How To Improve Your Breasts Without Implants.

Exercises Herbs Homeopathy and Diet To Help Breasts Naturally.

Exercise and a good life-style, of course, are the best things for your health and also for your breasts.  Good health should really be our objective, and so long as we are healthy, we should really be content with how our breasts are.  But sometimes breasts can waste away because of nutritional deficiencies, or lack of appropriate exercise, or because we are unhappy.  In these cases we can do quite a bit to restore our health again, and also improve the appearance and health of the breasts at the same time.

This article will give you a few home hints which may help to tone up the breasts without having surgery. The result may not be so instantly  obvious and dramatic as the breast implant solution, but believe me, natural is always best and safest for your health.

Breast implants are something to be avoided, in my opinion.  Any foreign material brought into the body will increase the risk of cancer, nervous system diseases, arthritis and other health problems.  So, unless it is absolutely necessary, operations of the cosmetic kind should be avoided.  Some products may be worse than others, but generally speaking, these man-made fabrics which breast implants are made of, all have a potential to harm your health once they are set inside you permanently.

Just look at all those poor women across the world who are now seeking to have their  implants removed because their PIP implants were made out of  toxic industrial-grade slicone.  These women who were mislead as to the safety of their implants now have a great  risk of getting cancer and other degenerative disease.

The word is out, and so thousands of women are frantically trying to get those faulty implants taken out. Many women have reported pain and illness since they were given these breast implants.  (2011 – 2012)   Some  of these implants have burst already, and this poses an especially bad health risk to the patient when the material is so very toxic.  There is always a danger of implants bursting, so even if the breast-plant material is certified as OK, whatever it is, if it gets the chance to leach into your system, it will do you no good.  I had a friend who, 20 years ago, had breast implants done, and who had to have the operation reversed five years later, to remove all the toxic filler which had burst out of its casing.

In some countries of the world, eg France, the government has stepped in to help these women get the toxic implants taken out for free.  But in Australia, the government has refused to acknowledge any responsibility, and so these women who had the faulty breast implants have to pay for the reversal themselves. It is very important that these women who now have industrial-grade silicone drifting through their bodies get that toxic stuff removed as soon as possible.

Here are some tips for improving your breasts without implants:

Simple Exercises For Toning Up the Breasts:

The Windmill Exercise is one of the best.  This increases circulation to the chest area, and improves the general circulation.  It will help the breast muscle as well as the lungs.  Simple hold out the arms and revolve them around in a windmill motion.  Do 20 turns in one direction, then do 20 turns going the opposite way, moving both the arms at the same time. You should try and do this exercise each day.

When your strength builds up a bit, you can try holding a small weight in each hand while you do the wind-mill exercise.  This will build more muscle on the chest area, as well as on the arms. Two one-litre plastic milk bottles which have been filled with water make good weights.  Take the exercise gently if you are using weights of any kind.  Do not strain the arm or shoulder muscles by using weights which are too heavy for you.

Arm Pushing Exercise For Toning Up the Breasts:

This is an easy yoga exercise which helps the chest muscles, as well as the arms.  Simply hold out your arms in front of you. Bend the elbows so that you can take hold of each arm with the opposite hand. Grip each arm between the hand and the elbow and hold it firmly.  Now push the right hand out towards the left elbow,  and vice versa, but gripping the arm tightly so that your hand does not actually move.  Hold the arm push for ten seconds, then release for ten seconds. Keep the arms in the arm hold, then repeat.  Again,  hold for ten seconds, release for ten seconds.  Continue this for around a minute, or until you feel you have done enough.  Build up the tension time gradually, and extend the overall time for the exercise to two or three minutes.  Do at least once a day.

Push-Ups Are Excellent Muscle Builders and Breast-Toners

If you can manage a modified press-up, where you keep the shins and knees on the floor, moving the upper body down to the floor and up again, then you have the ideal breast-improving exercise.  And proper push-ups would be even better, because there is more weight put on the arms, and this results in more tension and release for those chest and arm muscles.  Again, take it easy if you are not used to doing these exercises.  It is best to build up slowly.

Yoga Exercises.  The Bow is very good for developing the chest muscles and for toning up the digestive organs.  Lie on the floor on your stomach.  Reach back to take hold of your ankles.  Now pull up the front of the body, using the ankles as leverage to hold the body up.   The knees will come off the floor slightly as you pull and stretch backward holding the feet.   Hold for a few seconds, then release slowly, dropping the knees to the floor.  Rest for a few seconds, then repeat.  As you build up strength with practicing this exercise each day, you will be able to increase the amount of stretches you do, and prolong the period of tension.  Do not strain too hard or too long.

Relaxing Exercise To De-stress Body and Mind.  Yoga nidra exercise, or ‘the yoga of sleep’ is very helpful in restoring the health of the body, I have found.  You might like to read my posts on yoga nidra. Basically, the yoga nidra exercise involves lying down, closing the eyes, and visualizing each part of the body, starting from the fingers, up the arms, down the trunk, and down the legs.  Each part is focussed on individually with the ‘mind’s eye’, then left while you move onto the next part.  This has an incredibly soothing and healing effect on the mind and body.  I recommend it for helping improve the breasts when the cause of emmaciated breasts is actually tension and worry, which causes digestive problems.  This exercise helps improve digestion, which, in turn, will help to nourish your breasts.

Another really good exercise is Prana distribution.  You essentially transfer prana, or vital force energy, to the breasts, or whatever part of the body needs healing.  You need to do this lying down while you are relaxed.  Before you go to sleep would be a good time to do it.  Close your eyes and put your fingertips over the solar plexus are.  Breathe in slowly and deeply to the count of ten if you can get that far, then, as you exhale, put the fingertips over the chest area, breathing out slowly to the count of ten again.  Repeat up to ten times.  To begin with, you might need to count to six.  Build up the digits to ten as you train your lungs to take in more air, and to hold the air for slightly longer than usual.  This relaxes the body, soothes the mind, and oxygenates the blood more fully.  A very healthful exercise to do, whatever you are trying to heal or soothe.

Drink Plenty Of Soya Milk

Soya milk is high in natural estrogens, which encourage a feminine form.  Very good for the breasts, especially if you are under-weight.  Soya milk is a healthier alternative to drinking pasteurized cows’ milk.

Other nourishing foods for the breasts are sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds.

Herbs Which Are Helpful For the Health of the Breasts

Bee Pollen To Help Breasts:  Dr Caroline Shreeve mentions Bee Pollen in her book ‘The Alternative Dictionary of Symptoms and Cures’.  Bee Pollen is reputed to enlarge the breasts, firm the breast tissue and improve the general shape of the breasts, according to Dr Shreeve’s report.

Evening Primrose Oil is supposed to be helpful for general breast health, and for reducing pain in conditions such as fibrocystic breast disease.  It is possible that Evening Primrose Oil also helps to maintain breast size and healthy breast tissue. Dr Shreeve recommends this dosage of Evening Primrose Oil:  3 X 500mg capsules taken twice daily. Of course no herbs or vitamins should not be taken if you are taking medication of any kind.  Check with your doctor or your naturopath or alternative therapist first, to make sure if it is right for you.

Essential Fatty Acids are ESSENTIAL for maintaining healthy breast tissue.  Sunflower seeds, almonds, pumpkin kernels, sesame seeds – try to eat some of these protein foods every day.  Egg yolk is also good.

Tonic Herbs to Improve General Health:  Dong Quai and Damiana are two herbs which could be considered to be helpful for improving breast size and health.  Both these herbs are used as general, over-all female tonics.  Damiana is sometimes used for treating male sexual problems as well.  Either of these herbs would help the over-all picture of improving health and increasing vitality.

Asparagus and Artichokes are reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities for both men and women.  Asparagus is a great diuretic which helps cleanse the kidneys, thus benefitting the general health.  There is no proof I have come across that these vegetables will benefit the size of your breasts, but they will help build healthy tissue, which is the main thing.  Be careful with asparagus if you are on medication or have a kidney disease – ask your doctor or naturopath if you are taking medication for kidneys or heart.

Vitamin Tonic For Helping Breast Health:

This raw juice recipe is given in Dr Shreeve’s book:

Mix 300ml of fresh carrot juice with 150ml cabbage juice and 150ml of cress or turnip juice.  Take this amount daily to help the health of the breasts, as well as the general health.

Castor Oil Packs Helps Rebuild Tissue:  Castor oil is a great rejuvenator and detoxifyer.  For these reasons, I would recommend castor oil packs to be used for regenerating breast tissue.  Put two or three tablespoons of castor oil on a piece of clean white linen or woollen fabric.  Place over the breasts, cover with a small piece of plastic and a bandage, and leave overnight.  Use for three nights in a row, then leave off for three nights.  Repeat the treatment after three days, and continue with the treatment for up to three weeks.  Give the treatment a break, and then continue again as needed.  This castor oil treatment can also help to reduce tumours, in combination with a detoxifying diet and enemas.

Vitamins Can Help Form Healthy Breast Tissue

Vitamin C is important because it helps form connective tissue, and helps to keep tissues elastic and healthy.  1000mg of calcium ascorbate or ester C could be taken daily as a restorative tonic.  Vitamin C also helps to reduce toxins and prevent tumours, so it is an important vitamin to remember as a cancer preventative.

Vitamins A, B, C and D are all important for forming and maintaining healthy breast tissue.

Selenium is another important supplement to consider for breast health.  Selenium helps oxygenate the tissues.  Oxygenated tissues are healthy tissues.




Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation

Technique For Deep Relaxation:

Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique which the yoga teacher Satyananda has promoted widely in his teachings. It is extremely effective and is very easy to learn. The more you practice it, the better your breathing will become and the more oxygen your body will take in. It releases tensions in  both body and mind through the directing of the awareness in a disciplined way.

You will achieve peace of mind through the regular practice of Yoga Nidra.

It is effective, when done regularly, in changing patterns of behaviour, and in weeding out negative thought patterns from our minds. It is a very beneficial excercise, not only for those who are giving up smoking, but for all who want to improve health and gain peace of mind.

Yoga Nidra is an exercise which can help us achieve great things. It is an exercise which can inspire and influence  people around us because of the good we promote within ourselves. The practice of Yoga Nidra can help shape events in our lives which will benefit others as well as ourselves.

The following is my own adaptation of Yoga Nidra as taught by Satyananda. If you want, you can omit the visualization section, but I have found this to be most helpful especially when people are sick, lonely or grieving.

This exercise is  done with the eyes closed, but you can do it with these instructions in front of you until you get the hang of it. Even this will be helpful.

All you need is half an hour in a quiet space where you can remain undisturbed. Lie on the floor. You can cover the body with a light blanket.

This is ‘savasana’, or ‘dead man’s pose’. Put the arms alongside the body, slightly away from the trunk and thighs so that they do not touch the body. The palms are facing upward and the forefinger and thumb lightly touching. Legs are on the floor with the feet slightly apart from each other, not touching.

Close the eyes. Begin breathing slowly and evenly. Count the breaths and say OM to yourself as you breathe out. This must be silently spoken to yourself, as chanting or speaking while in a prone position is hurtful to the larynx.

Watch the tummy rising and falling with each breath. ‘One’ as you breathe in, ‘OM’ as you breath out. Feel your body relax totally as you breathe out. With each breath, the body is becoming more relaxed. Continue up to TEN.

Keep the even, regulated, deep breaths going. The tummy rising and falling.

Now, we are going to move through the body with our awareness. Don’t worry if you feel you can’t ‘get’ it or that you are out of touch with the parts of the body which we name. It doesn’t matter. You just carry on with the routine anyway and move onto the next body part.

Take your awareness to the right hand thumb—–forefinger—–middle finger—–fourth finger—–little finger—–palm—–back of the hand—–forearm——outer lower arm—–upper arm—–shoulder—–right arm pit—–right side of the chest—–right side of the stomach—–right hip—–right thigh—-knee—–shin—–calf muscle—–ankle—–top of the foot—–sole of the foot—–right big toe—–2nd toe—–3rd toe—–4th toe—–5th toe—–the whole of the right foot lying on the floor.

Keep the even breathing going. The tummy rising and falling. Feel the body becoming more relaxed on the floor.

Bring the attention to the left hand thumb—– forefinger—–middle finger—–4th finger—– little finger—–palm—–back of the hand—–wrist—–forearm—–outer lower arm—-upper left arm—–shoulder—–left side of the chest—–left side of the stomach—–left hip—-left thigh—–left knee—–shin—–calf muscle—–ankle—–top of the foot—–sole of the foot—–left big toe—–2nd toe——3rd toe——4th toe—–5th toe—–the left foot lying on the floor.

Be mindful of the breath. The tummy rising and falling as you keep breathing slowly and deeply. Totally relaxed.

Come back to the awareness of the feet on the floor. Bring the awareness up the backs of the legs, slowly as you continue your breathing, to the thighs, the bottom, the lower spine, on slowly up the spine until you reach the neck. Keep breathing deeply and slowly. Bring the awareness up the back of the head to the top of the skull, the forehead, the temples, the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, lips. Remember to keep a relaxed smile on the lips.

Repeat the whole exercise from the beginning – three times to this point. Now hold the awareness in the eyebrow centre. Watch this space for anything you might visualize here. Now leave the eyebrow centre. Move the awareness slowly around the body in a wide circle. Take your time. Just listen for sounds in the direction you have your awareness placed. No need to analyze these sounds. Simply hear, be aware, and move on your radar sensor further round. Listen for the sounds again. Keep this practice up for a few minutes.

Be aware of the breathing again. Nice, slow, even, energy filled breaths. Watch the tummy rising and falling with each breath.

Now visualize the moon coming up over the water. You are feeling totally at peace with yourself and the world. Watch the moon for a minute or two, rising up over the water.

Now you are walking through the garden of Paradise. Birds are singing. You can hear a stream nearby as you walk down a winding path which has all the plants in the world growing alongside and round about it. You can smell the beautiful fragrances from many different flowers As you walk along the path of the garden of Paradise, you can see a rock pool where a little waterfall is running gently down. You sit here for a moment and breathe in beautiful, cool, moist and fragrant air which heals and soothes you with each breath.

Higher up the path, you can see a Cathedral and hear Angelic voices singing. All the people you love, departed and living, are here, making their way with rejoicing up to the Cathedral. You can decide whether or not you want to continue further up to greet them.

Leave your friends and come back to the awareness of the body on the floor. Hear the birds outside. Move the awareness around radar-like again, but more quickly this time.

Move the awareness now to the throat. Keep breathing. Feel the throat relaxed. Move to the chest. Keep breathing. As you breathe, feel the chest relaxed and toxins and negative thoughts and feelings leaving the body. Come to the stomach. Breathe. Again, feel negative emotion leaving the body, and energy from your breath infusing the area. Move on down—–the hips—–the thighs—–the knees—–shins—–calf muscles—–ankles—–tops of the feet—–soles of the feet—–both feet lying on the floor.

Be aware of the legs on the floor, the trunk on the floor, the head on the floor. Continue to breathe.

The whole face is totally relaxed. You are smiling contentedly. Bring the awareness to the eyebrow centre. Feel at peace within this centre. Keep breathing evenly as you think of the thing which you would like to improve in yourself or within the world. Say a prayer for friends, family and the people in the world who have a need greater than our own. Pray, then, that we might get help with the changes we wish to make in our lives.

We might ask that all patterns of addictive behaviour will cease and that our waking moments be filled with creative, constructive, loving thoughts and actions which will benefit not just ourselves, but those around us.

Say your prayer three times. Give thanks for the blessings in our lives three times.

Prepare now to finish the yoga nidra practice. You can speed up the process of identification of body parts. Take the awareness to the whole  body on the floor, the head on the floor, the arms, the trunk, the legs, the feet on the floor. Bring the awareness up the back of the legs, calves, thighs, bottom, spine, head, back of the head, top of the head. Face, neck, arms, chest, stomach, hips, thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles, tops of the feet, soles of the feet, ten toes.  Do this section three times.

Move the hands on the floor. Stretch the fingers. Move the head side to side. Move the arms, wriggle the toes, move the feet. Feel the whole body lying on the floor. You are leaving the yoga nidra state now.

Sit up with your eyes closed. Say OM aloud three times. Chant the sound in a relaxed, long breath. Your tone will be clear and strengthened by the yoga nidra practice. Open your eyes.

Thankyou. Yoga nidra is complete.