etc, etc, in the environment.  Some things we have no control over, and so we have to do the best we can.

9 thoughts on “Candida Quick Fix With Epsom Salts Still Needs On Going Modified Diet”

  1. Excellent information. I tried Epsom salts last night before reading your article. I have dieoff symptoms today. I will continue to use it as noticed such a cleanse this morn. Do you recommend warm water or coffee enemas? And, will this help with Lyme, babesia infections? Would love to hear of any remedies you have on detoxing Lyme, its hard to distinguish between the symptoms of candida and Lyme, although, I do know I have candida. I would also like to know your thoughts if any on morgellons. Do you think this is candida/mold related combined with an organism?

  2. Hello Merrilyn –

    Thank you for writing this post and making the effort to post it..

    My wife has been dealing with an off and on skin issue for several years, and I’m convinced its candida overgrowth.

    It’s interesting you noted that your symptoms are brought on by chemical exposure..

    We live in California in the San Francisco Bay Area, and every time “they” release the chemtrails in the skies above, my wife’s skin issues run into overdrive.

    I’ve purchased and read many books over the years.. Have done many hours research.. And tried several different approaches to healing her skin.

    The key has been her diet.

    As a result, my diet has completely transformed, and while I’ve always been “relatively healthy”, I’m now (as cliché as it sounds) in the best internal and external
    shape of my life.

    I’d like to say my wife is too, but we can’t seem to get a handle on her skin reactions.

    There are times her skin, from toe to chin, literally thickens, turns red, cracks, and bleeds.. Not to mention the obscene piles of dead skin that accumulate throughout our home and vehicles.

    It’s very difficult for our daughter and myself to witness.

    At other times, her skin will completely heal.. I mean completely.. Back to perfect, baby soft skin.

    A true miracle.

    But we just can’t seem to keep it that way with the persistent dumping of chemicals in the sky.

    I’m going to try the Epsom salt and/or Castor oil protocol as you’ve suggested above.

    I’m also very curious (seeing as how you’ve posted this in 2012)..

    Has anything changed since then – by way of approach or suggestion regarding the salt and oil approaches you’ve outlined above?

    I hope all is well for you.

    Thank you again for the information, and I hope to see a reply to my question from you.

  3. Dear Merrilyn I’ve been having a yeast infection every month since January 2017 till now September 2017 so do you think this is a candida overgrowth and I’m definitely going to try the epsom salt remedy..I had been eating raw oatmeal for sometime before this started happening I would eat this everyday this has never happened to me & I’m worried just wanted to try something natural before I go to a doctor to put me on strong meds please help & thanks in advance

  4. Hi, Nita, I think you should go to the doctor for a routine check-up – you could be iron deficient, or have some other nutrient deficiency, or underlying condition such as a thyroid problem. (probably not, but best to be sure) I would try cutting out grains for a week or two, and upping your greens, both cooked and raw salads. Generally, for eliminating candida: More greens, protein, and no yeast-containing foods or wheat. Grains are best avoided. I would cut out the oatmeal for a while.

  5. Hi Merrilyn
    I’ve Had Pain in my right for 2 years gastro tests nehative even ultrasound says no stones but still I have upset tummy all the time and pain in right side,
    They want to do a nuclear X-ray which I’m quite worried about.
    I want to do a flush but I’m scared I might do more damage.
    Naturopath re Kona I had a parasite which he’s treated and now he’s treating the gallbladder and stomach acid
    Can I safely ad Epsom salt and castor oil remedies Now and then?
    Thankyou for such great info xx

  6. Hi I’m confused. I used to hear that Candida thrives in an acidic environment. Then about a year ago I started hearing that it thrives in an alkaline environment. When I start paying attention I noticed that the more alkaline I was the more that candida takes over. And that anything alkaline like magnesium’s feeds the Candida. Have you heard this what do you think?

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