Natural Cure For Gall Stones

Herbal Treatments for Gall Stones:

There are several ways in which you can treat gall stones at home, without medications.   A modified diet which consists mainly of raw fruit and vegetables helps to break down gall stones.  The olive oil and lemon juice treatment is another method.  The castor oil treatment is also effective. See my other posts on these treatments.  This post gives several herbal recipes which have been helpful in some cases of ridding the body of gall stones.

Operations for gall bladder removal should not be done unless it is absolutely necessary. It is possible to control the development of gall stones, and to eliminate them through detoxification treatments.   For most people, following some sort of cleansing diet several times a month, and occasionally  using herbal formulas,  will help to prevent  the occurrence of an emergency-operation situation.

Herbal Tea For Gall Stones

This is known as a ‘cholagogue’. A chologogue is a liver cleansing medicine.

Note: Ask your health professional for advice before you try this tea. This tea is no substitute for professional advice: It may not be suitable for you.

Birch Leaf Tea Combination: Combine equal quantities of birch leaf, chamomile flowers, calendula flowers and dandelion leaves. Make tea using one teaspoon of the mixture and one cup of boiling water. Let the mixture cool, then drink 20 minutes before breakfast. Make sure that you drink plenty of water during the course of the day.

This procedure can be repeated before lunch and before tea, using a fresh teaspoon of herbs each time. That’s up to three doses of the tea per day.

Keep taking the tea before meals as described for two weeks. Then stop taking the tea.

Castor Oil Pack to Help Eliminate Gall Stones: Use castor oil packs on the stomach over the liver and gall bladder area while you are taking the tea. Use a castor oil pack at night for three consecutive nights, and then leave off for three nights. Put the castor oil pack on again for three more nights in a row, then leave off for three more nights. Finish the last two nights of treatment with the castor oil pack.

How To Make a Castor Oil Pack;

To make a castor oil pack for the abdomen, use a piece of white linen or white flannel cloth about 18 inches long and about 6-8 inches wide. Fold the edges of the cloth in so that you have three thicknesses. Soak castor oil into the cloth until it is saturated. You can warm the castor oil pack up a little by wrapping some plastic around the pack and leaving it on a hot water bottle for a few minutes. Then unwrap the castor oil pack and put directly onto the skin of the stomach. Put over the plastic sheeting so that the oil does not transfer onto your clothes or bedding. Put a light tea towel over the top of the plastic. Then place the warm, but not too hot, water bottle on top of the lot. The water bottle will cool off, so take this off after half an hour or so. But try to leave the castor oil pack on the stomach for the duration of the night if you can.

Alternative Herbal Tea For Helping To Pass Gall Stones;  This tea is listed in John Lust’s Herbal Book.

Of course, you will choose only one herbal tea combination:  Use EITHER the one listed at the top of the page, or this one.  Do not take both teas.  You can use the castor oil pack to aid the healing process and to help eliminate gall stones for either of these herbal treatments.

Herbal Tea Recipe:

Equal quantities of St Benedict Thistle, Mallow Leaves, Calendula, Pansy, Alder Buckthorn bark, and Milfoil are combined.

1 to 2 teaspoons of the mix are put into a cup, and ½ a cup of boiling water poured over. Let cool and take. The dose can be repeated up to three times in the day. He does not specify how long you should take the tea for.

General Cholagogue For Gall Bladder Problems

This recipe is  another herbal recipe which is recommended by John Lust in his herbal “The Herb Book”. Combine the following:

1 part of Alder Buckthorn Bark

5 parts of Yellow gentian root.

5 parts of restharrow root

10 parts of peppermint leaves.

Take one teaspoon of the mixture and pour over half a cup of boiling water. Let steep until cool. Take between one cup to a cup and a half over the course of the day, taking just a sip at a time.

Gall Bladder Cleanse

Method To Flush Gall Stones

This method for cleaning out the gall bladder and flushing away stones is taken from the book which is written by Dr Edward Wagner and Sylvia Goldfarb. This is an Australian book, published, I think, by the National Library of Australia, in the 1980’s.

Note: The authors state that  ‘The information in this book is not intended as a substitute for consulting your physician.  All matters regarding your health require medical supervision’.

This book is called ‘How To Stay Out of The Doctor’s Office’: ‘An Encyclopedia For Alternative Healing’.

Castor Oil Packs: These are the old stand-by, popular with many healers such as Max Gerson, Walter Last, Edgar Cayce, and many others, including Dr Wagner.

Begin treatment with a castor oil pack to break up stones in the gall bladder:

Dr Wagner’s method for using castor oil packs is to soak white flannel in castor oil, wring out  and apply to the liver/gall bladder area.  Cover with a piece of plastic in the usual way.

I think a warm  hot-water bottle is best applied to the castor oil pack.   Dr Wagner recommends that you leave the pack on for one hour, and that you repeat the castor oil pack treatment twice a day.  Of course, it is best to lie down with the warmth of the hot-water bottle over the pack for this therapy to be truly effective.

Castor oil has the effect of loosening and breaking up stones so that they can be eliminated more easily.

Gall Bladder Flush

I think the castor oil packs for gall stones are best done for a three day period.  Walter last recommended ‘three days on and three days off’ when using castor oil packs.

After the three day period using castor oil packs on the gall bladder area twice a day,  Dr Wagner’s lemon juice and olive oil treatment could be taken. (ask advice from your health practitioner before trying this)

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice Flush

Dr Wagner recommends that nothing be eaten after lunch.  So – fast from lunch-time onward.  Don’t eat tea.  At 7 o’clock in the evening, take 4 tablespoons of olive oil followed immediately with the juice of a lemon – about 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice.  Repeat the same dose every 15 minutes, taking 4 tablespoons of olive oil followed by the juice of one lemon. Take the last dose at 8.45 pm.

Dr Wagner recommends that you go to bed at 10 pm and lie on the right side.  The gall stones should be eliminated in the morning with the first bowel movement.

Dr Wagner believes that getting the gall bladder taken out is NOT the answer to gall stones. Gall stones do not develop because the gall bladder is sick –  Gall stones develop because of liver dysfunction.   So getting the gall bladder taken out does not address the problem of having a malfunctioning liver.

The liver needs to be nurtured and healed with appropriate diet and cleansing  to avoid gall stones forming.

Liver Aids:

Parsley,  Dandelion Root Coffee, Dandelion Greens, all help the liver.  Lecithin helps the liver to process fats:  lecithin which is derived from soy beans can be helpful in restoring liver function.

Cascara sagrada will help eliminate gall stones from the gall bladder.

Castor Oil taken internally also helps to break down gall stones and eliminate them, however, you would not combine this with the olive oil and lemon juice treatment.  You would use one or the other.  Using castor oil packs, though is ok in combination with the olive oil and lemon juice therapy.

Avoid Sugar, Dairy products, and Wheat products. Avoid fried foods.

Get the bowels functioning more efficiently.

Eat more alkaline greens and more raw salads.  Always eat something raw with every meal.

Use a colonic or an enema at least once a week, and more often if the problem persists.

Natural Remedies and Foods To Help Prevent Gall Stones