Vibrations: Electricity, Cell Phones and People

Electrical energies, outside ot the natural ones which emanate from the human body,are very often, in my own experience, the cause of many ailments and conditions of ill health.

The body has its own energy circuit, or auric body, of which part is the chakra system which Indian wisdom of old has recognized.  For the body and mind to function well, this chakra system of energy centres needs to be maintained so that energy fows freely throughout without obstruction.

Relaxed breathing, water, food, exercise, and the vibrational impulses of colour, sound, and positive, happy thoughts, all aid in the healthy maintenance of the auric body and its internal chakra or energy systems.

Vibrational healing of many ailments can be achieved by the correct application of colour and sound, aroma and touch, but so, too, can harm be done by excessive exposure to a constant or repetitive theme of a vibrational influence.

The effects of listening to excessively loud and aggressive or discordant music is an obvious example.This has a bad effect on the chakra system and soul body, and the longer and more regularly that one exposes oneself to music of this type, the more inharmoniously will the chakra system function. The nervous system would be affected,  outer symptoms of a restless or aggressive spirit would be displayed, and after time,  physical and mental ill-health would manifest, not to mention partial deafness.

But not so obvious to many people are the effects of long-term exposure to electrical currents and micro-waves on the human body and brain. The constant vibrations which emanate from the electrical wires, cell-phones, transformers and aerials of all sorts which are in and about your home and work-place represent a potential threat to the well-being of you and your family.

These forces are, for the most part, silent, yet their effects are probably more damaging than listening to the loud, discordant and aggressive music of which we spoke earlier. In fact, these disturbing electrical interferences could be the reason the need is felt by many young people for the playing of so much “bad” or inharmonious music in the first place, and for the display of so much bad temper or conditions of depression in some people.

I feel sure that the high level of depression in New Zealand, of obesity, alzheimer’s, and of increasing violence and unrest in the world has a lot to do with the prolific use of cell-phones, cell-phone transmitters sending out their harmful and disturbing rays, and the electrical “wired-up” state of cities and even small towns.

Even animals are starting to behave out of character. In the urban environment, dog attacks are becoming frequent. People may blame the owners for these attacks, but I feel sure that cell-phone radiation and the high frequency of pitch which accompanies cell-phone use, is a major cause for the increasing incidence of aggressive attacks by dogs. Dogs, it is well known, are very sensitive to, and become very unsettled by, higher frequencies of sound.

In the wild, even, animals are behaving unusually: their rapidly diminishing natural environment and the threat of encounters with predatorial humans are the two main causes for this, but all animals, being very sensitive to vibrations and to higher frequencies of vibration than what most humans are capable of hearing, are therefore  equally or more vulnerable than what we are to cell-phone micro-waves and their disorienting effects.

I reckon the cell-phone and its transmission towers to be an incredibly destructive invention. It potentially  poses more of a threat to health than say toxic chemicals or war weaponry, because its energies, like electricity, are a force whose effect we can’t see, which leads to the cell phone and its transmission technology being an accepted and largely unquestioned part of daily life.

The effect of cell-phone radiation is felt world-wide now. There are linking grids everywhere about, and there is almost no escaping their effects.

I know that the cell-phone and the cell-phone transmitter affect me. I have lived near transmitters, and have owned a cell-phone for a year, both of which experiences have given me an insight into cell-phones, transmitters, and their effect on my own body, brain and emotions.

4 thoughts on “Vibrations: Electricity, Cell Phones and People”

  1. So agree, but haven’t been able to express it as you have.The “wired up” state of our countries is certainly a threat to our future health.I am imagining the trillions of lines of electrical currents bouncing off those satellites up there in space, to satisfy the human need of immediate information & the nonsense stuff that is in the form of games, which so many of our earth inhabitants are addicted to.I am even writing on a PC that is wireless. So, MORE s..t in the air. I haven’t thought alot of all this as I go about in my own little world. I really, really don’t know how this is going to be overcome. My attitude is to have faith in the “power” of those human brains who got us into this messed-up, wired-up world in the first place. Naivety?
    From Alison

  2. Yes. You did the right thing, when you were living in the country a few years back, getting those big powerlines removed from near the house. That kind of electrical charge is extremely bad for all physical and mental functions, not to mention emotions.
    I am very fortunate in this new Dunedin flat, because the so-called ‘smart’ meters are situated a good distance from my flat. Also, there are no cell phone towers or power lines of any kind, or even roads, running past my flat. I am at the ‘end of the line’ now, in more ways than one. Ha Ha.
    Now my daughter has removed the ‘wireless’ facility off my computer, the electrical interference about and around my living space is probably as good as it csn get. Whatever electromagnetic currents are around now I find to be quite tolerable.
    Thanks for your comment. Look forward to hearing from you some more.

  3. When we get back to NZ for our six months there we are not on the wireless system for this pc. Here in UK there is just no alternative. Other than not using it which I am not prepared to do otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read the Merrilyn Hope blog. . . .Cell phone is used to the minimum. It’s all awareness isn’t it of changing times with technology & how to deal with things best.

  4. True.
    ps WHO’s (World Health Organization) announcement that glyphosate in RoundUp ‘probably’ causes cancer is at least some acknowledgement – and about time too. The harmful effects of this herbicide have been kept hidden from the public for many years now.
    WHO are supposed to be the world authority on health. I believe they have had their hands tied regarding their silence on the issue. It is possible (or even ‘probable’) that chemical companies such as Monsanto have had an unhealthy influence on the decisions of WHO in the past.

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