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This  exercise is one of the most effective, most simple, and most economical exercises which one can do in order to vitalize the body and mind. It is a combination of yoga breathing and simple postures which, when done simultaneously, allows maximum prana to be taken into the body.

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The routine was formulated by a medical doctor who turned to acupuncture and spiritual healing in his last years of practice. With his knowledge of acupuncture points, he worked out this routine to help with his own spiritual healing methods, and to help others. Unfortunately, I have lost the brochure which he distributed which had this exercise on it, so I can’t give you his name.

Practice the exercise three times a day, morning, noon and night. It takes only five minutes of your time which will reap huge benefits for your health and your sense of well-being.

It is an excellent routine to do for self  healing, but also is beneficial to the recipient of a spiritual healing: Practice this routine prior to one giving spiritual healing to another person.

THE KOW TOW EXERCISE; Stand in a position which faces the sun. Standing bare-foot on damp grass in the early morning is the ideal way to practice this exercise, but if you cannot do this, standing on a verandah in the open air facing the sun, or looking at it through a window will do just as well.

So – you are facing the direction of the sun, even if the sun is not out today. Stand upright and tall, feet together. Place the fingertips of both hands into the centre of the stomach, the solar plexus chakra area. Press the fingers in gently and keep them there. Now count the breath as you breathe in slowly, deliberately and deeply. Say ‘ONE’ silently to yourself as you breathe in, and ‘OM’ as you breathe out. ‘OM’ can be said either silently, or aloud. Carry on breathing and counting in this fashion until you have reached’ TEN’ with an ‘OM’ sound to finish.

Visualize the sun’s energy and the life force entering your solar plexus area and infusing through the whole of the body as you do this. Imagine healing taking place in the area needed; imagine recovery from addiction or whatever ails you; or  simply imagine  your body and mind becoming more vitalized so that you are better equipped to help others.

Now, clasp the fingers together. Hold the clasped hands over the solar plexus area.

Breathe in, slowly and deeply, as you slowly bend forward in a Kow Tow towards the sun. The clasped hands are still cupped over the solar plexus. As you reach the full Kow Tow, when  your upper body will be  parallel with the floor, you should have full lungs. Hold for a second, then slowly come up to upright position, exhaling as you go. Repeat this three times.

Next, simply rub the stomach and solar plexus area in a circular movement, clockwise, if you were to  look down. Complete three large circles as you continue breathing deeply.

Now put the thumbs of both hands underneath the armpits and press the inner part where the arm joins the chest. Holding the thumbs underneath the armpits, breathe in slowly, coming up onto the toes as you go. Hold up on tip toes for a few seconds, then release the breathe slowly as you return the heels to the ground or floor where you are standing. Repeat three times.

Then put the right hand thumb onto the right side of the brow. Put the left thumb at the left side of the nape of the neck. Take a slow deep breathe in. Hold the breathe for the count of five, then breathe out.

This is the extent of the routine – very easy. You only need to do the sequence of exercises once. Then…….

If you wish, you can continue with healing on yourself or on another person. Simply place the hands over the area needing assistance. Continue to breathe evenly and deliberately as you were when you took the initial ten ‘OM’ counts.

Concentrating on the forehead to help anxiety is a treatment which is generally beneficial. Close the eyes as you mentally visualize prana from your hands healing and restoring either yourself or the person you are helping.

I did this exercise every day, three times a day, when I was recovering from toxic poisoning with resultant candida. I also did the tummy-to-brow breathing exercise daily.

These things helped my recovery, of that I am sure. The very least that these exercises do, which you can observe in your daily life, is that they teach you to breathe more deeply and more regularly. The practice of deeper, more regular breathing puts more oxygen into the blood which helps all the organs, including your brain. Then there is the relaxing effect which these exercises do for you, not to mention  the indefinable spiritual qualities which  they impart.

See post on Spiritual Healing to follow

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