Benefits of the Common Cold

Colds Help You Detoxify

In Dr Eva Hill’s book, “Why Be Scared of Cancer”, 1979, she says

“Instead of looking for that elusive cure for that hated episode, (the common cold), the Medical Scientists should learn to recognize it as nature’s first line of defence.

To do this, it is necessary for them to open their eyes and forget most of what they have been taught and have never questioned.” (page 11)

“Why Be Scared of Cancer”, published by G.W.Moore, Auckland, New Zealand, 1979, is an introduction to the causes of cancer and the ways in which this disease can be avoided, or helped, and possibly cured, if you have it.

Cancer Prevention: Dr Eva Hill tells us that the common cold should be welcomed, once or twice a year, as this is nature’s way of naturally eliminating toxins out of the body, and getting rid of poisons out of the body surely helps to avoid getting cancer. Of course, other infections such as the flu also help the body to purify. Detoxification and Diet are the two ways to prevent and cure cancer.

Antibiotics and other medications, preservatives in food, growth hormones in food, herbicides and pesticides, and radiation; all these things inhibit the body’s capacity to manifest a good, healthy infection. Taking medication to stop a cold also stumps the body’s attempt to rid itself of toxins naturally.

Of course, getting colds all the time is no good. If you get colds frequently, then this shows that your immune system is weakened. This can be because of lack of nutrients in the diet, and not enough vital raw food.

A trauma, or shock to the system can leave the immune system weakened, causing you to succumb to colds too often. And chemicals in your environment or diet might also cause your body’s defences to work overtime.

Supplements of zinc, iodine via kelp or spirulina, halibut liver oil, vitamin B and vitamin C all help to improve the body’s resistance to overcome a cold quickly.

And, of course, garlic is just the best thing, with ginger being a good runner up.

You cannot beat those lemon drinks with ginger and honey, or cinnamon, turmeric,  or garlic, to help move a cold along.

Do try and beat your colds naturally, through these wonderful foods and spices. This will benefit your health and help to prevent degenerative disease such as cancer and multiple sclerosis, or arthritis.

Taking medications to stop a cold in its tracks is the worst thing you can do, as the toxins in the body will stay there, building up over time so that you may fall prey to serious disease.

The Three Day Fast: One way in which you can bring about a cold or some other clearing infection is to fast on raw foods, or drink only fruit or vegetable juice every hour. A three day fast works wonders in promoting a mini-infection so that toxins can be released from the body. Strong people may even be able to sustain a water fast for three days. But fresh juice, or fruit every hour, is just as good in its cleansing effect.