Juicing Cancer Diets and Regrowing Tooth Enamel

Raw Food Diets and Juice Diets Which Heal Cancer Can Also Heal the Teeth.  Some people acci-dentally, if you excuse the pun, regrew their tooth enamel whilst they were on very strict diets and healing regimes to treat their terminal cancer.

When the cancer was finally cured after a year of being on a cleansing regime of mainly juices and raw foods, with minimum protein, and castor oil every second day followed by enemas, Jacqui Davison found that she had miraculously grown a new set of teeth.  Many people are interested in this idea.

We have a family member who is undergoing surgery for cancer of the thyroid next Monday.  We had hoped he would take the Vitamin C therapy and adopt a change of diet and lifestyle, and he may still do these things, but he has opted to have the surgery for a start. We are all pulling our socks up at the moment and are putting more effort into our own personal health because of this crisis.  We hope that he will do the same and adopt all the natural healing methods which will help him recover quickly from this operation.

Lach sent me a comment this morning in response to my post on Vitamin C Megadoses for Cancer and Alternatives to Surgery Radiation and Chemo.  He is excited because he has just gone out to buy a new juicer.  Learning about the alternative treatments for cancer, and how they worked for some people in regrowing their tooth enamel, has prompted Lach to take the diet thing seriously.  And so he has got himself a new juicer.

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My posts which deal with detox techniques and diets to heal cancer and other degenerative disease might also be helpful for people who want to gain optimum health, and improve the health of their teeth.  A few of these posts are the following, but I have many more:

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