Food Sources of Vitamin C

Natural Food Sources of Vitamin C:

All fruits and vegetables contain Vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps  support the immune system and  is a powerful antioxidant.  It has been used for many years in alternative cancer treatments, but now  it has been proven as a fact to be a cancer preventative.  This finding was made public just two weeks ago, by research scientists in New Zealand.

So now we can be certain of the value of Vitamin C in maintaining a healthy immune system.  Vitamin C is vital to good health.

Vitamin C is destroyed in cooking, so some raw fruits and vegetables must be eaten daily in order to get enough Vitamin C.  Some Vitamin C remains in food which has not been cooked for too long.  Broccoli, cabbage, potatoes and carrots are examples of food which retain some Vitamin C after cooking on a moderate heat.

Vitamin C is not stored in the body either, so you need to have a daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain your Vitamin C levels.  A daily supply of these foods will ensure that you get enough Vitamin C to keep your immune system ship shape to help you  stay healthy:  An adequate regular supply of Vitamin C will go a long way to helping protect you and your family from diseases like cancer.

Of course, you must make all efforts to get your fruit and vegetables from an organic source, otherwise the beneficial effect of the Vitamin C in these foods could very well be negated by the presence of agricultural poisons.

Natural Food Sources of Vitamin C:

Citrus fruits are very high.  Lemons are especially good, which is why lemon drinks with honey, garlic, and ginger, are excellent remedies for the  common cold. Honey, garlic, and fresh ginger all contain small amounts of Vitamin C, as well as other helpful compounds for treating the common cold.

Berries such as blackberry, raspberry, cranberry, boysenberry, strawberry, gooseberry, and grapes, are very high in vitamin C.

Kiwifruit are an extremely rich food source of Vitamin C.

Tamarillos and tomatoes are high natural food sources of Vitamin C, especially when they are eaten raw.  Even cooked, some vitamin C will remain in these foods.

Apples,  apricots, peaches, pears,  nectarines, and plums are all good natural food sources of Vitamin C.

Dried fruits still retain high levels of Vitamin C:  Dried plums, as in prunes, are high in Vitamin C;  dried figs, dried apricots, dried dates, sultanas and raisins, have good amounts of Vitamin C.

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