Vitamin C Megadoses And Diet For Cancer As Alternative to Surgery Radiation and Chemo.

Cancer – Should You Have That Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy?

A family member of mine  called Robert has thyroid cancer.  He was told last week by hospital specialists that he had cancer of the tongue as well.

Yesterday, after his brother  had taken him to see the ‘Centre for Advanced Medicine’ in Remuera Road, where we hoped he would accept the intravenous Vitamin C therapy which his brother was willing to pay for, but which he declined to accept, he was elated to get a call from the hospital with the news that the lump in the tongue was not cancerous after all. This certainly is good news.  If he had had the tongue operated on, chances are his speech would have been impaired, for a start.

This is a shame that Robert declined to take the Vitamin C megadose for cancer, as I believe this might have dramatically reduced those tumours in the thyroid, around the neck, and in the tongue.  When your body becomes overloaded with toxins, the first things which rebel are your glands.  The glands about the neck become inflamed.  Lumps start to develop, perhaps about the neck first, then in the groin, and under the armpits.

But these lumps will often respond to megadoses of Vitamin C, even if that is all you do.  10gm a day of calcium ascorbate powder will usually have an effect. Of course, an even better thing is to employ a detoxifying diet with herbs, homeopathy, and meditation.  Laetrile or amygdalin in the form of apricot kernels – around 6 and not more than 9 daily – will help reduce most cancers in combination with appropriate diet and detox methods. 

Castor oil is a marvellous treatment for cancer, in combination with enemas and rejuvenating diet.  Dr Max Gerson proved this treatment effective and cure many hundreds of people over the years of terminal cancer. He used two tablespoons of castor oil every second day, followed by at least one enema five hours later.

The Thyroid is THE store-house for Iodine. Iodine is a specific for all thyroid problems, including cancer.   Excess radiation can cause thyroid cancer – If you are deficient in iodine, then you are particularly vulnerable to radiation of any kind., as the thyroid gobbles up radioactive particles of iodine to replace the organic iodine it should have been storing.  These radioactive iodine particles cause cancer.  This is why iodine was dished out to people in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, and to people in America who might have gotten the toxic drift from Japan.

Apparently, the specialist at the hospital told Robert that his guess was that Robert had been exposed to excess radiation over time.  We know he has – he travelled every weekend by plane from Wellington to Auckland and back for several years.  Aeroplane travel is an extreme health hazard because of high radiation levels.  Also, he works at a computer all day and often much of the night, to get projects finished.  The electromagnetic fields around computers and all electronic appliances and gadgets is deleterious to the health.

About one in four people will get some sort of cancer during their lives.  Sometimes these cancer diagnoses prove to be incorrect, and operations are done needlessly.

So – How far should you trust the doctors and specialists in their decision to have you operated on? Sometimes doctors make mistakes.  Sometimes they opt for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy when other restorative options could have been considered first.

Many people have shown that a combination of  diet change – eating cleansing, healing and nourishing foods, plus detoxification, plus meditation, will help or cure cancers of many different varieties.

You have to remember that the orthodox method of treating cancer is an industry.  It is business for many doctors, specialists, anaethasthatists, surgeons, and radiation and chemotherapy ‘experts’ all over the world. You accept their advice for cancer – they get paid.  Drug companies thrive on cancer.

Well – here are a few first-hand stories to interest you, which friends and family have told me.

My sister who is a naturopath just told me this morning that her friend was diagnosed with cancer of the retina a few months ago.  She came up to Auckland hospital to see a specialist who told her she would have to have her eye out.  This advice REALLY freaked her out and had the effect of her changing her attitude and devoting herself  completely to a health regime to reduce the cancer, using every natural means possible.  After several months of her changing her life-style , getting onto a healing diet, detoxification, and even giving up her job for the meantime while she restored her health, she has had confirmation that the retina cancer has reduced by around half already.

The phone has been busy since everyone got the news about my son and his thyroid-tongue cancer which turns out to be just thyroid cancer.  Again, just this morning, another friend phoned me to say that he had had tests done for cancer lumps five years ago.  The first tests showed positive.  But when, for some reason, he had more tests done several weeks later, these further two tests showed a negative result.  So it was just as well he didn’t act on the results of the first tests.

My cousin came back from Australia just after Christmas a year ago, to have a bowel cancer operation in Wellington.  He went in for the operation.  The surgeon was a man who had not met my cousin before.  The cancer was in the upper part of the intestine.  The surgeon took out the lower part of the bowel.  Then, just as my cousin was recovering from the anaesthetic, the surgeon looked at his ‘job sheet’ and thought he might have made a mistake.  So he phoned up the original specialist to check – AFTER he had cut out the lower part of the bowel.

Sure enough, he had operated on and removed the healthy part of the bowel.  So my cousin was taken back in for another operation, this time to remove the upper part of the bowel.  These two operations, one of which was entirely unnecessary,  left him with very little of his bowel.  The specialist afterward said “Oh, never mind.  You don’t really need all that much of the intestines anyway.”

But of course you do need your intestines.  The intestines ARE necessary:  As your food travels through your intestines, the job of the intestines is to absorb those nutrients into your body.

Diet And Detox For Cancer Programme for Anthony

4 thoughts on “Vitamin C Megadoses And Diet For Cancer As Alternative to Surgery Radiation and Chemo.”

  1. Great stuff! I bought a juicer last night and had juice for breakfast. Carrots, apples, beetroot and ginger. I think juice is a great way to stay healthy.

  2. Fantastic News Lach – I think we have all had a bit of a WAKE UP call with our Izzie getting cancer. Great you have started on the juices. I did a castor oil detox today – not very pleasant, but my liver and pancreas really need attention – like Izzie’s – so a dose of castor oil is a good start to detoxifying – after taking it, you don’t feel like eating big meals, and the juices seem to be ‘just what the doctor ordered’. LOL

    Juices are the best way to provide nutrients to the body, without the body having to stress in any way to digest them. And this is why juicing diets are so very often used for treating cancer and other degenerative disease, along with meditation. Castor oil followed by enema treatment, or a colonic irrigation, also help in the healing of cancer. These treatments – juices, salads, castor oil every 2nd day (2 tablespoons) followed by enemas, meditation and perhaps some nutritional supplements, have helped people recover from cancer – and some people following these remedial diets have even repaired their own tooth enamel.

    Vitamin C therapy in the form of calcium ascorbate is always helpful for cancer and other illness. Up to 10gm a day can be taken orally, in divided doses throughout the day. Of course if you have intravenous vitamin C, which has to be administered by a health professional, then you can take up to around 70gm depending on body weight and how far the cancer has progressed.
    Much love to one and all,

  3. Hi again Lach – Forgot to mention apricot kernels in the programme for treating cancer. You don’t have to use them, but it is helpful if you do.

    Apricot kernels have laetrile or vitamin B17 in them, also called amygdalin, and this compound has been shown to be very helpful in the treating of cancer and other degenerative disease. It is thought that laetrile deficiency could lead to cancer, which is why it is a good idea to eat three or four apricot kernels daily, or plum kernels, or peach or nectarine kernels, or half a dozen apple seeds. These all have laetrile in them.

    I used between 6 to 9 apricot kernels daily when I was treating a breast lump. After slowly moving the dose up to 9 per day, I reduced the dose to 6, which I felt was a good amount for my system. As the breast lump decreased, I reduced the dose of laetrile via apricot kernels to around three, if I remember correctly, then after three months when the lump finally gave up and disappeared, I stopped taking the apricot kernels.
    Instead, I now use quite a lot of almonds, which are also rich in laetrile, Vitamin B17, also called amygdalin.

    Great you have got that juicer, and I bet your friend Christa in Italy is enjoying getting healthy using the one you gave him.
    Great juicing and lots of love,

  4. Hi Merrilyn,

    Im interested in using Ester C for low adrenals and what to do a trial. I also have Hashimoto’s.
    What dose would be ok to start with and work up too?
    500mg x3 daily? Is this too much or too little to start with?
    P.S. Are you in NZ?

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