Linden Tree Tea To Soothe Nerves

Linden Tree

The Botanical Name of the Linden Tree is  Tilia cordata. The Linden Tree is also known as Tiglio.

The flowers of the Linden Tree  are beautiful – lemon-cream in colour, and highly fragrant.  Many poems and songs have been written about the lovely Linden tree with its alluring fragrance and welcome shade.

Linden Tree flowers contain a valuable  essential oil.  Linden Tree flowers have been used for centuries to make a soothing herbal tea to calm frayed nerves. Linden Tea, and the essential oil,  have a mild sedative effect, and calm the emotions.

The main active ingredient in Linden Tree flower oil is farnesol.  This substance, as well as the flavanoids, gallic and catechnic tannins present in Linden Tree flowers, make the essential oil also very useful in the making of cosmetics.

Aubrey Hampton discusses the use of Linden Flower essential oil in his book called “What’s in Your Cosmetics?” In this book, he discusses both natural and synethetic ingredients, and of course, Linden Flowers are one of the healthful,  non-toxic, natural ingredients which are used in the making of some cosmetics.

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