How To Draw The Cho Ku Rei

Tibetan Buddhist Healing Symbol:  Cho Ku Rei

The Cho Ku Rei, or Choku Rei,  is a symbol which has enormous healing power.

It can be used for healing on yourself or on others.  It can be used in the immediate situation, to treat people who are present, or it can be used for absent healing.

I use the Cho Ku Rei as part of my own Spiritual Healing Technique.  Choku Rei can be used to enhance the effect of ‘the laying on of hands’ as well as in various types of mental and spiritual healing.

How To Draw The Cho Ku Rei:

The Cho Ku Rei  can be drawn in two ways:  You can begin the initial opening line in towards the centre from the left, or from the right.  If you are performing it on yourself, on the forehead, beginning it on the left and heading towards the centre will increase the healing energy.  Drawn the other way, from the right hand side in helps one to focus on the God energy:  drawn this way can be interpreted as ‘God Is Here’.

So – begin on the left side of your brow, several inches up  above the left eye.  With your index finger, draw the symbol in towards the centre of your brow, directly above the nose.

Now, without lifting your finger, or your pen if you are drawing it on paper, bring the movement down in a sraight line until your finger is between the eye-brow centre.

Now you begin the spiral, the corkscrew movement:  In one regular movement, create a large circle moving up towards the right eyebrow, on upwards, and then bring the circle back over the original line you drew down from the forehead.  Continue the circle around, moving inwards of the circle, so that you end up with a corkscrew.  You draw three circles altogether, each one inside the outer one.

Finish the Cho Ku Rei on your left side, the same side which began with the straight line in from the left.

If you are doing this symbol over another person, you might reverse the symbol so that you still begin on THEIR left side for the healing energy to be empowered.

You will reverse it for the calming and meditative effect.

For Physical Ailments: The Cho Ku Rei symbol can be performed over the site of a physical ailment, or it can be used over the brow, as given above.

See Merrilyn’s post entitled “Cho Ku Rei” for more details on using this symbol.

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