Iodine Scalp And Hair Remedy

Iodine Tonic For The Health of the Hair:

Iodine is a wonderful, natural, relatively inexpensive item for restoring hair growth and improving the scalp tissue.

Note: However, you should visit your doctor or natural health practitioner for advice on whether you should use iodine or any other natural remedy or technique, for that matter.  No responsibility is taken by this author should the treatment not work, or makes you feel worse or the condition is made worse by following any suggestions made here.  Commonsense should prevail, and so should caution.  Alas, as some comments to my website show, some people lack these components to their make-up, so I must advise a visit to the health professional as a generality for all concerned.

If you apply iodine on a regular basis to the head, you not only nourish the scalp but the whole body as well, as iodine is absorbed gradually through the tissues of the scalp and into the body where it is utilized to help immune function, the improving of which helps to stave off diseases like cancer and arthritis and makes minimal the effects of flu, colds and other infections.

Generally speaking, if you are healthy, then you should have a good head of hair. Generally speaking, if your hair is thinning or falling out rapidly due to sickness, or a shock, or old age, then you should look first to iodine to help restore the hair and the general health simultaneously.

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In the 1950’s, when I was growing up, iodine was commonly used by our mothers so that we would not become iodine deficient and become sick. Our mum would paint the soles of our feet once a week or two, or we would get dosed with iodine via the cut on a hand or leg, where my mother would douse the iodine.

At some stage, common salt became iodised so that we would get enough iodine in our diets. If you do not use salt, then I would say that you are possibly iodine deficient, in which case the Iodine Scalp-Hair Remedy will be an ideal way for you to take extra iodine into your body and nourish your hair and scalp at the same time.

If you continue to use the Iodine scalp remedy, then you should expect to see favourable results after several months, when new hair should be starting to grow. I myself have found the iodine scalp-hair treatment to be very effective.

Of course, you can overdose on iodine – sensitive people or people who have low blood pressure or who exercise too little need less iodine on the skin in order to absorb what is necessary for hair maintenance and healthy immune function. People who exercise a great deal, or swim regularly, can take more iodine on the skin, as much of what is applied will be sweated off in exercise or in the water.

The best thing is to use moderation in using Iodine as a scalp-hair remedy:  too little is better than too much. Too much iodine absorbed through the skin can give you heart palpitations, hot flushes and anxiety if you are at all sensitive to chemicals. However, remember that iodine is a NECESSARY  component for good health, so do use it, but use it carefully.

METHOD for using Iodine as a scalp-hair remedy: After washing the hair, you can apply a little iodine. Just three or four dabs of the finger to the bottle is enough. Each time you dab, put the iodine on a fresh part of the scalp. Then, once you have applied your three or four dabs to the area you are treating, massage with the fingertips all over the scalp. With the massage, you actually transfer small amounts of iodine to the whole head of hair. The massage serves to increase circulation to the hair follicles, which also helps hair growth, and stimulates the kidneys and other organs simultaneously.

Always use the Iodine scalp-hair applications AFTER washing the hair, as if you wash the hair soon afterwards, much of the iodine will be washed away. Try to leave the iodine on the hair without washing it for a couple of days or so to give the iodine a chance to be absorbed into the scalp and into the body.

Two or three dabs of Iodine could be applied to the scalp twice a week, no matter what your body size or condition. After the next wash, dab the iodine to another part of the scalp. In this way, you ensure that all parts of the scalp eventually get treated.

NOTE:  Eucalyptus oil and Apple Cider Vinegar are also good to encourage hair growth and nourish the scalp, but do not use these on the same days as you use the Iodine on the hair.

The reason you do not combine these treatments is that if either one of these items is mixed with iodine, unpleasant and slightly toxic fumes are emitted which can have the effect of making you dizzy. Then you will feel compelled to rush off and wash everything, iodine, eucalyptus, cider vinegar, the lot, which would render your treatment useless.

If you use cider vinegar after washing your hair to neutralize the alkaline effect of soap or shampoo, then wait until the following day before you apply any iodine, or at least 8 hours, I would say.

The Iodine scalp-hair emedy is also very effective in keeping head lice and other lurgies at bay. There again – if the hair and scalp are healthy, then head lice are not likely to be  drawn to it.

Iodine has the effect of acting as an insecticide as well as helping to improve the general state of health of body and hair. The other important thing in treating head lice, though, is to use apple cider vinegar after using soap or shampoo on the hair. Head lice love scalps which are alkaline, either from using alkaline products like soap or shampoo, or from using too many acid-forming foods in the diet. If your child or yourself have succumbed to head lice, then DO use apple cider vinegar after each wash. In this case, you will apply the iodine to the scalp the following day or 8 hours later.

POSTSCRIPT; Last night, within about an hour of publishing this article, I received a bit of spam from somebody trying my intelligence. The question went something like: ‘I have spilt either iodine or hair dye on my white floor. How do I get this terrible stain out?’ ….. In case this questioner is serious….. Try baking soda, slightly dampened with a lot of elbow grease…..but more importantly, you should not be using hair dye whilst you are applying the iodine remedy to the hair, as hair dye most surely will react with iodine. I should imagine the result could be LOSS of hair. If you seriously want to rejuvenate your hair growth, then you won’t be using commercial hair dyes AT ALL.  Powdered henna is natural and should be OK

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81 thoughts on “Iodine Scalp And Hair Remedy”

  1. Thank you for the information. Would it be the same if I used iodine tincture instead as I’m having a hard time finding white iodine. I really wouldn’t mind coloring my scalp as long as it promotes hair regrowth.

  2. Hi Malina – Yes, standard iodine tincture is fine. I never bothered finding the white iodine, as the brownish tincture works just as well. Use moderately, only a drop or two at time once or twice a week for adults.
    Regards, Merrilyn.

  3. my hair gets thinning and falling so i decided to use iodine tincture on my scalp 4 days till now and i used in the morning and night before i sleep . is this ok or am i overdosing it. thanks

  4. Hi Albert,
    On use of Iodine for the Scalp: That’s too much, definitely. Use only twice a week – that is plenty.And be careful not to use too much.
    You would only use only 2 or 3 drops each time you use it, and you would put those 2 drops or 2 or 3 fingertip dabs onto the scalp no more than twice a week. So – put it on only twice a week.
    The iodine does not cover the hair – when you wash it, traces of the iodine will go all over your head, and this little bit helps hair growth. Dab the iodine onto the worst affected area. Massage in. And leave it there.
    When your hair is thinning, you have to look at your diet too, of course. Get a multivitamin and a Vitamin B complex to supplement (unless you are on medication of some sort, then you have to ask your doctor first) Two raw egg yolks per day are used in Walter Last’s treatment for recovery for any illness, as well as bean sprouts, rice, liver juice, salad greens, cooked greens, and fish. I found his diet to be helpful in recovering hair. The Gerson diet is similar. Walter banned wheat, bread, sugar and dairy foods (except for butter)
    Regards, Merrilyn

  5. I found this article very helpful. I’ve just ordered tincture of iodine. I suffer terrible scalp psoriasis. I’ve not had it in 5 years but it’s come back with a vengeance due to stress and I can’t wait to cure myself of this annoying skin problem!

  6. Good luck Charlie. Psoriasis is such a pest, isn’t it? I have found the iodine to be very helpful in treating psoriasis. In saddition, leaving out wheat, sugar and dairy foods except for butter does the trick for me. It can take a little while to heal. As you mention, stress is the worst thing.
    Kind Regards,

  7. Hi there, I stumbled upon this page when I was looking for some answers to my problem. A couple days ago I applied iodine tincture to a small area on my scalp and I just dyed my hair today. I had no idea this would cause a reaction but there it is, a huge dark “stain” on my scalp/skin.

    Is there any way to go about removing this? Thank you.

  8. Hi Debbie. Iodine will stain the scalp temporarily. The idea is that you only dab a finger of iodine on, maybe twice, and then you leave it. Because you keep absorbing that iodine through the scalp for several days. The iodine is applied to the roots and not the hair, and not much is used at all.
    The stain will come off naturally after a few washes. If it really bothers you, then shampoo or soap your hair a couple of times. This will help to remove the stain. Putting a natural conditioner of olive oil on the part affected, and then shampooing, will remove it very quickly.
    But if you want the benefits of iodine, then you leave it on until it comes off naturally. It is possible to use white iodine, but I do not like this method so much, as, since you cannot see the iodine, there is no indication of how much you have applied. You should only use a drop or two once or twice a week.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I got some sort of nick/cut on my neck near my scalp and my mother’s reaction to anything like this is to put iodine on it. I don’t know if that’s the type of thing iodine is used for and have little knowledge of what it does anyway. Funny you mentioned the white iodine, because that is what she used. It was a tiny, tiny cut but she spread the iodine everywhere probably losing track of how much she applied. No harm done though, I’ll take your advice. Thanks again so much!

  10. Glad to hear everything is OK. Putting iodine onto cuts as your Mum did is a good thing – there is no danger of absorbing too much iodine with that sort of occasional use. Just remember not to apply too much too often, though, if you are using it regularly to help hair growth.
    Best Wishes,

  11. what about using styling products after the treatment? i course i would wait after the hair and scalp was dry. also, after washing my hair, could i use a rinse out conditioner? thanx

  12. Hi there, Merrilyn! I stumbled on this blog while looking for information on whether or not Iodine will help head lice… Indeed, I have them and a dry scalp! (hey, any help w/ hair loss may help as I’ve lost some hair in that comb they supplied… I’ve been using olive oil treatment only to treat the lice… I’m very sensitive to all other products- tea tree oil, eucalyptus, lavender, etc)…
    My question is, should I change the amount from 1-2 drops 1-2 x’s per week if I’m using it for head lice? Also, since the iodine tincture has alcohol in it, will it dry out my already dry scalp?… I had initially only bought it for the scabs (and wounds!) I managed to get from trying to comb the suckers out of my hair! (Would you use anything else to keep the head lice at bay?) I was going to soak my head in it and don’t know otherwise how to spread the tincture throughout my scalp? I don’t understand… Thank you!

  13. Hi there Christina. You do not need to use more than a few drops of iodine in one treatment. It does not need to cover the head. Just a few drops, and effect of the tincture will travel through your hair, simply by massaging your scalp, or brushing the hair, or even washing the hair, when it will be distributed, inevitably.
    Regular use of a drop or two of iodine, once or twice a week, helps to deter all vermin – head lice, fleas, etc.
    The house should be kept vacuumed clean. If you cannot use tea tree oil, then try using lavender oil or essence. You can use it homeopathically – just put three drops of lavender oil or tincture into a cupful of water. Put into a container with a lid. Shake the mixture for around 100 times. Then put your lavender homeopathic mixture into a clean vessel which has a spray-mist device on the top. Garden stores sell this type of utility, which is used by people for moisturizing the leaves of their house-hold plants.
    I would spray the lavender remedy through the rooms of the house. This remedy can be very useful for eradicating fleas from a house.
    Alternatively, you could buy a specially prepared homeopathic remedy from Weleda homeopathic supplies, Havelock North, New Zealand. The Weleda people make all their herbal products with organic material, many of which have been grown from their own organic gardens in Havelock North
    Hope this helps.
    Best wishes,

  14. Good evening,
    Merrilyn,your advice about white iodine has really attracted me.But is it safe for a scalp or it may burn it?I’m very anxious of this.I’m waiting for your answer.Thank you.

  15. Hello Chloya. Good question. I have never used white iodine, so I cannot say whether it would burn the scalp or not. Brown iodine is safe to use directly onto the skin, because it is sold at a strength which is safe for this use. My guess is that white iodine will be diluted the same way. Check for details about the dilution on the white iodine before you buy it.
    One reader said somewhere that white iodine was more expensive than brown iodine. This is possible.
    Brown iodine is safer to use, in my opinion – you can see where you have applied it, so there is less danger of putting too much on.
    Hope this helps.

  16. Why only 3 or 4 drops? My whole head itches! I have a fungus problem on scalp and a thyroid problem. The slow one.

  17. You had better ask your doctor about those problems. Get his or her advice on whether or not it is advisable for you to use iodine at all. You may be taking iodine supplements already, in which case you might be best to avoid putting iodine on your scalp. Get your health professional to check it out.

  18. I’ve been using aloe vera directly from the plan on the middle/front area of my scalp. It does help some. I am very healthy and exercise regularly. I’ve never tried iodine but my barber told me about it and I saw your blog. What color does the brown iodine change your hair to? Say if you have black hair like me? I don’t mind using the white iodine, I am sure I can figure out a system. Thanks

  19. Hi Anthony. Thanks for the tip about aloe vera for the hair. About iodine for hair growth: I only ever use the brown iodine. As my hair has become more grey, occasionally the iodine might stain the scalp or the hair a little. But you use so litle of the iodine, that this staining is not a problem for me. It washes out after several washes. Brown iodine would not show up if you have dark hair.

  20. Hi Merrylin,

    Thanks for your post.
    Please help me with your answers to the below questions:

    1. I had Alopecia Areata where in small circular bald patches would appear overnight.
    Along with this AA condition, I’m now having diffused hair loss.
    So, how should Iodine tincture be applied in cases of diffused hair loss?

    2. I take head bath daily. Is it OK to apply Iodine tincture after showers everyday, both on bald patches as well as all over the scalp?

    3. In how many days, the diffused hairloss will stop with this Iodine tincture application?

    4. In how many months, can I get to see hair regrowth in bald patches as well as all over the scalp?

    5. Can I apply hair oil to my scalp in the evening everyday. I would have applied Iodine to my scalp in the morning everyday.

    6. Is it OK to consume one tablespoon of Iodized salt everyday to prevent further hairless?

    Awaiting your answers:


  21. About your hair loss – You need to see a health professional IMMEDIATELY.
    Iodine applied to the scalp will not fix your problem on its own. Your whole diet and lifestyle will need to be examined and improved, I imagine.
    And NO – you CANNOT take a tablespoonful of iodized salt every day to prevent further hair loss. This could cause toxicity and lead to kidney failure and heart trouble, among other things.

  22. Yes – Iodine could be used on the eyebrows. But I think, for eyebrows, it is better to apply castor oil each day. This is a much safer option. Castor oil also encourages hair growth, and it will not harm the eyes at all, if some should escape into the eye. Castor oil can sometimes help the eye-lashes to thicken up as well.
    Perhaps you could dab just a wee bit of iodine on the eyebrow once weekly. But I wouldn’t use both together. Castor oil most of the time.

  23. Also – As a general rule for the majority of people: I wouldn’t recommend iodine put anywhere near the eyes, in case some got into the eye. Unless you were very careful, it would be too risky to be putting iodine onto the eyebrows.

  24. does it make a difference what kind of castor oil i should use? should i buy cold pressed or the regular laxitive kind? thanx

  25. Marilyn
    Can I use tea tree oil instead of lavender oil to eradicate fleas from my house?

  26. What home remedy that can be used to build your white blood cells after taking chemo for leukemia

  27. After putting a bit of hair dye on my frindge it started to thin and I have a bit of a receding hairline at front and sides and a friend told me white iodine is great as it worked for a friend of hers! Also after the hair dye I had a burning/tingling sensation which I’ve had for two years, is is it safe to put it on my scalp and how often do I apply it and how much?


  28. Gosh – I would stop using any hair dyes for a start. Hair dyes are dangerous things, in my opinion. They can cause allergies or skin reactions such as you describe.
    Then do see a doctor or a hair or skin specialist. Iodine should help to restore the hair, but, since you have such a problem, you really need some professional advice before applying iodine or anything else to the hair.

  29. Alcohol based iodine is the stuff I use for treating the hair externally. But Lugol’s solution could be used also: This is very diluted compared to iodine tincture. The diluted Lugol’s solution could be very good for those people who do not want to use iodine tincture on the scalp.
    If you weren’t to use this method of applying iodine directly onto the scalp, then you could take Lugol’s solution internally, in the prescribed dose. It would take a bit longer to have an effect on the hair growth than directly applying a little iodine to the scalp, but it would have an over-all healthful effect.
    Best Wishes,

  30. Thank you Merrilyn for your great tips. Like another poster here, I too have diffuse hair loss (those it’s most noticeable on the crown). I’ve had countless blood tests, investigations, etc but none have found a reason for the hair loss. I’m convinced iodine tincture will help me (and have purchased a bottle) but am unsure how just two or three drops can help when my hair loss covers my entire scalp. Regards, Elle

  31. Hi Elle. No hair at all? Gosh – that will take some work to repair.
    If your specialists have not the answers for you, then the following ideas might be of help:
    Iodine will help recover your hair, but my guess is that you might need to get onto a reparation diet and cleanse, such as the one Dr Gerson used, or similar.
    My hair became very thin when I was a young woman, after 245T aerial spraying over our house and water supply, and after the death of my baby soon after that incident.
    Here is what I did, with the help of Walter Last:
    Mainly raw foods and juices with plenty of sprouts- juices.
    Cooked oatmeal porridge with grated apple allowed. Oatmeal is rich in silica, which is excellent for the hair.
    Eat a large salad twice a day, and always use grated raw apple, skin and all, with the porridge in the morning.
    Olive oil or butter can be used on the porridge, with dates for sweetening.
    But no wheat flour or sugar at all,and no cow dairy products except for butter.
    Fish oils and linseed, evening primrose oil, should benefit the hair growth.
    Massaging diluted oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and pine are usually helpful, but do not use these on the same day you apply any iodine to the scalp.
    Enemas were taken regularly.
    Castor oil is also very beneficial, both for cleaning out toxins from the body, and for regenerating the hair. Internal use and external use of castor oil.

    I have written several posts about diets which can cure cancer – search for ‘cancer’, ‘castor oil’,’hair loss’, Jaqui Davison, Walter Last, or Dr Max Gerson on my blog for examples.
    Best Wishes,

  32. Thanks for all your great advice Merrilyn. I’ll keep you updated on my progress! So very sorry to hear of the death of your baby. Love and light to you and yours

  33. Hello, I just received my “clear iodine” from amazon yesterday, and applied it as you suggested( though it is tempting to use more) what I didn’t see in the article or comments is when should I start noticing new hair growth, to see if its working? Also my friend works for a salon that uses “organic” hair dyes with no ammonia, it’s not henna but… Are they alright to use? I really hope this works! I am also taking your advice on the apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus oil on alternating days. I am using the Malibu 2000 scrap treatment shampoo and conditioner, I hope they are good products!
    Thanks for your valued advice 🙂

  34. Hi Jeanna,
    It will probably take about 6 weekes before you notice the hair beginning to grow after beginning the iodine treatment.

    It is important to maintain optimum nutrition while you are using the iodine for the results to be really good.

    Eat plenty of protein, but try to lay off the dairy foods. Avoid wheat products too. Fish, beef, lamb, free-range chicken and free range eggs are all good. (important – caged chickens suffer terrible lives and are injected with all sorts of hormones and antibiotics which could affect your hair growth and your general health)

    Vegetarian options: Mung bean sprouts, lentils, soy beans and soy products are all good for hair growth.
    Use nettle tea and oatmeal porridge in the diet – both high in silica, which helps hair growth. Comfrey tea is also good in moderation – say one cup a day of a tea made in the usual way. Also up your B vitamin intake especially. Some extra A and D (cod liver oil or similar) and vitamin C would be good too.

    If my hair was thinning, I would be wary of using any dyes on the hair at all, even if they claim they are organic. The stuff they need to use to make the dye set could still impair your hair growth. Wait until your hair has recovered before you decide whether or not to go for the dye. Even then – be cautious.
    Thanks again for your email.

  35. Hello
    I have a case of alapecia areata on my scalp that developed a week ago. It has not multiplied but I am scared it might since it runs in my family. The question I have is that if I use iodone on the affected area (a bald spot on my temple about three quarters of the size of my palm) would that be ok? And because I have alapecia which is an auto immune disease I drastically changed my diet and started taking many supplements, I am also doing a detox as we speak. Can I use the iodone on the affected area more than twice a week? I read some blogs a forums and they say to use it once a day before bed. After reading your article I was not aware that someone could over dose on the scalp and affect the blood stream. I have a specialist appointment for my condition but not for a month 🙁 so I am trying all I can to fix this naturally until my appointment. I have seen a holistic nutritionist about the life style changes I must make.. But I would like something that can grow the hair back quick.
    Thank you for your time

  36. Hi Merrylin,

    I have pcos. I lost lot of my frontal hair and i could see the scalp. Now the hair fall is under control. But the new hair growth is not there. I bought povidone iodine 10% as it is the one available here. Please let me know it can be appiled on the scalp and mixing method also.

  37. 1. what will happen if i apply tinture of iodine regularly. – inactual i have spots of empty area in my head.. and skin looks like dandruffy. i have tries selium shampoo but when used it will clear but after the hair dry the white layer appears again.

    2. i do not have beared on my face. do u suggest something..

  38. Hi I started noticing some bald spots forming on my scalp. I seen a doctor and got my blood tested I haven’t had my results back yet but my doctor suspects it’s alopica. My question for you is will using iodine help me?

  39. Hello! Can i mix iodine and olive oil and masage it , leave it for several hours and than wash?
    Would this be efectiv ?
    I have really thin hair and hypoth. ( i am not taking any medication for it, but the cold sensation is starting to bother me).
    Thank you!

  40. which white iodine to use for hair topically? any recommendations? looking for the best one, ammonia free. plz help

  41. Greetings. It is best to apply the iodine separately. Best effect from the iodine is by dabbing a little on a couple of times a week. Apply after washing the hair. Leave the iodine on the scalp until you wash your hair again.
    You will get the best effect from the olive oil too, if you apply this on its own and leave it there for an hour or so before shampooing it out.
    The iodine would get lost in the olive oil – too expensive to waste like this.

  42. I put iodine on my face on a few spots and pimples, thinking that it would be absorbed as it was in my hands and feet within a few hours. Well the next morning I have spots all over my face….any ideas on how I can get rid of these stains.

  43. I used iodine on my face on a few pimples and scars and it has stained. Any suggestions on how to fade the stains. I honestly thought that the iodine would absorb without stain. I put it on my hands and it was gone in two hours….help

  44. Hi Merrilyn –
    Can you share the name brand of iodine you’re using for your hair? I’ve found the brown iodine but they usually have ammonia and alcohol in it. I’m worried if that’s safe? Is that what you’re using? Please share the brand the ingredients, and where I can find it.

    Thank you so much,

  45. Hi Merrilyn, I am an African American women. I have a decent amount of hair on my head with the exception of a thin/balding area in the back of my head. I am relatively healthy, my blood tests are all in normal range, and I eat pretty healthy. I believe my hair was damaged by extremely hot curling irons at the salon about 10 years ago. Do you think the Iodine Scalp therapy would work for me? I don’t want to do Rogaine or Minoxodil.

  46. Hi Pam
    I wouldn’t use iodine together with anything else. Hair products usually contain chemicals of one sort or another, and these most likely would not combine well with iodine. Could be a very toxic mix.
    Personally, I do not use any hair dyes or conditioners unless they are guaranteed free of parabens and other harmful chemicals. Many of the common additives are not conducive to hair growth, and some may make the hair fall out.
    However, if you have a reliable product, then it should be ok to use it a couple of days after you have applied iodine.

  47. Hi Merrilyn –
    Can you share the name brand of iodine you’re using for your hair? I’ve found the brown iodine but they usually have ammonia and alcohol in it. I’m worried if that’s safe? Is that what you’re using? Please share the brand the ingredients, and where I can find it.
    Thank you so much,

  48. Hello Kay,
    Shame about those curling irons ruining part of your hair.
    Iodine will be helpful, but I think more than anything, castor oil is tops.
    I would massage castor oil into that bald patch every night, and wash it out in the morning. Then, you could use a dab or two of iodine on the damaged part of the scalp twice a week.
    As well, I would take an internal dose of castor oil once a week. Do this over the weekend when you have a day free.
    Taking castor oil internally helps the liver detoxify, cleanses the intestines and aids healing in the body wherever it is needed.
    Castor oil taken internally will help nutrients make their way to the roots of your hair.
    Eat plenty of ground sesame seeds each day.
    Take extra Vitamin B6, B12 and Biotin.
    Take non-ascidic Vitamin C each day too – 1000 mg.
    Avoid wheat and most grains, avoid dairy food except for butter, avoid sugar.
    Plenty of greens, cooked and raw. Mung bean sprouts are very good.
    Drink a cup of comfrey tea OR nettle tea each day for three weeks. Take a break for 3 weeks, then repeat.
    Rosemary tea could be rubbed into the scalp once or twice a week. Leave on for an hour, then wash off.
    Hope that helps to restore that precious hair.

  49. Merrilyn,

    Great informative site! I have read all of the posts hoping to find out what Brand your Brown Iodine is that you apply topically. Stephania has inquired twice…if you feel you cannot disclose then please suggest a direct alternative. On behalf of your fans/readers thank you!

  50. Iodine used to be sold in our grocery stores. Sadly, not anymore. I used to buy whatever iodine was available. No particular brand.
    The old bottle I am finishing off now is ‘Pharmacy Health’ brand. It contains 25g/L Iodine 25g/L Potassium Iodide, Ethanol, and Water.
    Ask your health food store what they recommend.
    Thanks for your question. Hope this helps a little.

  51. Hi Merrilyn,

    I’ve been suffering from hair loss for several years (thyroid tests were normal but I’ve read they can’t be trusted). I tried painting my scalp with Betadine for a while but gave up – probably too soon. That was a couple of years ago. Since then, I’ve tried many things without success. Castor oil just pulled out too much hair, so I quit that too.

    Now I’m revisiting iodine, I read somewhere recently that only white iodine works for hair regrowth, but I don’t believe it and here’s why: I started taking nascent iodine about 6 days ago and already my hair fall has almost stopped. I’ve been taking about 16 mg/day in divided doses of 4 mg each. No iodine on my head yet. After next shampoo I will try it.

    There seems to be an irrational fear of iodine in the West, probably thanks to mainstream medicine’s fear of its effectiveness (threat to their business). Dr. Mark Sircus recommends 12.5 mg/day to restore levels in a year; 50 mg/day to restore levels in 3 months. He gives his kids up to 15 drops in one dose when they’re sick — that’s 6 mg! RDA is in micrograms, they’re so afraid of it.

    In searching for white iodine, I learned that many contain ammonium iodide – YIKES, that’s poison! For those who want to try white iodine, get only the pure stuff like Dr. Clark’s. It’s potassium iodide in water which can also be taken internally.

    If the cessation of hair fall continues, I will start using castor oil again. I have both regular cold-pressed and black castor oil. Black supposedly has more nutrients (different process), but it’s not for internal use.

    I’ve set notifications to stay abreast of this thread, and will post again if/when I experience further changes (like actual regrowth!). Meanwhile, I’m the one wearing a hat.

    My best wishes for everyone’s hair success & health!

  52. Thankyou. What a wonderully informative comment.I do think that taking castor oil orally would help too. When the hair is suffering so drastically, the castor oil approach, along with lots of fresh salads and juiced fruits and veges is sometimes needed to restore the general health, as well as the health of the hair.
    Two tablespoons every second day is used on the diet which Dr Gerson formulated for his cancer patients. But even a dose once a week would help, as well as a weekly application of castor oil to the hair. If the hair falls out with using this, it is not a fault of the castor oil – it means that the hair is ready to fall anyway.
    Two raw free-range egg yolks per day in the diet is helpful. It is also good to include in the diet ground sesame seeds and some almonds.
    Great that you have found good results with the iodine already.
    Thanks again for your letter. Our readers will benefit from your story, I am sure.
    Best wishes

  53. Thank you so much for your kind and helpful response, Merrilyn! I have actually never tried taking castor oil internally. I always knew I could, but the idea kinda grosses me out. I’m a grownup, though, so I promise I will try it.

    I have done the iodine on my scalp after shampoo twice now (5% Lugols the first time, and 2% nascent the last time), and I continue to take about 16mg/day of the nascent.

    Since my hair fall has already decreased so dramatically, I also did a massage with black castor oil in between, with very little hair loss. YAY! I suppose there aren’t that many ready to jump ship any more, anyway. I do know it wasn’t the castor oil’s fault but it was still really depressing.

    I have a very healthy diet — lots of salads made with romaine (EVOO & balsamic dressing), eat lots of broccoli — both sprouts & grownup, juice some orange but mostly eat my fruits. I do drink veggie juice, lots of carrots & cucumber, sometimes kale & parsley. I do smoothies a couple times/week that include raw (organic) egg yolks & coconut milk. I make my own hummus using tahini, but don’t eat almonds. I also take supplements: 6 grams of sodium ascorbate/day, 600mg of ReMag (magnesium)/day, 50,000IU of D3/week, 1 tsp. black seed oil (nigella sativa)/day, plus turmeric, cordyceps mushrooms, and a few others. All with many positive results on overall health!

    YET… despite all this, the only significant impact on my hair loss has been the iodine. I suspect it is helping to replace all the bad halides & other metals that my poor thyroid has absorbed (fluoridation needs to stop!). I also have amalgam fillings I can’t afford to have removed yet. Over 50 years of living with those has certainly added to my mercury load.

    I know that iodine is absorbed very well through the skin, which only takes what it needs (as opposed to taking it internally), so that is what I would suggest to friends. Being your own guinea pig with higher doses is a personal choice and should be based on good research. 🙂

    Thank you again, Merrilyn, especially for the suggestion to take the castor oil internally! Will try to keep you guys posted on my progress. Hair loss is so devastating, even soul-crushing. We all need every bit of help & hope we can get.

    P.S. I bet I could hide that castor oil in my smoothies!

  54. Great response. Thankyou.
    I wouldn’t put castor oil in any smoothie, though.
    It will totally ruin the smoothie.
    Take the castor oil separately, in one gulp, and follow immediately with either black brewed coffee, or a herbal tea.
    Best wishes

  55. Dear Merrilyn,
    I went through your blog and I am going to try brown iodine for my hairloss along with diet recommendations that you have given and will share my experience. I am impressed with this blog and the efforts you have put in to answer each and every question. Many thanks. God bless.

  56. Just found your blog when I searched for iodine on the scalp. Thank you so much! A dermatologist told me that cause of my hair loss is most likely stress, lack of sleep, etc., and she recommended I take iron supplements. I much prefer trying the iodine scalp massage, so will follow your instructions.

    Thank you!

  57. hi, great blog merrilyn 🙂 i have been following your advice on topical use of lugol’s iodine after some patchy scalp loss/itching due to seb dermatitis/stress.
    my scalp feels much better & the itch has gone. a thick layer/crust has formed on my scalp (the iodine).
    i have read that this is a GOOD thing (the crust) & that in time it will come off on its own & new hair growth will be underneath.
    i also realise that it is a holistic issue so diet/habits are also related so i follow a near vegan diet (except eggs), don’t drink/smoke, exercise regularly, take a zinc supplement. i use a ascorbic acid rinse to allow the iodine to not be totally stripped away when i wash my hair.
    should i be letting the ‘crust’ peel on it’s own?

  58. Hi Trent,
    Great to hear from you. It sounds to me as if you have a great treatment worked out. I like the idea of the ascorbic acid rinse – did not know about this.
    I think an application of castor oil once a week could help remove those scaly patches. You could give it a try – massage into the scalp and leave on for a few hours if possible. Then wash out.
    See what you think.
    Thanks again,

  59. thanks for your reply merrilyn 🙂
    yes, the ascorbic acid rinse is great in my opinion. very gentle & all in all, there’s no itch between washes.
    i also find it calms what used to be a very oily scalp.
    when you mentioned the castor oil topically, was this in relation to the ‘crust’ formed by the lugols or the seb dermatitis (which the iodine did clear up)?
    what i’ve found is, that in time, it cracks & peels off on it’s own. so if i don’t mind the ‘crust’ being there, can it be left to do it’s thing or is it likely to be counterproductive leaving the layers there (in case it impacts on the ability for regrowth)? earlier in another reply you’d suggested it can be beneficial to let the iodine come off naturally.
    once again, thanks for all the info you have here – it’s great to have so much detailed info in one place rather than jumping from site to site 🙂

  60. Hi Again, Trent,
    You obviously have the problem under control. I mentioned the castor oil as an option to remove the crust from the scalp – but this is not necessary if this is naturally clearing up after the iodine treatment.
    Thanks so much for giving us the details on the treatment you have used – this will be helpful to people with similar problems.
    Kind Wishes and many thanks,

  61. I am so happy to have stumbled on your blog. For a couple of years, I have not been able to heal the sores, scabs, dryness, on my scalp. When a coworker of mine were talking about getting enough iodine in our diet, I decided to look into iodine as maybe a scalp healer when I went to an Indian grocery store and found iodine tincture. I bought it a while back and I just looked up iodine and scalp treatment and “Voila” here I am. I am hoping I can get rid of my scalp sores once and for all.

    I also read that apple cider vinegar is helpful for my scalp issue. Would you recommend using both treatments at the same time or giving each remedy a chance to work on its own.

    Thank you so much for having this knowledge available to people, I am sure you have helped so many people be hopeful and reassured them that their scalp can feel itch free, without sores and that their hair can regrow to its full potential if we take care of ourselves and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

  62. I would do what the dentist advises. At the same time, I would pay attention to the diet and increase the intake of vegetables such as cooked greens, raw celery, carrots and raw apples, and include plenty of good quality protein such as almonds, sesame seeds ground up, fish, free range eggs and meats. I would keep sugar, wheat and processed dairy milk out of the diet as much as possible.
    Best thing would be to see a naturopath or homeopath for some expert advice.
    Kind Regards,

  63. My age is 44 and I have very thin hair at crown of my head. After reading your blog I have tried applying tincture iodine on bald patches on my scalp daily for 1 month but I did not see any hair growth. I use a cotton swab to apply iodine to the scalp. Is there anything else that needs to be done for iodine treatment?

    Appreciate your advice.

  64. Hello Ajay,
    Thanks for your query. Well, iodine is definitely helpful in keeping a good head of hair, but sometimes additional supplements are required, as well as a better diet. If you have balding patches you really need to see a health professional to check if there is a problem with your health.
    So, go and see your doctor, naturopath, or homeopath, and get an assessment of your health.
    Pay attention to your diet and make it as vitamin-mineral rich as possible. Extra Vitamin B can be helpful, as well as silica, selenium and Vitamin C. Sometimes a homeopathic cell salt can help – silica or calc carb or calc fluor cell salts, or maybe alternating all of these. They will not harm you and should improve your general health to somne degree.
    I found a high protein diet, with plenty of salads and fruit, ground sesame seeds,almonds, and no wheat or processed dairy milk, and no sugar at all, to be very beneficial in restoring my hair.
    Using castor oil on the scalp is also helpful. Try this, leaving on castor oil for several hours if possible. Then shampoo or soap out.
    You can overdo the iodine – just once or twice a week, one or two fingerdabs at a time should be sufficient. You should not attempt to cover the whole head with iodine. A dab or two, then brush comb or massage the scalp: traces of iodine are all that is necessary.
    Do see a health practitioner for a check up and for specific advice for your condition.
    Best wishes,

  65. Hi; I ran across your site while looking for information on iodine’s haircare benefits. Much of the info I found here is helpful but There seems to be a huge misunderstanding about iodine in general. Hair loss, in women especially, from what I’ve read may be due to poor thyroid function which is often due to iodine deficiency. The 150 mcg. recommended by the FDA is a cruel joke. The “Wolf-Chaikov” study often quoted by the medical establishment is a sham as they never conducted a study but only created a theory based on false data to produce their desired result. To discourage the use of iodine. Iodine, Fluorine, Chlorine and Bromine are the four halogens on the periodic table. OF these, Iodine is the only one that “ISN’T” harmful. In fact, during cell division if there is no iodine present the new cell produced may be normal, may have short telomere length (determines cell longevity), may mutate or simply die. So lack of iodine shortens life. The halogen receptors in the body take up iodine, in the absence of iodine they will take up chlorine, fluorine or bromine, actually more readily than iodine. Since our diet & environment are so polluted with these harmful halogens and iodine has been purposely limited in our diet by the medical/pharmaceutical/ industry with the blessing of our government, it’s safe to assume we are all deficient. The thyroid and hypothalamus glands are where iodine is stored. If these glands are polluted with toxins instead, we get sick. Blood completes a circulatory cycle about every 17 minutes on average. With adequate iodine saturation of the thyroid and hypothalamus glands bacteria are regularly exposed and killed. Everyone needs to educate themselves about iodine. There are many good books available on the subject. Informed doctors are even curing breast cancer with topical application of iodine to the breast along with traditional treatments and getting great results. Well sorry, out of time.

  66. Hi there – is it safe and effective to use iodine as a temporary hairdye as long as it doesn’t touch the scalp? And, if yes, will I still benefit from the heathly part of some scalp absorption? I’m looking for a good temporary hairdye to cover my gray hair. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  67. I came across your site a couple of years ago while searching for a cure for hair loss. This was when my mother started losing a lot of her hair due to age. She didn’t use iodine and ended up using Rogaine following her dermatologist advice. Which did help her regrow all her lost hair.

    Recently I started losing a lot of hair in the shower and while brushing, remembered reading your blog. Started researching about iodine, realized that this apparently is an age old remedy used in the olden times. Since I don’t have any health issues whatsoever, thought of using iodine. Lo and behold, within a very short time my hair fall reduced, it was amazing. I am going to continue using iodine. No other product has given me such results. So thank you!

  68. Dear Merrilyn,
    Thank you for your wonderful article and informative replies to the comments. I have 5% Lugol’s in my cupboard. If I want to apply the Lugol’s to the scalp in the manner you describe, is it okay to use more than 2 drops since it’s weaker than traditional iodine tincture? Thank you again for your website; it is such a wealth of information!

  69. My five year old son has aloepecia areata. I’m so glad I found this blog. May I use iodine for him. Will it have any side effects. Please guide me

  70. Hello Sharma,
    You really should take your son to see a homeopath or a medical doctor. These ideas I talk about have worked for me, but you really need specialist attention, to make sure there is no underlying condition of ill health.
    Ask your health professional about whether to use iodine – I think it would be good as a supplement – but diet needs attention.
    Best Wishes,

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