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Lip Cancer Healed With Vit C Garlic and Ledum

November 1st, 2014

Alternative Treatment For Basal Cell Carcinoma This alternative remedy for a type of skin cancer took some time and much concerted effort, but I recently healed a lip cancer with megadoses of Vitamin C, Garlic Oil and Homeopathic Ledum. The lip developed a major hole around October last year - 2013. A lot of RoundUp herbicide, which contains glyphosphate, was being sprayed around the flats where I lived, and about the town on all the grass verges. Spraying seemed to occur every two to three weeks. This stuff always affects my health adversely. This was also a time, the beginning of spring, when ...

Apples To Prevent Cancer Diabetes Heart Disease

August 6th, 2014

Medicinal Apples To Help Prevent Disease. The health benefits of apples, especially those of the heritage variety, are truly remarkable. Heritage apple trees, generally speaking, have a higher vitality, and a higher resistance to disease, than more modern commercial varieties. It really is a very worthwhile thing to plant some heritage apple trees in your garden, such as the New Zealand Takapuna Russet, Northern Spy, Worcester Pearman, Sturmer, Lord Wolsely, and the cider apples Sidero Cidre and Yarlington Mill. 80% of the old heritage apples in America have died out due to modern commercial operations.  This is a very good reason to make the ...
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