Colour TherapyTo Counteract Radiation

Colour Therapy Can Improve Health and Help Radiation Sickness

Of course, if you have radiation sickness, then you will need expert help to recover.  Colour therapy can be safely added to whatever treatment you might be undergoing, and it can be applied at home.

Radiation, as we might well guess, has a red colour. Red is a heating colour, so, to negate the heating effects of red in radiation, its opposite colour blue  is used to counteract the energy of red..  Green, another cooling colour, is also good to use when treating  the effects of radiation.

But first,  – a brief explanation of how and why colour works to heal conditions in the body.

There are seven colours of the rainbow.  There are seven major energy centres in the body, each of which corresponds to one of the colours of the rainbow.  These seven major energy centres are known as CHAKRAS in Indian Hindu and Buddhist philosophy.  The chakras all have their own vibrational rate, and they absorb their own colour and vibration from the food we eat, the thoughts and emotions which we experience, and our natural environments.  There are thera-correspondences between colour, sound and smell.

Colour is in everything – Everything in the world  has a vibration which corresponds to a colour, or a combination of colours. Even homeopathic remedies have a vibration which relates to a specific colour, even though the original ingredient in the homeopathic remedy may be impossible to detect..

Every person has an aura about them which contains all the colours of the rainbow:   the body needs a balance of colours for it to stay healthy.

We absorb much of the colour we need from the environment, from the sun’s rays, from the sea, lakes, trees and plants around us.  You can see, then,  that living in cities which are often devoid of plants and trees will have a weakening effect on your health:  living in surroundings which have a predominance of grey concrete affects the health adversely, as well as  the emotions.  Housing estates which have plenty of green trees and flowering trees, as well as plenty of space for children and adults to play,  will generally speaking have a more peaceful and healthful society than  concrete dwellings which do not have lovely green parks with flowering plants close by.

But we also procure colour from our food, as mentioned above,  such as in green vegetables, the orange in pumpkin and carrots, paw paw and mango.  This is why eating vegetables is so important, especially greens.  Green is the central colour of the sprctrum, which happens to be a healing and cooling colour.. Chlorophyll, the great healer of cancer and many other degenerative disease,  is green in colour:  Green is the colour of life – of forests, healing. cool,  and calm.

When people are exposed to radiation, they absorb more red rays into the body.   An excess of red rays is what causes sickness. So, to counteract radiation, the colour blue is needed to balance out the excess of red.

How To Apply Colour Therapy At Home

A simple blue light bulb can be put into a socket at home.  Basking in this light for around half an hour per day will help relieve the effects of radiation.  You might want to use more, if your nerves have been adversely affected. This therapy will help people who have undergone x-ray treatment and radiation treatment for cancer.

Green Solarized Water

Green is cooling, healing, and helps to detoxify the body. Green solarized water is another way in which you can increase the green rays going into your body.

To solarize your water, simply fill a green bottle or two with good purified water.  Green wine bottles make excellent vessels in which to solarize your water.   Leave the bottles in the sun for several hours, on the window-sill, or outside in the garden. They can be left for up to a day outside, but about four hours is a good time, if the sun is out.  You will find that the green solarized water tastes very sweet, which is a sign that the green colour and vibration has infused your water.

Some people recommend drinking from one to three glasses of green solarized water a day to help purify the body.   However, I find that it is extremely potent and should be used with caution.  Watch how this affects your health.  It should have a calming and cleansing effect, but be careful to use it moderately to start with.

Green From Chlorophyll in Vegetables, Wheat Grass Juice,  and Green Sprouts

Green From Chlorophyll is a great healer. The cooling, cleansing colour of green is used in diets for people with cancer.  Dr Ann Wigmore used wheat grass juice to first heal herself of cancer:  She later used wheat grass juice in her famous cancer clinics.  Green is a great detoxifyer.

Green mung bean sprouts, celery, broccoli, wheat grass juice, spinach, silver beet, parsley, lettuce, spirulina, kelp, are all great natural sources of green chlorophyll.

to be continued…..

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