Banana Skin Healed Verruca

Natural Remedy For Verruca or Plantar Warts:

My sister wrote in earlier in the week with this marvellous, inexpensive and safe remedy to heal a a Verruca.  It worked wonders on her young grand-daughter.

Here is the email from Ali:

Mmmmmmm, the greed of the powerful, wanting more power. I agree, the answer is not only in over the counter medicine to heal our being. I love reading historically based books on early healing powers ( all which you have the knowledge in) of our wildlife flora. One of my grand daughters had a verruca on her foot last Christmas when she was staying with me. I took her to a Doctor in Hastings who suggested a natural remedy as it was so large it would be too distressing for my little grandy to have it cut out. A small piece of banana skin, inside pulpy, placed over the growth, then bound. Replaced fresh each day. Magic. Who would have guessed, also of that wonderful Doctor who looked outside the square.
You are needed out there young lady to help keep us “thinking”

Thanks so much, Ali.

5 thoughts on “Banana Skin Healed Verruca”

  1. Don’t be surprised when the growth goes black. Looks awful but the results are truly amazing. I didn’t believe the female doctor’s advised treatment. But, this growth was so large it was making my grand daughter alter her walking. A darling little five year old, I was so, so elated that that wonderful doctor’s suggestion had avoided Ava going through surgical pain.

  2. Thanks, Ali.
    I am sure this story on treating a verruca with banana skins will be helpful to many people. Great to get confirmation of such a successful natural treatment.
    Best Wishes

  3. i am slightly confused- was the foot wrapped up with the leaf banana itself or was there seeds- please explain pulpy? Sorry for asking- would like to know more

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