Lutein For Vision

Supplements To Help Eyesight

Lutein is essential to the health of the eyes. Lutein is a component which forms part of the potein of the  retina and the lens of the eye, and so lutein is important in maintaining good vision.

People who use computers a lot can have impaired eye function due to the radiation from the computer  screen,  and the focus being gazed for such  long periods on a brightly and artificially lit screen.  Studies have been done which suggest very strongly that the eyesight of computer workers can improve dramatically if they take the supplement lutein.

Lutein has also found to be helpful in protecting against cataract, and in improving the eyesight of people with macular degeneration to some degree.

Dr. Gaby and the Healthnotes Team talk about the value of supplementation of lutein on the eyes in their book………..

to be continued

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