How To Make Natural Citrus Dye To Darken The Hair

‘Herbs For Health And Beauty’ by Margaret Roberts describes this oil as an ‘Arab remedy for darkening grey hair’.  It is a remedy made just from the green peel of green citrus fruit. It will take about three months to mature, so get your ingredients together to put some down now, so that you can have your oil ready to use in three months time.

Verona-399Photo by Lok

Home Made Citrus Oil To Darken Hair

Take eight GREEN, unripe oranges or grapefruit.  Thinly peel off the green rind of the unripe fruits, and chop it up finely.  Put the peel into jars which have screw top lids.  Warm up enough sunflower oil, or corn oil, to cover the peel in the jars.  Leave in a dry place such as the pantry, for three months to infuse.  After three months time, your citrus oil for darkening the hair will be ready. Massage through enough of the oil to cover all of the hair, and scalp.  Gently massage well into the scalp, then cover with a shower cap and leave for half an hour.  The hot wet towel treatment could be used to increase the colouring action of the oil on the hair.  After half an hour, shampoo or soap the oil out of the hair in the shower.  Several applications of soap or shampoo will be needed to get the oil out.

Use this citrus oil treatment once a week.  After a while, with regular weekly use,  the darkening of the hair will become apparent.

Citrus Oil Treatment will also help to stimulate the hair growth.  Citrus Dye to darken the hair will also work as a conditioner on the hair, to give the hair lustre and body.