Best Treatment for Puffy Eyes

Best Treatment for Puffy Eyes:

Japanese Green Tea and Ceylon Tea

Some of the best treatments  for puffy eyes are the tea bag treatments,  using either japanese green tea, or black ceylon tea. The castor oil treatment, which is listed below, is also very effective in soothing puffy eyes. Of course, these are not applied at the same time. You need to use them separately.

How to use tea bag eye packs for puffy eyes:

  • Use  cold, wet tea bags applied to the eye for ten minutes to reduce swelling and relieve tired, puffy  eyes. Using cold, wet tea bags over the eyes actually sharpens up your vision too, as the tannin and other minerals in the tea help to nourish the nerves and tissues of the eye retina, as well as the surrounding tissue.  Use the cold wet tea bags  of either japanese green tea, or ceylon tea for your eye packs.

Castor Oil Treatment for Puffy Eyes

Castor oil is the secret ingredient which is used in expensive eye ointments and cosmetics. It is an especially healing oil. Because it is a relatively heavy oil, it has the ability to stick to the tissues of the eyes without running off, which lighter oils, like olive oil, tend to do.

To make an eye-pack with castor oil.

  • Use a small piece of linen or flannel. Fold it so that it is just large enough to cover the eye area. 
  • Pour over a teaspoon of pure castor oil onto each wad of cloth. Lie down, and place over the eyes. Leave on for 10-20 minutes. Store in a screw top jar so that you can use the packs again.

Cider Vinegar for Puffy Eyes

Of course, this MUST be diluted heavily. Never use cider vinegar on the eyes straight from the bottle.  Here is how to make a soothing pack for tired puffy eyes:

  • Put one teaspoon only of organic apple cider vinegar into half a cup of water.
  • Take a piece of linen and fold it into a wad. Dip into the  diluted apple cider mixture. Wring out lightly, and place over the closed eyes. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.

Potassium and vitamins from the apple cider vinegar will feed your eye tissues while you leave the moistened pack on. The acidic nature of the vinegar works as an astringent, which will help those tired, puffy eyes.

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