MSG Allergy

The Dangers of MSG,  or Monosodium Glutamate

MSG is known to have bad side effects. Many people suffer what is known as the ‘Chinese Restaurant Syndrome’, because  of the effect of MSG, or monosodium glutamate, which is still being used in Chinese restaurants, at least in industrialized ‘Western’  countries.  MSG seems to be a traditional item in many oriental dishes.

MSG is known to be deleterious to the health, yet MSG still  finds ways to get into our food:   MSG is not a prohibited product.

MSG is a flavour enhancer:  It has a wonderful effect on our taste buds, which is why the product is so addictive.  It makes the food taste extremely good, even if the natural flavours are somewhat lacking.

MSG can still be found  as a flavour enhancer in some products like soy sauce, and other soy products;  flavourings such as oyster sauce, and mushroom sauce;  yeast extract;  textured vegetable protein;  and other pre-packaged dinners, especially of the oriental variety.

MSG can cause distressing allergic reactions to some people.  Some of these symptoms of MSG allergy are:

Headaches which can last for a day or two;  full blown Migraines; Heart Palpitations;   Dizziness, and vertigo;   General Weakening caused by a negative effect on the nervous system;  Tingling in the limbs and hands, also caused by the effect of MSG on the nervous system;  Symptoms of depression and lethargy.

MSG is thought to be a contributing factor in children who have attention deficit disorder, and other emotional or mental disturbances.

MSG can be found in many processed, ready-to-go foods, so it is difficult to avoid unless you prepare all your food at home, straight from the vegetable shop, with unprocessed grains, seeds,  meats and dairy foods.

The Vitamin B6 is supposed to be helpful for people who suffer MSG Allergy symptoms, although it is far better to make special efforts to avoid the stuff completely, whether or not you suffer negative reactions from MSG.

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