Toxic Weedkiller Sprayed All Around Dunedin Reservoir Jan 2017

Toxic Herbicide A Danger To Health

Well, toxic herbicide such as RoundUp, which contains the especially harmful glyphosate, is bad in any measure for the environment and for the health.

But for a city reservoir to be poisoned all around the perimeter of the reservoir, to about three metres away from the water’s edge, is outrageous.

New Zealand is fast losing its clean green reputation.

I went for a walk with a friend yesterday. Wednesday the 25th January, 2017, from Brockville down to Concord. This is a fantastic walk, with many beautiful trees on the ridge, and wonderful views down to the coast.  However:

It was appalling to see the extent of the spraying around the reservoir, and also to witness the dying grass on both sides of the road, almost in a continuous line from Brockville down to Concord.  The reservoir was heavily sprayed, and so were the drains on the side of the road.  These drains run down to feed a stream at the bottom of the hill. So the water running down into this stream will be poisoned for several weeks, after which the council or their contractors will probably pour poison around the place all over again.

My guess is that Monsanto’s RoundUp was the herbicide used:  This is still the most widely used herbicide in New Zealand, to my knowledge.  It is very bad stuff – it has been banned in many parts of Europe, and environmentalists hope to get a complete ban on this poison before very long.

World Health Organization have indicated that glyphosate probably causes cancer. My experience indicates that it affects the digestive system, because it upsets the intestinal flora, which causes  candida overgrowth and consequent bowel problems.  It also causes skin troubles such as eczema, and excites the nervous system in an unfavourable way.  It is probably a contributing factor in people succumbing to diseases such as multiple scleroses, and Parkinson’s.

Exposure to glyphosate can also can affect the memory and cognitive functions in my experience.

Glyphosate and other toxic chemicals used in herbicides and pesticides have a harmful effect on our bees and other pollinating insects, as well as birds and animals too.

In my previous post, I wrote about dozens of bumble bees dying on the road and pavement at Kaikorai Valley.  This is not far away from the poisoned reservoir and the roads and drains which I witnessed today. Nicotinoid pesticides are well known for their bee-killing potential.  But glyphosate in commonly used RoundUp, a Monsanto product, also can kill insects and bees, especially when it is used in such large quantities over many kilometres of ground.

Hundreds of bumble bees, honey bees and other insects must have died in the massive spraying programme which has recently been implemented in our area. No wonder that our beehives are dying of bee colony collapse disorder.

And no wonder so many people get sick from strange viruses.  We will have this poison in our water supply for sure, after the reservoir area was sprayed. The wind carries spray particles near and far.  We all get affected one way or another.

I am going to return to the Dunedin Brockville dam tomorrow to take photos.  I will put some of these up on this page very soon.

Note:  Several people in my housing complex have had chest troubles in the past week or more. We live with a kilometre or so of the area which has been heavily sprayed. One old lady went into hospital with pneumonia.  Another has had flu-like sort of symptoms which have not developed into a real flu, but which have persisted nevertheless. I had a slight cough over the past week. After walking down these sprayed roads for an hour or so, I developed severe ear trouble by nightfall, with fluid in both ears. A severe pain began in my chest on the left side.  I took homeopathic Bryonia and Ferr phos in several doses, which has helped.  I visited the sprayed reservoir yesterday to take photos, after which a flu-like condition has manifested, with a lot of fluid on the chest.


Obesity Caused By Sugar Or Chemicals In Food And Environment?

Drink Water Instead of Sweetened Drinks Says New Zealand entrepreneur, Tony Fallkenstein.

Tony appeared on ‘Sunday’ Channel One, last night, 10 June, 2012,  hosted by Miriama Kamo.  He is campaigning for people to recognize that health will improve if water is used instead of all those sweetened drinks which children these days often drink too much of.  And he is right, of course.  Good water is good for you.  Commercial sugary drinks are not good for you.

However, the ‘Sunday’ people interviewed ALL failed to mention that chemicals in commercial drinks and food are also very harmful to the health. (And what about the effect of vaccinations?  Read Merrilyn’s later post from September 2012, entitled Link Between Obesity And Vaccinations New Study Suggests, BBC.

Commercial fizzy drinks are bad for you, because commercial sugary drinks contain not just sugar, but a host of very detrimental poisons which are equally as bad, if not worse, than the plain old sugar in those drinks.

Chemical additives can cause obesity, hyperactivity, depression, arthritis, cancer, and a lot more dreaded sicknesses.

Tony really is doing a great service to many families through his promotion of his ‘Just Water’ business.  By drinking his pure water instead of sweet drinks  which are laden with harmful preservatives and other chemicals, these families will run less of a risk of suffering obesity or degenerative disease later in life.  Their intake of chemical poisons will be dramatically reduced because of taking commercial sweet drinks out of the daily diet and switching to water instead.

And water is GOOD FOR YOU.

Tony has given out several million dollars worth of FREE water fountains to hundreds of families, so that they can begin to enjoy drinking water instead of heading for the fruit juices and fizzy drinks in the fridge.

His idea is a real hit.  Children just love to come home from school and pour themselves a nice cool water from the water fountain.

But in this latest attack on sugar, many ‘experts’ are conveniently leaving out chemical food additives as having anything at all to do with obesity.  Yet the effects of these chemical additives have been known for years.  These chemicals  WILL cause hormonal disfunction, which can lead to obesity, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and much else.

Just look at the chemical cocktail in that flavoured drink you like to consume.  Read the fine print on those drinks.  Even drinks which contain real fruit juice often have added chemicals to colour, preserve, and enhance the taste.  And these chemicals are mostly always bad for you.

No use buying artificially flavoured drinks with no calories – because most of these sugar substitutes are known carcenogens, and will change your hormone balance even more quickly than plain old sugar.

A medical specialist said on the programme last night that obesity is caused by something disrupting the body metabolism.  He said that the main reason for obesity today is sugar, because sugar disrupts the glandular and hormonal systems of the body.  He should have pointed out that chemicals in our food are ruining our health.  Chemicals in our food, as well as vaccinations and unnecessary mediactions of many kinds, are actually programming us for extinction.  Leaving out sugar from our diets is simply not going to save us from extermination.

I think that sugar is taking too much of the blame for the obesity and diabetes epidemics which are striking all countries in the so-called developed world.  Because all the chemicals – colourings, flavourings, and preservatives, which are in these sugared drinks, are probably more to blame than sugar.

While it is not good to have too much sugar, at least it is a food.  All the chemical additives which are put into fizzy drinks and other foods, are NOT foods.  Many of them are carcenogens.  And this is why I believe that to point the finger of blame to sugar alone is not addressing the real problem at all.

Pharmaceutical companies, and chemical manufacturers, love to blame foods as being the culprit for our maladies.  Because then they can say “Take this special medication of ours which  will counteract the bad effects of this food…… or ‘take this new formula to replace this food’…… or ‘we have found this brilliant new medication will bring relief to  these symptoms of…arthritis…..diabetes…..”etc, etc.   Which is not helping to solve the problem at all.  These medications are actually adding to the overload of chemicals already in our food, and in our bodies.

Because, the fact is, that even if sugar is taken out of our diets completely, all the chemical food additives such as preservatives, colourings, and flavourings, will all still be found in most processed food.