Ginger Footbath For Varicose Veins

Ginger Footbath to Increase Circulation
Ginger has many health benefits:  One main one is that ginger helps increase circulation.  This means that the ginger footbath will have a helpful effect on many conditions, such as arthritis, rheumatism, heart troubles, and varicose veins.

There are many ways to take ginger for improving the circulation and improve your digestion:  You can include ginger root or powdered ginger in your diet.  Another very good way to treat circulation and help varicose veins, as a complement to a good diet rich in alkaline greens, is by soaking the feet in a prepared ginger footbath.

Soaking the feet in a ginger footbath will help to improve the circulation in your whole body, as well as in the legs.  It is a relaxing therapy which gives your body a chance to absorb iodine and other minerals from the sea salt.

How To Make A Sea Salt and Ginger Footbath
Simply put two heaped teaspoons of powdered ginger, or chopped ginger roots, into a bucket or a large bowl which is big enough for your feet to fit in.
Add one desertspoon of sea salt.
Pour over three pints of hot water. Make sure the water is not too hot.
Test with your hand to see that the temperature is comfortably warm. Bath temperature is about right.

Now To Soak The Feet: Sit yourself down by the prepared ginger and sea-salt footbath. Place the feet in the warm footbath.
Splash some of the ginger and sea salt water up over the legs and pat them gently.
Soak the feet for about five minutes, or until you feel you have had enough.

You can keep the ginger and salt water for one more use if you choose.  This is a good idea if you wish to give the feet another treatment within four hours or so.  You can simply add a jug full of boiling water to the cold water.

For best results, try to soak the feet morning and night in the ginger and sea salt foot bath.  This will be beneficial to your circulation, your heart, and your varicose veins.  It will also help regulate your  blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  It will help to reduce pain, help to alleviate stress, and be conducive to a good night’s sleep, if you soak the feet each  night.

Homeopathic Hamamelis For Varicose Veins:

It is always best to seek professional help from a homeopath if you have varicose veins.  But here is a suggestion if you cannot immediately see a homeopath for your trouble.

Homeopathic Hamamelis isan excellent treatment to help alleviate the pain and pressure of varicose veins.  Hamamelis is an astringent which can help reduce swellings and tumours and swollen veins.  It can be used after pregnancy to help heal distended veins on the legs.

Take a few drops of Homeopathic Hamamelis 30c three times a day for a week.  Then stop for a week.  Continue for another week after that.  Continue this routine for a couple of months.

Another possible remedy which could be useful for varicose veins is Aristolochia Clematis.  I am not familiar with this remedy, but James H. Stephenson M.D. recommends it in his book ‘Helping Yourself With Homeopathic Remedies’. Published by Parker Publishing Company, Great Britain, 1976.