Homeopathic Remedies For Babies Letter To Sneha

Simple Homeopathic Treatments For Colds, Flu, Fever.

Of course you should take your baby to a doctor if he or she is ill.  But you could consider visiting a Homeopath or Ayurvedic practitioner BEFORE your baby gets sick, so that you can learn about Homeopathic alternatives for antibiotics.  Homeopathic medicines can be used instead of vaccinations.  Vaccinations, I believe, and so do many doctors themselves, are very harmful to a growing baby’s immune system.  It is well worth looking into the option of using Homeopathic medicine as a solution for fighting childhood illnesses, as Homeopathic remedies do not pose the dangers to health which standard vaccinations or innoculations or antibiotics do.

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Dear Sneha,
It is really nice to hear from you.  I still have the flu.  I am sitting at the computer with the fan heater blowing on me, so I don’t get cold.  I am still not really feeling like talking much on the phone – mainly because I have to sit in a really cold place to talk.  But I should be able to talk to you on the phone sometime over the weekend.

Homeopathic arsen alb is helping me to recover quickly.  If you take it early enough, it will prevent the flu coming on.

Yes – wasn’t it a great weekend?  I feel like part of the family.  I do love coming to see you both, and you always spoil me so much with all that beautiful Indian food you cook.
No good that little Chris has gotten a bug too.  It may be the same thing which I have come down with.  I am sure he will be OK soon.
Personally, I never used antibiotics at all for my children, and I do not take them for myself either these days.  My children all got better with natural treatments such as extra Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Homeopathic remedies.

I also refused to vaccinate my children, after my first-born became ill from having immunization antibiotics at three months old, and again at six months old.  After that experience, I decided to use Homeopathy instead of vaccinations.  My three younger children did not have any immunization at all, not even for tetanus.  This was a good way of staying out of the doctor’s office.

And I believe that the usual childhood infectious diseases such as measles, mumps and chicken pox are important for the child to experience, as these infections make the child stronger by building up the immune system.  My children all had these infections which I treated with homeopathic remedies and vitamins C and A.

Immunization weakens the immune system, of that I am sure.  It is interesting to note that my one child who did have those first two vaccinations is the one who now most frequently needs to visit the doctor.

Homeopathic remedies are very good, and they are a favourite of all Ayurvedic practitioners.  I am sure you have heard of the  Indian Ayurvedic medicine.  I think it originates in your Kerala province, actually.
Anyway – Homeopathic remedies are the best way to go.

It is great that you are still feeding Chris breast-milk.  Your baby has a stronger immune system when you are feeding him yourself.  The natural antibodies in your milk help your baby to resist disease, and breast-fed babies do not generally get sick in the first six months of life. If your baby does get sick, then  Homeopathic remedies will usually work really well when your baby is breast-fed.

Antibiotics are weakening to the body in the long run, and may even set the stage for cancer and arthritis later on in life.
You really should avoid using them on your baby unless there is an emergency.  Anyway, it is good to see the doctor, especially if Chris’s throat is sore.  This can be a symptom of diphtheria, which is dangerous for children.  However,  it is most likely just a simple flu virus, or a cold.

Homeopathic remedies are sold at most health-food stores.  Belladonna and Aconite are two of the most used remedies for childhood illnesses.  Aconite is used when the illness comes on suddenly, especially after becoming chilled or wet in the rain.  Belladonna is generally very good for when there is restlessness with burning hot cheeks.  Bryonia is excellent where there is a persistent cough, as it helps to dry up the mucous.  Bryonia can be used alternately with Aconite, which make these two remedies very effective in clearing up flu, coughs, and fevers.

You can use Halibut liver oil capsules as well as the Homeopathic treatments.  I used to bite open two capsules and squirt the oil straight into the mouth of my baby.  Then eat the remaining capsules yourself.  Halibut liver oil is one of the best ways of fighting infection.

Apis 3x is a specific remedy for Diphtheria, and so is Phytol. and Lachesis.  However, I do not think that Chris has Diphtheria.  The timing of Chris’s sickness is concurrent with my getting this flu, so it is very likely to be the same thing.

Anyway – Hope you don’t mind my telling you these things.  You may decide you do not want to follow Homeopathic treatments, and stay with those antibiotics.  But I would surely recommend going to see a Homeopathic doctor, or an Ayurvedic practitioner, rather than using antibiotics.

Hope Chris gets well soon.

Thanks again for having me.
Much Love,

Sneha replied shortly afterward:

Hi Merrilyn
I was busy with Chris .I saw your message just now .Thanks for your suggestions and considerations .I don’t like to take the antibiotics in his infancy .ButI am worried about his fever .Its third time he has getting high temperature . Actually he has no flu and cough. However,temperature comes up and down.  So I went to the hospital . I thought if i neglect now it will worse after and I start the antibiotics.

I know about the Homeopathic medicine and its very good  for the children and adults . I thought its in India only .India is a famous place of the Ayurvedic medicines.I want to suggest about these Homeopathic medicines and Ayurvedic remedies  with B.  He knows about these more than me. Its really helpful you said everything from your experience . So I don’t want more clarification for that.

In India, we were using these Homeopathic medicines and everyone likes it. Children still using these remedies for fever and flu there . Thank you for reminding us about that .I heard last month , an Indian Homeopathic  Doctor is available in Auckland.  I don’t know about her details and address. I can contact her later after finish these course of antibiotics of Chris.



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