Homeopathy Remedy For Hangover

Natural Remedy For Hangover With Homeopathic Treatments.

I do not drink alcohol any more.  I have the same problem as Peter from Coronation Street. In our New Zealand episodes,  which are about a year behind the UK,  Peter has just started sneaking alcoholic drinks and pretending to his family, and Leanne, that he is not drinking.  But everyone discovered the disturbing truth on Thursday:  He got drunk at the opening party for his and Leanne’s new bar.

Oh dear. …..There, but for the Grace of God, go I.  Peter, we were all wishing that you wouldn’t take that first drink.  Anyway – Here is ‘one for you’,  Peter. Let’s hope this  fixes that sore head that you’ll have in the morning. The best Homeopathic remedy to take for Hangover, which is also used  to treat depression, irritability, constipation and some digestive problems,  is Nux Vomica.

Homeopathic Nux vomica is a remedy which is recommended in several homeopathic manuals for helping hangover, and for treating alcoholism..   It is even mentioned in the book “New Choices In Natural Healing” which is put out by ‘Prevention” magazine.  My copy is 1995, published by Rodale Press, Pennsylvania, USA. In this book, Dr Mitchell Fleisher recommends Homeopathic Nux vomica for hangover, in a 6C or 12C potency.  He suggests taking a dose every three or four hours until the symptoms of hangover  improve. You can buy these potencies, 6C, and 12C,  from most health shops.

Remedies For Alcoholism:

These are taken from the well regarded Homeopathic manual,  “The Prescriber”, by John H. Clarke, M.D., who does not give any remedies for the hangover, but instead, gives several for the treatment of the cause of the problem:  Alcholism.

Nux vomica appears at the top of  Dr Clarke’s list as a treatment for alcoholism.

This great book, “The Prescriber”, was first published in the 1950’s.  It is such a valuable book, and there was so much demand for it in the Homeopathic profession, that it was reprinted in 1995 by Jain Publishers in New Delhi.

Dr John H. Clarke recommends  total abstinence and Nux vomica 3, 4h. for treating alcoholism when there is morning vomiting with tremulousness.

He recommends Avena 5.3, gtt. v. 8h,  followed by Zinc. 6, 4h. when there is irritability combined with nervous depression. Total abstinence would again be required.

When there is chronic vomiting with a white-coated tongue, he uses Homeopathic Antimon. tart. 6, 4h. Total abstinence is again needed to recover.

If there is cirrhosis of the liver he recommends   Sulphur 30 or 200.

Homeopathic Quercus 3-3x, 4h. is the remedy which Dr Clarke recommends for ‘Old drunkards”. Quercus is the botanical name for ‘oak’, and the remedy  is made from the old oak tree.

These remedies would need to be made up by a homeopathic chemist.  However, they give you an idea as to the remedies which may still work in the 30C potency:  These are readily available in most health shops:  The 30C potency is what you can buy without going to see a professional Homeopath.

Note:  Without the Homeopathic chemist, Homeopaths cannot survive.  As Dr Clarke points out in his “The Prescriber”, it would be impossible for one person to make up all his own remedies, even if he had the skill, and the plant, and mineral materials needed were available to him.  Many homeopathic chemists have closed down, and so there is a risk that Homeopathic medicine might disappear.  We urgently need new Homeopathic pharmacists  to keep the tradition of Homeopathic medicine alive.  Food for thought for young people who might consider training as a Homeopathic chemist.  There will be a dire need in a few years.

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